SMITE - Top 5 Plays - Episode 248

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    Published on 29 days ago


    1. Cole Reynolds

      How do people record these clips?

    2. dvis lodg

      bro ojala vuelva el server de latam

    3. Emir V

      I'm Frost and this is SMITE, doing it up XBOX Style..... missing good old dayz

    4. LU10CA

      At number four, Mercury just sacrificees Zong Qui and leaves. In the mean time Ares and Agni do most of the work and Merc gets the credit; yeah, he got the triple but still.

    5. 正义之神

      How does 2:45 even knockup cu chulainn, game is so weird (hitboxes)

    6. Tobi lee9

      That merlin was godly

    7. S2Ndragon

      How come you made a game based solely around teamwork and yet for ranked conquest y oh can only party up with 2? Why not hold pros teams to that same standard as well?

    8. Fatmir Kondi

      These are a joke. I have been submitting insane plays for months now, none of them featured. Disgusting

    9. Raúl N Qp

      me dejo pendejo el merlin

    10. CKisuke

      The first one is soo dumb like the tower kill the tyr

    11. pyrobryan

      "He turned around. You should never turn around." Ace of Base warned us about that.

    12. David King

      these were actually really good. that merlin play was great

    13. Kyoretsunah

      2:42 That Awilix comes from behind and spam all skills to make damages... She makes 4 important mistakes in her stupid ''gank'' That's why cuchu survive, not cuz he was better, just cuz he was smart and Awilix dumb af If u cant understand the mistakes or what i'm telling you're probably in the same level than Awilix =)

    14. TheFlamingTornado1

      That merlins movement was beautiful there

    15. Kr0wed Smite

      Fun fact, the Tyr was laugh spamming me for the ENTIRE game, and then that happened :)

    16. Travis Curbelo

      I ulted a hou yi with ra right when he landed on the ground with his 3, it was beautiful

    17. yabo sama

      Might have to send my plays in then

    18. Ps Games etc

      nice merlin

    19. Cr7 and chill

      so in the first play they didnt use beads for ares ult but also none had beads for merc ult why the hell were they fighting this long without beads ??

    20. Nomar Torres

      YOOOOO THAT PLAY BY DAV1NCI AS MERC Talk bout tread the needle

    21. Steven Milt

      think you've got what oit takes? You mean average and unexciting plays? no I dont have those sorry

      1. Colin Johnson

        Dang if you can't even reach that bar, you must really suck at Smite.

    22. Dualities

      SMITE Conquest NA Top 5 plays*

      1. Adizero

        Merlin is Eu

      2. Niktrif 420

        Panvich is EU

    23. Jani Szabó

      I played a long time cq and smite, but this top plays are so funny. Beginners mistakes. I would never gank cu chu when transformed... "There is still much to learn" -Ullr

      1. lj21

        especially AFTER he cleared the wave and turned level 3. And wukong didn't even clear the wave either. That was such a stupid play by the awilix and wukong.

    24. pink&blue gaming

      #5 dont deserve the spot but tyr was just as bad he should have just slow farmed him if he wont come out then he will come for minions and you kill him he was to kill hungry

    25. RISK T0 WIN

      I have 60k worshippers on tyr that first clip hurt my soul lol

    26. GamingHazard

      3:15 anuki you legend i didnt know you played d&d.

    27. None 4

      So much bugs u fkrs . Fix ur sht why kick us then ban !! Tf ! And trolls never get ban . What a fkn trash thing

    28. None 4

      Trash game . Omg it lag then kick u then u got ban for 700 min lol

    29. Saif Batikhi

      Gods and goddesses think u got what it takes to be on this show ( ullr missing his CD ) 😅

    30. Kiki Kanzaki

      The monke laugh spam

    31. Krazy Klepto

      Skins may not effect gameplay but they definitely make Top 5 Plays a lot sexier.

    32. Dj Otsirave

      Damn that merlin went hard!

    33. lex aran

      top five of rage fail for the kill, lol

    34. xxMaro92xx

      "Ares with his little level five feet" - hahahaha! Damn, Inuki, you always break me xD

    35. Devon C

      That furry/nonbinary outro made me vomit. Oh how far Smite has fallen.

    36. Tabushcus

      That was truly worthy of the #1 spot

    37. Baron Geek

      That Cu Chu was very impresssive! And Merlin, dang, reading them like a book!

    38. Daniel Alejandro

      That top #5 was sht. It was probably a HB that wouldn't come out of tower, and the Tyr just risk it to try and get the kill.

