SMITE - Top 5 Plays - Episode 244

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Captain Weirdo

      I would love to submit my own play but all it says is "Not found" when I click on the link

    2. Artiom Stryzhchenko

      What a short plays

    3. King Arthur

      How r we still doing season 7 plays?

    4. Vishrut Upadhyay

      This is why anhur players are the best

    5. QWWUPP

      big lion crits

    6. Moxxie Rose

      All meta characters and plays that someone with less then a day of playtime can pull of. Come on Hi-Rez

    7. Tanktopss

      dude whaat what a bad top

    8. Pastis Lokura

      Me cago en dios, dejaros de top plays y dedicaros a top workers, que cada vez que sacáis un parche la cagais, malditos becarios

    9. Matthew Roberts

      That hel play shouldn't even be on the list and that herc play shoulda been number 2 or 3

    10. Francisco Larios

      Still waiting Top 5 SPL Plays

    11. Snyusovshchik

      delete the crits

    12. Michael Flaherty

      I've seen better plays in silver lobbies lol.

    13. Nick SiX

      How was #3 a good play???? He shouldn’t have been wrapped to begin with

      1. Rikolia

        Getting wrapped was part of the mindgame. Anubis would not have set himself stuck in his ult if he knew he missed.

    14. Downey Jones


    15. Sir Slimez

      Honestly the only plays that deserve to be here are number 1,2, and 4 I was especially the rama and Ahnur well played imo

    16. Chepe3

      Another trash 5 plays nice

    17. GALLEONI

      I mean i can do that anhur play 90 percent of the time lol

    18. FruFru

      No-one gonna mention the fact that they just used a copyrighted music at the end?

    19. plush

      I will kill myself if you dont revert loki

    20. Kien Nguyen

      that Anhur is fed for sure

    21. lj21

      FINALLY! A #1 spot that actually deserves it!

    22. Tony Spagoli

      I legit got 3 pentas on clash. But sure I'll still wait :P

    23. Connor Hallett

      Why are there season 7 conquest map plays

    24. Corrie

      I haven't played smite competitively for years but damn hearing inuki still going strong makes me feel good

    25. Josue Razo

      Just send in Rexsi plays and he'll cover like 10 top 5's🥱

    26. Persephone

      Ahh yeah, back when cockquest had a good and playable map..

    27. Juan Torres

      CRITTY KITTY CAT!!! i don't really come for the plays. i come for the commentator lmao.

    28. Kasra 37

      Damn! Nice episode all around! :)

    29. Kanonikos

      Why is #3 a top play?

    30. nickflamingdude2

      Wtf was the hel play? Like was a dog playing hel and that's why it's top 5?

    31. Bekir Can

      arenadaki herhangı bir mücadele atsanız bundan daha zevkli olurdu.TURKEY'den selamlar.

    32. Ricardo Saulo

      2:03 no one is gonna talk about how Cthulhu ulted, but it’s animation got cancelled and he just was standing there throwing his abilities at ult form? Fix your game Hi-rez

      1. Living Days


    33. Shunsui Uchiha

      Why was that hel play 1 second long?

    34. emergencycode53

      great casting!

    35. Jaime Martin

      is inuki aware of the new conquest map?

      1. valkyrieKNIGH7

        He's probably trying to finish off last season clips before diving into this season

    36. sirdocblob

      Anhur played that perfect tbh

    37. Dean Ashford

      Lmao, Hel pre-cleansing an obvious anubis wrap initiation is the most obvious play there, how the heck is it at number 3?

    38. 1234qwer

      Why r u showing the old map?

      1. Garretderpredator

        cause its mainly old plays from the old maps

    39. Rui Chaves

      that 3rd one is nothing special...

    40. Guilherme Ramos

      bro pick real top plays, like that one ony channel, wth are u chosing?

    41. Diogo Silva

      wtf is this Hel play at #3?

