SMITE - Update Highlights - Talons Of Tyranny

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    The Goddess of the Salt Sea Update is here! Including the Sobek Visual Update, Sushi Neko Bacchus, Plushie Cernunnos, Dino-mighty Cerberus, Forgotten Gods Chaac, Heroic Husky Fenrir and more!
    For details, check out the patch notes here:
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Terry Davis

      Rip Isis

    2. You

      How come you didn’t add the part where my smite has now crashed every game since the update

    3. Ryan Martin

      Can Medusa get a touch up on her textures and coloring please

    4. Robert Stevens

      Bacchus got censored.

    5. sofie heller

      Kukulkan getting that classic "ao kuang" skin

    6. Jormy Gormy

      Oh my gods FINALLY a narrator to explain what the balance changes are! This is SO much better than the previous ones.

    7. Maxwell Williams

      Bro, after getting back into Smite, I'm so hype to play Gilgamesh

    8. 1234qwer

      sobek looks different but his ult is still the worst lmao

    9. 1234qwer

      I tried to play my first game of the day and the game crashed and match never launched then I was banned for 700 minutes. Really? This has happened SOOO many times now, very annoying

    10. cscSomething

      Is Season Rewards win counter still bugged? It is missing more than 30 wins from last split for me

    11. DyJuan1

      Did Chaac get the Main character of the anime Overlord's voice actor? IF SO. EPICCC

    12. Pc Chronic

      Nice kabrakan nerf

    13. Adhiraj Singh

      Don't care about anything. I finally got the sets jade dragon skin from the S6 chests 1st roll. Can't be more happier

    14. kensan9000

      dino-mighty is seriously exclusive to a chest with over 1000 items in it

    15. Shade's Insane Chamber


    16. Arceumence

      When will you rework Persephone??

    17. 미인Ms Dyks

      I wonder if there would ever be some kind of Disney Battle Pass one day too! Especially for Tiamat I could imagine a new skin that would be similar to the dragon Sisu from Raya and the last dragon

    18. Chris R

      Nerf nemesis.

    19. KENCHIDO Gaming

      The update is on live severs ?

    20. FBI Agent

      1:37 I feel like I heard the voice before.

      1. FBI Agent

        Yeah thats it! I hadn't watched it in a while so I forgot some characters names and voices.

      2. TopFrag Anxiety

        Ains oel gown. Overlord

    21. Mike Hawk

      “ a lot of changes “ * names 3 of them* “ welp it’s time to show the skins”. Lol

    22. Isaac

      Are all this skins from the battle pass?

    23. ClusterHopper

      RIP Isis. got censored and replaced by some technobabble called "E-set"

      1. not nice

        Eset is the way Greeks called her

    24. Anubis

      Wow amazing skins, i want them all

    25. Pablo Sutter

      Were is Ah Muzen Cab¿?

    26. Brandon Grady

      I want that unholy doodle RA skin so bad😭 IDC how much it costs🤷

    27. Jiju

      is nice but where to report cheats in this game ?

    28. Kevin Vu

      A yes let's buff the already strong gods

    29. Kevin Vu

      A yes let's buff the already strong gods

    30. Bazar Games

      I was not expecting Chris Guerrero but now I am very excited

    31. Otto Gaming

      Ra ult should have been a pencil rather than his normal ult look change my mind

    32. Zekrom Group Gaming

      they need to fix the gem store lol

    33. benjaminakagilgamesh

      Where’s Gilgamesh😐

    34. Pyro D Law

      Baccus: " " Cancel Culture: TRIGGERED

    35. Big Billy

      Deathy chibi + chaac T5 🥺🖤🔥 HIREZ TAKE ALL MY MONEY!! NOW!!!

    36. ColectorX

      OMGGG my favorite part was when bacchus said

    37. A B

      That Ra skin is already bought, lol.

    38. Da Ji

      Everyone: *is talking about the skins* Me: *WHY DOES ATHENA’S TAUNT NEED DAMAGE D:

    39. hazeleyezluv

      Need Xba's stun back on ultimate. 😭

      1. shadowthetwisted

        why? no one ever got stunned by it anyway

    40. Antonio Richardson

      That chacc skin did not have a voice when I was using it

    41. Brandon Dupuis

      What happened to west coast servers this patch


      MMR Reset Ranked?

    43. Bubu

      Bruh these skins increase lol I remember used to be 400 to 800 gems now 1200 lol screw that

    44. RK5

      so we get a bunch of kiddy type skins and only one good skin + a re color bacchus. i'm only looking forward to chaac's skin and that's it

    45. Edna Mode

      omg the RA SKIN i want it

    46. Gaming

      Bacchus gotta chill, why would smite even make him say something like that

      1. x-Steg0Saurus

        Ikr? Such heresy

    47. Jacob Miller

      Day 69 of asking for a DBZ battle pass! A dude can dream.

