SMITE takes all of the strategy of the top MOBA games and adds another layer of difficulty by putting you into the action! Unlike most MOBA games, SMITE offers players the chance to experience the MOBA genre they know and love from a third-person perspective. This unique perspective allows for an extremely immersive experience unlike any other game in the genre. While this doesn’t sound like such a big change, once you play it you’ll understand! All of these things added together is what has gaming websites everywhere continually rating SMITE as one of the best MOBA games available!

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  1. Dhaouadi Skander

    yo guys is this 600 or 700 like last BP, idk why they made it 700

  2. ZeinBenington

    in janus play you can hear inuki announcer in the background while actual inuki broadcasts. hillarious

  3. Conor Cronin

    Can you please just make her name Morgana like in history you know because we already have the morrigan

  4. V C

    We made an immobile god that should punish for bad positioning but also gave her 5 sec CC immunity to be sure players who make mistakes at her will not be punished for that

  5. Dj Theafro

    That Scylla one is a easy cop !!!!!!

  6. Shaderunner

    Ah, first Fate Grand Order gives us Morgan as a servant, and now Smite does a god reveal. What timing. Interesting playstyle though. I'll give her a try, and honestly expect to play her.

  7. Lightning 72

    Give us a gem sale aswell pls

  8. Cero X

    <==== mid main. I love her already

  9. Carlos Medina

    It would be amazing if they incorporated more characters from Arthurian literature, such as Mordred, Lancelot or Gawain, it would be very interesting to see their abilities according to the stories and fables.

  10. Greed

    Ok but can we just agree that these adlibs are kinda clean af god damn

  11. Andy Ha

    Whats the background music?????

  12. Eduardo D'Abruzzo

    I’m kinda hoping they do the Percy Jackson demigods as skins once the Disney show comes out

  13. Brandon Aguirre

    demo got tired of being pallet looped and gen rushed, so he joined smite

  14. M O R VV E N

    I really like these collabs, but honestly.. The visual clarity of what heroes you play with or against is killing it for those who aren't experts on all the gods and what they do.

  15. WarPlanBlack

    Wait, It isn't Fgo

  16. bara sanningen

    This is insane, love it mvh

  17. daniel

    Honestly id be ashamed of being in this game, its been in decline for years

  18. Nya Rvn

    i don’t know how that 2V4 Geb + Poseidon is #5

  19. ImYourMama Qc

    Well i do love that appolo skin but when are they gonna release and it skin for that guy!!!

  20. Utkan Aktaş

    Cupid play shouldnt be better than Pos + Geb play. Cupid missed %70 of his shots but thx to crit build his landed %30 killed people. Plus he had level advantage too. But all other plays were super solid. Nice episode.

  21. rena leletak

    i didnt watch stranger things but this looks so so good in all

    1. Chris Kingston

      Would definitely recommend. Not the trailers, just the show when you got time. You'll love it (each for different reason)

  22. Xenone

    bruh how can you guys go from such an epic collab with monster cat to shitty stranger things like did you delete any standards or... ?

  23. Brume Azure

    We need more guardians

  24. Pablo Paez

    Grat job w CGI

  25. Skylargrey1111


  26. Wahab Ozomaki

    I don't think she's strong

  27. Derpalicious77

    smite x stranger things : the crossover no one wanted

  28. TheBlueArmageddon

    I miss the old graphics that ACTUALLY fit what Lady lore was saying, using the trailer instead just makes it confusing

  29. Catch O0

    So basicly she is Sephiroth.

  30. Floofyness

    I feel they release only broken gods now like league does. Like old gods will never be played again Dx. Just a small fear I have is all.

  31. sworddice

    *me watching at 0% volume, turned up the volume to hear what her ultimate does* narrator : morgan lafaye's first ability is.. me : WTF ARE THOSE FLASHY STUFFS I WATCHED FOR HALF A MINUTE??

  32. MLMK*BNA*あなたの感覚*真新しいアニメ&MLK&MLKTNF*キング

    It's so funny to see how sad and pathetic you people or trying to do anything to keep your car which game of flow to and yet it's still going to be always garbage just like all of you

  33. MrCrazyBlasian

    In my opinion #5 was top play

  34. Dank_Souls

    i was really surprised by the scylla pick, i thought it was gonna be for merlin

    1. Tetan Lakisa

      Eleven has only one attack in show, merlin in game has like 15

  35. Alexisnotrelevant

    Havent played smite since january, im definatly returning for my El skins

  36. Hateful Cupcake

    Joy another mage just what everyone didn't want. What was to hard to make a hunter, assassin, or a guardian? I mean come on how many mages to we have now like 4 pages of mages? Over half the God they made into mages make no sense if you know their mythologies.