    42. TheCoolerDio _

      Can someone tell me why i cant" go" on the website (it means "not found")

    43. Irish

      2:36 should’ve been a 1 tap crit but I guess that was a defense nezha.

    44. Mauri Sosa Salcedo

      those were some pretty 5 random bronce shitty plays once again

    45. Matheus Branco

      bro wtf was this hell play in a top 5? o que foi essa jgoada de hell no top cinco? HORRIVEL

    46. Irish

      Xbox too oh let’s go boutta show y’all some Scylla

    47. Qrow

      Oh boy Herc pressed 4 for a double? No way!- what a play Oops saw he got a quad. Principle still stands he pressed 4 That Anhur was the only good play. Ramma had cheese crit too-but that Anhur had the plays, the clutch blink, and the pre-beads.

      1. UnbiddenIsland

        The herc gotta quad homie, shows he has a better brain then you do lol

      2. Nova

        That Herc play was actually really good. Get off your high horse. A play doesn't have to be judged by its complexity.

      3. BruteSparta

        Pretty sure that's a quad bruh.

    48. Udon Noodles

      Play 3 with Hel wasn’t even a good play he just got a good cleanse then killed him under tower

      1. herling Rodas

        Yeah I have done better plays with my hel

    49. Le' Artistique

      Here’s how they should’ve been structured. 5: *Hel* 4: *Awillix* 3 & 2: Anhur and Rama, you can switch these back and forth. 1: Hercules (short sweet and simple) The only “play”

      1. Swagster Pro99


    50. King freeze

      The hel @#3 wasn’t special at all it shouldn’t be on this period.

    51. Fabiio

      I swear this guy picks 5 clips at random and features them.

      1. Sun Setter

        I think he actually picks them on stream.

      2. Smaguler

        imagine how bad the other plays must have been for him to choose this

      3. boxerzay16 gaming

        Lol ikr

    52. BBaggins McSwaggins

      Well this Top 5 was a mixed batch. We had a couple legit outplays like Anhur & that Herc play was just plain *nasty,* but then we have Hel sitting at #3 with literally only landing a cleanse.... When did this become Top 5 material?

      1. Matthew Roberts

        @Pablo Razo I have herc and hel diamond. The herc play was so much better. He had to have exact placement on his boulder otherwise he wouldn't have gotten the damage he needed. A little left and it bounces into lane, a little right and it goes straight into the jungle. You know exactly what anubis is gonna do every time so "predicting" a wrap as you walk in range is only skill at the gold level and below. Also console players definitely try to improve and there have been some xbox teams in the past that have been on par with spl level teams.

      2. Gonzalo Livetti

        @Pablo Razo Serq was arriving. Making that risky play was worst than playing safe or biteing, she only landed a 2. And like every hels 2 you have to read the oponent

      3. ssjdeadpool1227

        @Pablo Razo pressing one button sure does take lots of effort

      4. kieran pearson

        @Pablo Razo you realise it's the other way around. Most console players are trying to improve and no the herc wasn't handed anything lmao. Hel didn't do anything worth the #3 spot. It was a simple cleanse which she still would have died if not for her team mate

      5. Mr. Reptar

        @Pablo Razo nah the anubis was easy to read

    53. Filmlak- فيلم لك

      Thanks for the effort but the episode kinda not special at all! very ordinary plays

    54. TheRonaldNess

      How do you submit Console Play?

    55. boxerzay16 gaming

      He said "were gonna pinch his little cheeks"🤣🤣

    56. KageApolloBiff

      1:55 "Thanatos stuck on Tyr" but it is actually that ra skin

      1. Guts

        Was about to comment that

    57. boxerzay16 gaming

      That Rama penta kill though he sniped

      1. boxerzay16 gaming

        Yeah he did panic ngl

      2. Shaytu2

        I mean yea nice double snipe but if he didn't panic shot the third shot he wouldve killed the aphro aswell in the ult