SMITE - Birthday Bash Gem Sale (March 19th - 29th)

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    It's SMITE's Birthday! Check out the Birthday Bash Gem Sale going on from now until March 29th!
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    1. Timothy Sherry

      ok so it stops on the 29th, i thought this meant it would go through past the 29th and end on the 30th. Just got payed and dont want to spend 100 bucks on the biggest gem pack lol

    2. Walker

      Only 3 days to get gmes sad like always

    3. Kierra Ellis

      If only I could still play this game since Hi-rez hates those who swap systems and won't do cross progression so I won't be celebrating this year with my PC version. Really sad. I miss playing but I'm not restarting years worth of spending on a new account. Don't really know why they don't do cross progression but cross play is just fine.

    4. AdiGames

      Please add birthday hats to all the gods!

    5. Kev Akatsuki

      Let me pick the skin I want to spend my money on.

    6. T B

      Please put smite on unreal 4 😭 next year

    7. Head goo

      Hi Rez you guys are actually so stingy really 150 gems for this whole event that’s it. Only way to actually get gems is paying

    8. GalaxyDude3366 YT

      Can’t wait to get that ao quong skin when it comes out

    9. Persephone

      I want a dance emote :3

      1. Dave Rell

        No new dance emotes

    10. Keanu Roberts

      I LOVE THE AART AT THE END, and Apollo looking like a SNacK

    11. MissViolence

      Never spending money on this game again. Uninstalled it as well. There's no point in TRYING to play an unplayable, mess of a game that Smite has turned into. Good luck on that growth that isn't gonna last when people literally can't play your game.

    12. Mr Pro

      Happy Birthday,love you,smite

    13. hazeination

      I wish they just let me buy Plushie Artio and Arcade Freya directly 😭😭

    14. sinister geek

      wow!! This huge lol...Cuz i started playing smite this This season 8. I just love it.

    15. Dragino_powers 545

      Happy birthday

    16. Haunted Propane

      Woohoo 3% off gem sales WHAT A STEAL... hehe... of my, money.. haha...

    17. BrocketyBrock

      Right after the stimmy hits, too...

    18. Da Ji

      In all honesty i kinda wanna rave w these gods they seem like the fun rave or party type lolol

    19. beaudion smith

      Gg $1400 stimulus check, nice knowing ya bud

    20. Lmacncheese

      I want that seraph skin for horus where is that at

    21. MrGorufo


    22. Hani U

      Happy birthday

    23. itsValkyrae

      That's it Hi-Rez! Way to celebrate Smites birthday with more bugs/glitches/server errors and bot support system with a gem sale 💀

      1. sinister geek

        Yea I agree You bruh

    24. Dualities

      wish Smtie events would be actual events. wish they would add old fun game modes into match od the day rotation on weekend, wish they would add more way to earn cosmetics by playing the game. commendation rewards, achievement point rewards, triumph chest, ranked rewards...also Clan wars and Arena ranked hello

    25. Brandon Cue

      Ban all the racists afk trolls in diamond tier conq and Ill support the game financially.

    26. Alan Edwards

      -End of the 🌎- Hey I should buy digital clothes.

    27. Lexi Sanchez

      mine is the 27th!! thanks smite 💕

    28. 悪魔Anakin

      Ayo tf wrong with lokis neck

    29. ALL RPG2

      Bonjour à tous. Bon anniversaire smite. Perso , je suis à 29/60 sur le BP et J' espère le finir . Sûrement mon BP préféré , hors collaboration.

    30. Novapelt WarriorCatFan

      Bro, I hope fenrir comes out by then 😩

      1. AvoSuso

        I can’t wait for fenrir

    31. Giant Dad

      I thought it said Bri'ish bash

    32. CoveiraoPS3

      Never buying anything for hirez ever again. I'm black and one dude in the game sent me many racist messages. I took some printscreen, reported in game, via ticket and Twitter (You can see some of these messages on my twitter). Result: my account was banned with not even an explanation why. Nothing happened to the racist guy, I found him playing and bring racist with the same account a few days ago. So, if hirez can just ban your account at any moment for any reason they find fit, why should someone buy in game currency? Me and my friends are not buying anything from hirez ever again. Reason 1: they can ban your acc without any explanation . Reason 2: I believe some of its employees are racists (at least the person who saw my printscreen and didn't ban the player). Just sharing my experience with hirez so good people are aware.

