SMITE takes all of the strategy of the top MOBA games and adds another layer of difficulty by putting you into the action! Unlike most MOBA games, SMITE offers players the chance to experience the MOBA genre they know and love from a third-person perspective. This unique perspective allows for an extremely immersive experience unlike any other game in the genre. While this doesn’t sound like such a big change, once you play it you’ll understand! All of these things added together is what has gaming websites everywhere continually rating SMITE as one of the best MOBA games available!

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  1. hipstaachris

    The 1st was beautiful.

  2. Night wolf

    Kratos in smite were cool

  3. Night wolf


  4. Emre Metin

    1st great combo 🌠

  5. not nice

    So the whole team gets the credit for the last clip

  6. Facundo Terzano

    WTF top 4, only one kraken and penta, really?

  7. desmond walton

    That guan yu sunder was spiced

  8. achilles sama

    guan ult is so fair

    1. achilles sama

      @MasterDanny just bad guan players. that god is actually nuts. he is the best solo and after him there is tyr cu chulainn and arthur has the fourth spot. nobody can beat those unless you are the better player. i played so many solo games to know this i play like 6 games in a row as a solo till i get a game off role lol

    2. achilles sama

      @Ur_ mum_xd I'm hungry

    3. Ur_ mum_xd

      What's the problem?

    4. MasterDanny

      He gets banned but idk why i can clap a guan yu in solo any day

  9. BØ

    ayyy lezzgo

  10. boxerzay16 gaming

    Nice :)

  11. xSKULLZx

    Is this legit?

  12. paul grant

    game is in a really bad way right now. damage is way too high. towers do NOTHING after level6-7 and some god are worthless.

  13. Matt Cygnus

    Gilgamesh ..and Tiamat? What is this, an FGO spinoff?

  14. Filip Hadina

    thought it was asmongold

  15. Sargon Of Akkad

    If you don’t now Gilgamesh is a hero of Iraqi mythology 🇮🇶🇮🇶

  16. Michael -

    Nephtys would be such a wonderful tank... :3 I see she's not coming yet.

  17. Bleep Bloop

    HEAR ME OUT!! For pride month, SMITE might want to release T'uer Shen!!

  18. MAGA HN

    Lore Lady is really good at her job why is she not a God in this game!

  19. Leon idc

    All trash next plz

  20. Izu_u

    Dmbrandon casting their games is the only downpoint of their carreers

  21. 来去

    二郎神主要事迹:弹打双凤、草量天地、担山赶日、灌口锁孽龙、犍为斩蛟,沔水斩蛟、劈山救母、都江堰治水、搜山降魔、射锁魔镜、锁齐天大圣。 二郎神拥有物品:三尖两刃刀,金弹弓银、开山斧,缚妖索,斩魔剑,赶山鞭、凤翎箭、蹬云履,照妖镜,三山飞凤帽,八爪龙黄袍、七星铁锁。 二郎神的团队:鹰 犬 马 眉山七圣 1200草头神。

  22. Centaur king Helya

    This is amazing I love centaurs Chiron is my favorite character 😁

  23. Blue Fire Moon

    Y'all forgetting she is a Goddess of War too 😬

  24. Edward dark

    Belonona: gotcha bitch Hera: ARGUS!!!!!!

  25. Melvin Doo

    It’s almost like if we got rid of Ajax we could fix this problem

  26. Cayden Howard

    The turtle guy is a Kappa, a yokai. Lotad the pokemon is based off of it too. *hint* the rain dish on its head.

  27. Lightweight Jive

    What a studio eh? Every time a new character is released stupid players think, “I’m so smart, I’m gonna try this as a jungler!”

  28. Diego Fernando Enriquez Chavez

    Smite? Jaja esta cosa seguía existiendo?

  29. Batzarro (Froko_One)

    that was really cool! looking forward for the festivies of the 10 year anniversary (and Paladins' 5 year anniversary, too!)

  30. juliyum ‘

    miss this nu wa

  31. Ali

    Sonunda bir Türk kahramanı geldi.

  32. lord numinex

    So wait ✋ I cant use my head set and mic

  33. Raivon

    Now we just need Medea and Sasaki Kojirou and we'll have a whole damn Grail War going

  34. Tobias

    Can we befriend Gilgamesh on the first turn we encounter him?

  35. DragoNoid29HD

    Is this game still good?