      1. T.C. Battle

        I want a Justice League Battle Pass.

      2. Casey Nivans

        and Yugioh, Silent hill too

    48. Pride the Leo

      So no one is gonna mention the zero style skin for tsuki

    49. Dualities

      when you see new Smite skins...whaaat areee thooose

    50. Dualities

      please bring in old fun game modes (3v3v3, Capture the flag, Smite mario cart, adventures, old joust, domination...) to MOTD (Match of the day) rotation on weekends, bring in more cosmetics rewards for actually playing the game (commendation rewards, achievement points rewards so we give actual meaning to achivment points, ranked rewards, triumph chests...), Clan Wars and please stop dividing ranked player base already and give arena players a simple scoreboard and some ranked rewards. nothing hard about that. u would finally stop dividing ranked player base with this. because for some reason Hirrez loves dividing ranked player base in every game they make...(Arena and Coqneust in Smite, Domination and Strikeout in Rogue Company, Paladins...)

    51. Vaaleth

      Ra's new skin is a masterpiece

      1. Vaaleth

        @Dualities well da vinci would be proud

      2. Dualities

        how much it is

    52. Will W

      classic AK skin is now Kukulkan, old player get confused

    53. ZombiedWolf

      Unfortunate that Sobeks T2, Pirate, Crikydile, and Soarbek skins didn't get updated with the new model. The other skins I understand but those ones are mostly just Sobek in a costume, so its jarring that he looks like his old model in them.

    54. Spidey-Kun

      Can we please get a series x and ps5 update? Atleast 120fps

    55. Apostolos Nikolis

      Is that a furries battlepass?

    56. thegreat kazini

      I'm in love with all of the skins and I aint even got them bad babes diamonds

    57. marioforever453

      I was hoping..the chaac skin was going to be updated..can't believe the optimist form still has base chaac animations..and the priest isn't playable!!!!

    58. SatanOMFG

      nice job letting amc with silverbranch exploit going through, oh yeah thats right and ranking too! servers? what are those.

    59. Ve Dondun

      There was a lot of negativity in the live stream about the skins, but I genuinely think most of the skins are cool and hilarious.

      1. Syre

        @Dualities i respect your opinion but they aren't just going to have skins that are edgy af, they have to appeal to everyone who have different taste, they probably put aphrodite into the game just for the people who say things like "yas queen"

      2. Dualities

        well yeah Ra one is cool but most of them are a child play imo...I mean nothing bad having a thematic like that...but most skins are literally chib/child play...idk if this thematic goes well into the mythological fight of the gods

    60. Chase l

      Thanatos should be called reapy chibi

    61. rkellyonu

      Have less people working on making 15 new skins and fix the damn game

    62. Dennis Kirchgesner

      1 Champ got removed

    63. Jess Ahumada


    64. Chris Porter

      No one can deny Smite's skin game is always on point.

      1. SinfulSaint

        Yeah because completely changing how a character looks to the point where they look like a different/new God is good. Never in a million years would I have guessed some of those (especially Chaac) if it wasn't for the names

      2. EamdellPW Meza

        @Dualities Almost every single skin needs to be direct purchase. Make occasional recolors for events that players can earn through play. For example they already do this with most battle passes. However it is unhealthy and predatory to use chests and manipulate people into gambling especially children seeing as the console players are plenty children.

      3. Dualities

        the problem is that most skins are buy only thing. there is no sense of achievement when u just buy the skin with gems. earning them is fun. we need more cosmetics rewards for actually playing the game. also achivement poitns and avhivement. they have no meaning. we need some achievement points rewards..or commendation rewards, or ranked rewards or triumph chests...also adding old fun game modes into match of the day rotation on weekends could be fun. also clan wars and ranked Arena

      4. EamdellPW Meza

        Now, sir. Lying is not good for you.

      5. Roberto Urbas

        Some might be cool but they are mostly goofy random skins that completely destroy the silouette and character readability of the gods.

    65. Juzo CG

      take my money

    66. Swervo C

      Can we get a tier 5 wukong skin next? 🤔🙏🏾

    67. Ice Soul

      damn i was hoping for another epic battlepas like was Avatar or TMNT

    68. 마른비

      Finally. Cute voice in cute skin! Not an adult male screeching

    69. Teslenko Vitaliy

      Skins for 8 years kids? OK, chibi wonna kill

    70. Husker54

      The furry update

    71. Haz

      How much is Ra

    72. IHeartSnorlax

      In all my years of smite I’ve never seen a better skin lineup. Great work!!

    73. Lawrence Rummel

      I just want a new skin for Ao Kuang ^^"

      1. not nice

        @Lawrence Rummel his sand viper good too

      2. Lawrence Rummel

        @ZK I'm not saying I dislike the Admiral or Dragon Knight skins, but Ao Kuang's other skins are all just "meh"

      3. ZK

        @Ginsho Thatd kukulkan not ao Kuang lol

      4. Ginsho

        Imagine not being satisfied by the T5 or the phoenix one

    74. Novad selir

      Huh I guess Gem of isolation Athena is even more viable.