      1. Back View

        This seems like a fake story.

    33. Umomo

      0:17 i didn't know Scylla can fly

      1. Atem

        she's a mage duh

    34. Ren

      Just spent 50€. They could really announce those events better. That's the 2nd time now I wasted money 2 days before the event.

      1. Ren

        @Jay Avila I can only be impatient if I know it is happening. Impatience: not willing to wait for something If I didn't know that it happens in the first place I can't not be willing to wait for it. So that actually didn't make too much sense. But sure xD

      2. Ren

        @Kazuki Makes sense but it wouldnt hurt to put on the front page when you start the game "Smite Birthday Event soon". But then again... maybe I just never see it?

      3. Kazuki

        They always do sales on thier birthday tho

    35. BabyiQ86

      I love this game! Don't care what haters say about the number of players, servers quality or support ticket responses. As long as i can play, i'm good! P.S. Matchmaking in ranked conquest could use a bit tweaking. XD

      1. Jay Avila

        Number of players? As in people saying the game's dying/dead? If that's the case that's funny cause i can't even play the game sometimes cause servers full.

    36. J9 Squish Squish

      Oddly satisfying to see everyone dancing

    37. Cyber Mentor

      not spending anymore cash on smite

      1. MissViolence

        Same. Uninstalled it too. Game isn't worth it anymore.

    38. Shunsui Uchiha

      Now the clan system coming back

      1. Dofyx18

        @artsfreak98 it was breaking something in the game, cant remember what though

      2. artsfreak98

        Why was the Clan system gone in the first place?

    39. LSSJGoku299

      Wait didn’t we just have a smite birthday 💀I feel like I’m getting old bruh

    40. Vincent Da Cruz

      Waiting for you guys to add new dance emotes.....

    41. InsaneHades

      $100 dollars to spend?

    42. AngelsDeMo

      it's my birthday too! :D

    43. Murky 09

      My birthday on the 24th😁🎉

    44. Arceumence

      How many gems can you get

    45. Husker54

      "Scylla" - Levitates ...

    46. Salvation

      Looks like something WhiskyWyrm would do

      1. Salvation

        ​@Blake Flame Yeah, he got elected for the first time this year! He's a content creator that is doing very interesting (mostly comedic, although not exclusively) content. I don't think he made it as it's not the first time Hi-Rez made such video (the format has been used for years), although they could have requested it.

      2. Blake Flame

        He is the Olympian? Or something like that so he probably made it.

    47. Zach Brown

      Happy birthday smite

    48. Hans Wurst

      Times with 10 gems per First Win of the Day are over, you don`t give out gems for free anymore, you want the people to put money into the game and the discounts are quite low, like 33% only on the 8k bundle... wp, you changed your politics, sadly

    49. TheBlueArmageddon

      Wish the sales were higher, 33% on the most expensive bundle, and the rest is 8-20% seems sorta low. But im sure you make money on it

      1. AdiGames

        yeah i hope they do a 60% off sale, i would literally drop so much for the gems!

    50. Zymemaru

      Here's to another year of "You Rock" "You Rock" "You Rock" "Cancel that!"

      1. DaGr8 Anubis

        Also spamming enemy missing when someone forgets to call it 😂

      2. RED the Flame


    51. bear fluid

      Very happy I spent 50 yesterday 🙃🙃

      1. Donovan chambers

        smite gems go on sale every march since it's their birthday should have known it was coming up

      2. Life Tiger

        and i bought the 8k gems yesterday

      3. Jdubsky


      4. Jdubsky


    52. Kratos Shia

      Free skins?

    53. Qui-Gon Jinn

      Hi-rez pls, don't do drugs *whispers* it's unhealthy

    54. zEARTHBOUNDz

      Just bought the 8k gems 😁

    55. SOUumGRÃOdeARROZ bb

      Feliz aniversário meu smite lindo 🇧🇷❤️

      1. Aitor Karanka

        Quer jogar umas partidas ?