      1. Soul Jr.

        You blind? The HB had speed buff, he was obviously the jungler covering for his solo who wasnt there. Not saying the clip deserved top 5 cause it doesnt. But you clearly didnt watch the same clip cause why tf would there be a HB actually playing as the solo?? 😂😂

    39. AceOniFlyer

      Alright that final Merlin clip was smooth.

    40. Brandon Hughes

      You dont pronounce the j in Jormungandr is it really that hard

    41. Flint Given

      The first 4 clips are not top play worthy.

    42. johnny boy

      Nooo, Y My Wifey Awilix ♥️♥️💞💞🥰🥰❤️❤️💖💖💕💕💗💗😘😘😍😍💓💓get Beat 2 times in this Top 5!!😖😖😖😖😖

    43. LaFlam

      0:51 You gotta uninstall after that lol

      1. Hype

        Its easy when the enemy is greedy

    44. SUN KEN V

      Thank the gods you guys are finally using the normal camera, the Merlin play felt so much better watching using it.

      1. Ramone Alleyne

        @CrimsonB oh yeah my bad buddy

      2. CrimsonB

        @Ramone Alleyne Console HUD doesn't look like that plus you can see it's pc if you look at the numbers above abilities

      3. Ramone Alleyne

        It was probably console

      4. Itamar Casais

        100% agree

    45. Calvin Crews

      Num 5 shouldn't be here dude was just turtling his tower

      1. mufasa petersen

        Are you crazy? The jukes and the execution of the moves are waaay more than worthy

      2. Calvin Crews

        @pink&blue gaming its not impressive though, the tower did all the damage it's a top 5 plays

      3. pink&blue gaming

        That's a way to beat someone

    46. kieran pearson

      People who play hun batz solo are the reason people lose games. Stop acting like you're a pro lmao.

      1. Dualities

        @Ginsho u mirin bruh

      2. Ginsho

        @Dualities dumb

      3. Kr0wed Smite

        I was jungle

      4. achilles sama

        @ParagonCS he looks stupid indeed lol

      5. ParagonCS

        @Dualities right, level 12 batz with speed buff can not be the jungler. It isnt the norm anyways

    47. Alexander Morales

      The 5th place was kinda "meh"

    48. NissanHyoryuLyfe

      Why cant I ever get somebody who can play Merlin like that. Most I see always go 4-9

      1. achilles sama

        @The Regular Gamer you need to miss a nu wa ultimate to be able to do that. not for everyone 😎

      2. The Regular Gamer

        @achilles sama 🤣just curious man but that’s good to know. I wish I could be that good 😌

      3. The Regular Gamer

        @N. D. lol do you know what your even typing before you type it? 😂😂 where did you get god complex from “ what’s your rank” I was genuinely curious 🤣 that being if that got you upset you must be a child or be ranked really low

      4. N. D.

        @The Regular Gamer oh oh. Teenager with a god complex sighted.

      5. TheFlamingTornado1

        EMILIO BL Yes the merlin build was bad, but his movement/kiting was beautiful

    49. im Black

      Ooo Bazinga 🔥

    50. Grimm Tamer

      Hearing the D&D spells. I see you. Respect

      1. Manu Dwivedi

        Haha, first thing I caught on to myself xD

    51. Omar Atif

      Best top 5 plays in a really long time

      1. Kasra 37

        @KSLK 17 yes, I agree, the tyr did good, but cupid’s plays were basic af...

      2. KSLK 17

        @kieran pearson yea the cupid play was ok, the jorm kill lame but the cupid ult, tyr fearless was well co-ordinated

      3. kieran pearson

        @Kasra 37 lmao no

      4. Kasra 37

        Except the cupid... he sucked :/

    52. Calles

      the voice sounds like a god

    53. MrWashed

      Its almost like people cant play without max cdr

      1. Dualities

        most of the time noobs don't even get cdr. what is consistency a

      2. KnightofZero00

        It depends on the God you're playing as.

    54. saul herrera

      Wow, that cu chu weaving through his minions was impressive. And that merlin was great too. Landed every ability he need to survive

      1. Javier Emanuel

        People tend to underestimate the minions on early game

    55. not nice

      The cu chulainn one was really good!

    56. Praneeth M 105

      Merlin ability spam 😂😂

      1. KnightofZero00

        He's an ability based God spamming is what you're supposed to do 🙄

      2. Astral Cat

        Dude...he's Merlin. He has 10000000000000 abilities lmao

      3. kieran pearson

        Spam? You high bronze kid XD he literally hit what he needed to.

      4. Give me the copy of your homework

        If you think that is spam, you should not be playing this game

      5. Calles

        full cooldown is the merlin strat xd

    57. Crona


      1. Calles

        First reply 👀

    58. EDDMERCK


    59. Michael Zuk