  36. Anarchy

    The ulti is sick and unique... but the characterization is soo different than Fate/Stay series xD

  37. Ceobe

    This doesnt look like goldie from Fate

  38. Mexi Boi

    I feel like smite needs new maps

  39. Mexi Boi

    Feel like they need to add a new Mayan god

  40. Ljilanka Sazdanovic

    Im still ower here w8 for Allah

  41. Charles abran-coté

    I'm a League player but I ended up watching those God reveals all night. It seems like a nice game

  42. I may or may not be Batman

    Hey why did you guys shut down paragon instead of this game? Surely you would have chosen to shut down this instead of paragon no? Oh wait lol. My bad. Paragon wasnt created by you guys. Il rephrase. Why didnt you shut down when you were running alongside paragon? Did you know epic would throw it out? You must have known 100%. If i was a game dev in this company and played paragon i would have to quit my job and kill myself. Need to be proud of what you create. Smite to paragon is like saints row showing up to a Grand theft auto fight... Imagine gta was like, right we are finished thats it. Saints row would definitely jump on that and try charge you 600 dollars for a johnny gat skin. Because if you cant get what you are looking for from anywhere else then you have to come to us. Thats what smite is now on playstation for me specifically. Basically "we're charging you 100 dollars for a skin for 1 character out of nearly 200 characters and we are happy to do so because, where else are you gonna get a similar game" the devs are using their profits for their heroin addiction as well so nothing gets done

  43. I may or may not be Batman

    Just locked in my character and got a 9 minute deserter penalty for no reason. Instead of switching accounts to scrape as much gems out of you as possible i chose to write this comment. Fix your game you absolute spastics. Treat loyal players honorable players with the respect they deserve you filthy disgusting failed excuses of game developers. Show even a tiny bit of love for your community. Money hungry over ambitious cheap paragon knock off eating scraps from the corpse of epic games

  44. Nycto

    im kinda thinking the third mentioned is Medea. a greek goddess. she is a goddess of illusion, a prophet, and a daughter of a king which can explain the castle

  45. JD B

    And now he's the worst God in the game.

  46. Peanut Egg

    I saw this one and i was like "This god was in the game?"

  47. Evelynn Gaming


  48. Jarod White

    Yo I was in that OtherFrost game. Finally made it in a SmiteGame video

  49. King of the Fall.

    God of War 2 reference.

  50. SomePiesheep :/

    Saber gil is looking real good What do you mean this isn't fate go?

  51. Scat.

    Sett splashart

  52. Adriana Afar

    We really need more black women in this game

  53. Lupus.

    this change, insta buy, shut up and take mt money hirez

  54. MAGA HN

    Good Lord I love these videos they are too funny his every desire satisfied can't have that

  55. Havis Saputra

    I think gilgamesh,,he is king of akkadian empire not uruk

    1. ItzEthan

      The Wikipedia literally says "He was likely a historical king of the Sumerian city-state of Uruk" so yeah, very unlikely for them to mess up something this big lmao

  56. onlyquinn14 •

    Mines keep on saying more time is needed it’s been doing this for months I just want to play my game please help !!!

  57. TheRoydener


  58. Randy Williams

    “How long I’ve waited GILGAMESH FIGHTS AGAIN”!!! Gilgamesh Final Fantasy

  59. SuckPlay

    One of the best voice pack

  60. Francesco Vaccarezza

    I'd understand a nerf but.. why should you rework the 2? It's literally one of the best satisfying abilities in the game... Why? Now it's so boring, you completely ruined the point of it

  61. Elévation Jesus coming next then?

  62. Graneczeq

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  63. Lightning P. Eye

    Just here for Bellona

  64. BabaBooeyFafaFooey

    whoever made this should be imprisoned for life

  65. throne mindas

    More v.n.w,e.a,t.s ,j.p and u.s gids goddest

  66. Kronos

    Let’s see, yeah probably Rama release is when I started

  67. Dylan Kay

    welp. fun while it lasted.

  68. Mackenzie Wachter

    Imagine if there was a skin in SMITE based on Ariana Grande.

  69. Saman Sawhney

    Op as faaa

  70. Justin Vela

    10:05 Ravana has 10 heads.. that was an inaccurate joke

  71. Joāo Vitor Dos Santos Padilha

    Wow that was amasing

  72. Mj Binion

    Bruh fit h looking slim df 😂good job bro

  73. Avalanche

    0:36-0:41 get me this part fully animated so i can use this as a discord pfp

  74. Pc Chronic

    Im loving how broken kabrakan athena and apollo are nice job wit the game useless game company

    1. One Of A Kind Mind

      Lol wow I scrape those gods all the time