  37. Skylargrey1111

    probably one of the most boring god designs released in the past few years

  38. Victor Munhoz

    The way lore lady says "da-buff" instead of debuff lmao

  39. Nicholas Vandiver

    Is she on switch I looked and I could not find her

  40. BosSox

    I miss the old god reveals with the cartoons and animations along with the backstories

  41. Lumine Maverick

    most uninteresting pass. stranger things sucks

  42. Shunsui Uchiha


  43. The Legend Smith

    On my momma sylla did not need more skins she just got 1 a few months ago jesus

  44. Nel Darmo


  45. david aranda

    you need more chinese and mayan gods and goddesses

  46. Serpent Breath

    Yeah! With monstercat music way more better. Keep going!

  47. Jericho Scott

    Amazing quality and the camera angles makes this so much better than the previous top 5. Please make the rest like this because they are so worth it!

  48. Ed Da Bawsh

    Welcome to the Smite God reveal for, Lu Bu, The Black Dragon

  49. VishDaFish2016

    Might have to re download and grind for a month to get these skins just like I did with ATLA

  50. James Marvel

    How does PS4 users send in their videos for Top 5?

  51. LIV

    What?! No way oh my god I was not expecting this at all 😂

  52. Angelic Wraith •

    This is exciting love the crossovers

  53. Victor Rodrigues

    0:01 music ?

  54. Cody Archie

    I would love to to Styx

  55. Revenant

    Demogorgon hell yeah!

  56. Isaiah Montoya

    Team Ruby vs Team Avatar vs Team TMNT vs Team Stranger Things. The battle of Gods begins 💪🗡🛡🏹.

    1. lj21

      We just need the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and we're in for the fight of the century!

  57. Ernest Hemingway

    wow, this game keeps sinking, and sinking and sinking.

  58. Isaiah Montoya

    Awesome 😎.

  59. Nathaniel Nagano-Deschamps

    I can never read debuff the same way from now on

  60. Notclockwyrk

    i dont need to hear morganAs backstory, ive watched merlin

  61. Ever

    A new Scylla skin? Say no more

  62. Zinith

    Lower the prices of the Skin's please

  63. Euphoria

    If you have not seen the show you don’t deserve this battle pass

  64. Javier Asdsdsdas

    omg no me esperé una colaboración así, grande hi rez

  65. Purp1e W0rld

    That Geb was a chad

  66. Paragon

    Bruh Lostbelt 6 just got released in FGO, along with Morgan as a servant! Coincidence?

  67. E Grizzly


  68. jeronthetube

    I mean, I get that she's Arthurian and what not & related to arthur. But 'Dragonflight' doesn't in my opinion suit her kit. It should have been some dark monster or wraith, as she is the dark enchantress. Dragons are usually associated with the good guys. Not to mention Morgana is known in lore for her manipulation, mystery and shapeshifter like tendencies. She is a magical powerhouse. Her using swords?? She's also known for being incredibly smart, half fairy and being trained by Merlin himself. I think a similar kit to Merlin, but dark magic and more illusion/control based would have been an excellent touch. Perhaps a channeled ult that was completely different to Merlin stance changing though, outlining her hatred/revenge toward Arthur.

    1. Al Coronel

      In the mythology of all knights and that, the dragons are always evil, so, it makes a little sense I think

  69. Nick ,

    What is the first song in the first part?

  70. Master Shrooms

    Its been 6 years since the last time i saw this and im still hoping for a movie

  71. Colby Pardue

    Oh she gonna be broke.

  72. Krejcci Marchand

    Just got back into smite on pc with my friends after not playing in years.. I remember before you were a streamer and then landed this job Inuki. brings back some awesome memories on this game. your the best dude.

  73. just a random casual

    Eh, can we just skip her and get Scylla’s big sis already? Can’t wait for Charby

  74. the boy by the sea

    So want smite to be on Google Play store so I can play it

  75. Jermaine Angelo Arrogancia

    So it's Guinevere's fault? again? why am I not suprised

  76. oc7879

    The only misdirection is the way morgan was advertised and my disappointment is immeasurable

  77. just a random casual

    I’m so happy, my Sylvanus main finally has a scary skin fitting for how dangerous he is playing mid

  78. lester padilla

    Wanna know my name? I'll tell you my name Persephone.