      1. François bgr

        you mean FULL DMG Athena? oh yeah

    75. TheusSpn

      This patch really has a lot of nice new skins, and hey a new ZHONG KUI skin!! Love playing with Athena and Xbalanque, these buffs are welcome :D

    76. lchassefang

      Ra's new skin: Exsist Spongebob fans of old: Oh no....Doodlebob's slowly becoming a reality

    77. Nuinwing

      Ra got the best skin of the patch.....or atleast the most unique.

    78. Trekkoazam

      Fenrir skin: 🗣 Ama skin: 🗣 Bacchus skin 👁👄👁 Zhong skin: 🗣

      1. Mr wick


      2. Arty SZ

        He knows he’s a recolor. 😭 leave him alone

      3. Drimm s

        this took me off guard XD

    79. AngryMetrocop

      Terrible skins. Glad I dropped the game...

      1. Pain _

        Yes, go to cod or fortnite we dont want u here ;)

    80. upset banana

      I love how Bacchus said " "

      1. Westin Hawkins

        I just love how bacchus still haven’t gotten his classic skin

      2. YoungMerc

        @Kenta lmfao 😂

      3. Chile Anyways

        @Kenta LOL

      4. Kenta

        @Aiir_Normals you're giving hi-rez too much credit, they forgot

      5. Aiir_Normals

        That skin already exists its just a recolor thats probably why

    81. Val

      That Ra tho...😐😂

    82. David Fontelroy

      Every other skin: Says something cool Baccus: UNCOMFORTABLE SILENCE

      1. Tomb Raiser Lara Croft

        Nuff said

    83. Almighty Pull

      Unholy doodle is the best skin here

    84. The Horned King

      I like that you actually explained what the buffs are this time, instead of just saying that they got buffed (or nerfed) with no further detail.

    85. ivan great

      Sobek looks so cool now

    86. Marcello Lucas

      So true Sushi Neko Bacchus

    87. Rain -

      Wait wait wait, Arhena taunt damages now? Edit: Athena

      1. Félix Côté

        Instead of writing an edit you know you can just correct your missspeled word?

    88. L B

      old T5 skins are better, what is this transformer skins(hel as well) can't even figure out their animations during skills.

    89. Fredbear 320

      Now i can play sobek without vomiting every time i look at him XD

      1. Dualities


      2. Pain _

        @Dualities cancel that

      3. Dualities

        High Seas Sobek best skin in the game tho

    90. saul armendariz

      You guys did amazing with these skins 🤣

      1. AJ Martinez

        **yOu GuYs DiD aMaZiNg wiTh tHeSe sKiNs**

    91. Nyafe McNugget


    92. vincenzo camogliano lopez

      Only oldplayers love that retro ao

      1. Therodaas' Corner

        @vincenzo camogliano lopez I hadn't even thought about what that meant, til you said something. I miss that too!

      2. vincenzo camogliano lopez

        @Therodaas' Corner miss the cheesy vp

      3. Therodaas' Corner

        I'm getting it, I miss the old noodle

    93. saul armendariz

      Wow sobek is handsome

    94. Vinicius Fernandes

      I wanna hug all these skins foreveeeeeer, CUTIEST PATCH EVER ❤️😍

    95. wakkowolf22

      Doodle Ra: RA RA RA

    96. ALESKEY

      why buff xbalaque

      1. T.C. Battle

        why NOT buff xbalaque

    97. LSSJGoku299

      When’s the next battle pass?

      1. LSSJGoku299

        @Kebab IV yesssss thank you

      2. Kebab IV


    98. LSSJGoku299

      Ooooo love it

    99. G Lizærd

      Now I hate Athena more than normal.

      1. Nightcreature66

        Yup likes she’s not annoying enough

    100. x-Steg0Saurus

      Everyone: has decent skins this patch Ra: ME HOY ME-NOY (swings pencil around)

      1. The Morrigan

        @Maximum Rabbit Did they finish the touches in the Ra skin?? His 1 has the only one with decent effects

      2. Kyle Rasmussen

        @Tejbir Singh oooh okay thank you. I completely forgot I updated the game before goin to bed.

      3. Tejbir Singh

        @Kyle Rasmussen if you go to Smite there’s a new section on the side called “Talons of Tyranny”. The skin is under that section. The chest costs 320 gems to roll and right now you have a 1/3 chance to get the skin.

      4. Kyle Rasmussen

        @TigerOwna wait where did u see it?

      5. TigerOwna

        @Maximum Rabbit its going in a chest but the tyranny event chest.1 out of 3 chance to get it :) Sadly the ult is dissappointed