    56. Novad selir

      I'd buy up all the chests but I don't want to miss out on the next battle pass......just in case you guys get a Fate Stay collaboration.

      1. gunstar420

        @Novad selir it really is silly animals lol. I think necromancer cat Zhong kui is all I remember

      2. Novad selir

        @gunstar420 Really ? What is it.

      3. gunstar420

        Well on the bright side, the next BP Is silly animals

    57. Marcelo Pons


    58. Dillon 1

      When we getting clans back

      1. mattisart

        dawg do u pay attention to patch notes

      2. Heavy metal and anime 4 life

        Right 😂

    59. MythoDraws


    60. Cubone

      Why in some countries the season pass that costs 50 USD in some european country like turkey it only costs 10 USD????

      1. Markefo

        Cuz 10 usd is really expensive for turkish players , 200 usd is 1people 1 month wallet its understandable

      2. Readings By Reece

        Because that’s how currency works

    61. Moth


      1. Moth

        @Dragon Warrior you can't search up anything when ur on the log in screen of your laptop

      2. Dragon Warrior

        Search up the alphabet, Copy and paste the letter you need. Lol 😆

      3. Moth

        @Mauri Sosa Salcedo I can't log into my laptop because the password required the broken key

      4. Mauri Sosa Salcedo

        But steam login is automatic(?)

    62. AJLower-SanDiegoHomeBuys-com.

      My switch account is back in business. No more ps4 gems for me. All switch all the way.

      1. AJLower-SanDiegoHomeBuys-com.

        @Jprep2116 I have most of my skins on ps4 but they don't transfer over to other platforms. So I'm starting off fresh on switch. (Only buying new cosmetics on switch from now on)

      2. Jprep2116

        What’s the difference?

    63. Justin Dreemurr

      Happy birthday!!! SMITE

    64. pupolo 2

      Is gilghames in the left?

      1. Gilgamesh

        Yes in the first part he's there near bastet

      2. Alarcón Baez Jeremy Adrián

        @Anonymous nope, check again, Gilgamesh is with Kumbha.

      3. Anonymous

        That is kumbhakarna

      4. Alarcón Baez Jeremy Adrián

        Yes, Gilgamesh is the one in the left on the first part lol

      5. Flakmaster118

        on the stage thats a ravana skin, if that's what ur talking about.

    65. RussianPandaOmg

      Y'all really want me to get that Nu-wa skin 😂

      1. RussianPandaOmg

        @Ibuki Mioda how is it hard to play lul it's just a skin and it reminds me of azur lane so thats why I like it

      2. Ibuki Mioda

        @RussianPandaOmg no it doesn’t the back thing looks cool but it’s so hard to play

      3. RussianPandaOmg

        The battleship nu wa skin looks 🤤 spicy .

      4. Ibuki Mioda

        *playful bunny*

      5. Kasra 37

        Huh? 🤨😅

    66. Abraiz Masood

      Wow I’m first but I’m not gonna put that as a comment because people seem to find that very annoying and frankly I care what others think about me, and so what if I’m first I doesn’t mean anything it won’t impact my life whatsoever. So then what’s the point in making this comment in the first place

      1. lj21

        this is kinda worse than just saying "first"...

      2. Mauri Sosa Salcedo

        I dont want to sound rude but you werent the first,while you wrote that long text someone send something shirt and won over you.f

    67. Darion Kira

      Woo hoo Awesome

    68. KWoodZ21

      Perfect for my Birthday which is the 21st!!!

      1. Levyathyn

        Happy birthday

      2. Zach Skinkis

        Hey mine too happy b day bro!

      3. Sanguis Of Conquest

        Mine is the 21st as well 👀

      4. gxlilea.d

        Mines tomorrow so I’m super happy !! also happy early birthday to you too :)

      5. Loll Jett

        Happy early birthday!

    69. Haz

      Is there anywhere to find what the dailys are?

      1. Haz

        @Brooke Siler thanks. They're also on smite website

      2. Brooke Siler

        Yeah you go into the store section on your platform and it should have its own section within the store.

    70. Niox_xx

      My wallet is empty already lol...

    71. Isai Escamilla

      Happy Birthday Smite!!