SMITE - Top 5 Plays - #241

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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Jack Lu

      damn that Zuko skin

    2. ssjdeadpool1227

      Can y'all stop at the susano clips every week, nobody cares

    3. xerama YT

      discord invitation still not working..

    4. Noah WhiteLance

      How do I get featured on a top 5 play of the week? I have a video ready to be reviewed

    5. Weest side

      Can we get a kpop battle pass with daji in it

    6. hereticxhexen

      furyboi u can be a good football announcer

    7. hereticxhexen

      hello lobby chat after match can u enable console's chat... so they can read/talk/communicate with the other(PC&console)... & give them the ability to mute spammers VGS & mic if needed same as PC... thx

    8. Katahlyst

      Season 8 looks so cool!

    9. Bryan Rohv

      Am I the only one whos ranked wins arent counting on ps4?

      1. Bryan Rohv

        @KSLK 17 yeah I feel you there. Rare to have a match without someone spamming

      2. KSLK 17

        @Bryan Rohv yea I'm on ps aswell lol, LoRez hate console players

      3. Bryan Rohv

        @KSLK 17 its probably a bug that some players have then, I saw a comment on Instagram of someone having the same issue. No season rewards for some of us this year then. I am on ps4 too btw, which has been having lots of issues.

      4. KSLK 17

        @Bryan Rohv idk if joust works though, it might but idk

      5. Bryan Rohv

        @KSLK 17 perhaps, I got all 21 in conquest.

    10. Juicylemons1212

      So i'm trying to copy my PS4 account over to PC because Hi-Rez seems to be ok with the garbage fire that console version is. When will you be letting people copy accounts over?

    11. Vrock

      when theres finally no mages on the top 5 plays theres gotta be 3 adc plays

    12. Fabian Gonzalez

      If these are top 5 plays ima pro LMAO

    13. Falcio ValMond

      Ahh yes, the amazing play of cupid held lmb whilst tyr held lmb and cupid won.

    14. tsohgallik

      Why the fk did you guys take out MP5 from the Archmage Gem??? I don't want to waste gold on MP Potions, tf...

    15. yosif gamer80


    16. Alfonso Marco Nehuen

      The head of Cupid in the first play make me laugh so hard 0:17

    17. DavidWevo

      Name of music in this video please

    18. silver hedgehog

      3:49 did that scylla duck under the arrow?

    19. LackOfSkills

      That wukong play was vs some serious bots lol

    20. Patryk Ruzik

      A jak Pan Jezus powiedział? Tak jak Pan Jezus powiedział

    21. Branden

      The new conquest match is trash, straight awful. Change it back..

      1. Matthew Roberts

        @Branden did you read the items?? You have to be level 20 (17 for a couple) before they are unlocked. You clearly don't know what you're talking about so stop complaining

      2. Branden

        @Matthew Roberts I play smite a lot. And no the items aren't. I can't even upgrade them. 1,500 gold and it still stays locked. The game wasn't broken and didn't need any fixing or changes.

      3. Matthew Roberts

        @Branden the starter items are some.of the best items in the game. The custom menu is a non issue and obviously people will be playing worse it was a hard reset and new players always come at the beginning of a season. You must not play smite much

      4. Branden

        @Matthew Roberts The starter items are trash. The custom build isn't fully there. Kids play worse in this conquest than the last one.

      5. Matthew Roberts

        It was barely changed what are you on

    22. Eric Schlier

      Rip Ganesha credit he was a beast in the first play

      1. KSLK 17

        Cause of left click XD is too SkIlLeD

      2. ike

        ganesha never gets credit man :(

    23. mohamed sami

      That Ullr Was Savage Let's gooooo

      1. رورو الحزينن 15

        @MickeyWonders حسابك يوحش 🥺🤍؟

      2. MickeyWonders


      3. رورو الحزينن 15

        تلعب 🤭؟

    24. KrustyDaBeastTv

      I GOT IN

    25. Pit Speed

      Those videos(i mean the plays) are getting worse and worse.

      1. Matthew Roberts

        @Pit Speed again since you apparently didn't read last the first line, with movement speed being removed and the map becoming much larger. 5 second isn't that much since it's much harder to even get to other enemies now.

      2. Pit Speed

        @Matthew Roberts 5 sec is huge, idk what you are talking about.

      3. Matthew Roberts

        @Pit Speed I'm sure you get quadras all the time 😂 5 more seconds between kills isn't much. They also removed movement speed and made the map bigger making it harder to chase down and get to enemies so if anything it's just keeping it fair.

      4. Pit Speed

        @Matthew Roberts quadras and pents was hard to get when the time before each kill was 10 sec, now this time went up to like 15 sec so i casually get more quadras nowdays.

      5. Matthew Roberts

        There were like 4 quadra kills. If you're so good you get pentas all the time submit videos.

    26. Wiis 1021

      2nd top should be Top 1

    27. Dr Perry

      That was... interesting?? All of the plays were garbage tho

    28. Kyoretsunah

      The top are always because the ennemies fail, miss or do bad decision...

    29. Dahlobster XD

      Does anyone have the discord link? Every discord link i find says expired

    30. Volterian

      I was always hyped for top 5 plays even when I quit smite or barely have got back to play it a bit but I'm sorry this has turned to mediocre 5 plays. Inuki I bet you get way better entries than these. Try harder.

    31. Sencler

      The 2 first plays you just metion the adc while most of the work was done by the support. Cupid in the 2nd video was very misspositioned and his a$$ was saved by the athena who made the actual plays...

      1. мой друг

        Ikr? Just wanted to write this in comments. Supports are underappreciated again.

      2. Florian Thewes

        totally agree. without the supp the adc would die because of a bad play and bad positioning.

      3. Michael Rasmussen

        I'm not saying you're not right, but being a filthy casual it sure warms the heart to see an ADC out of position but still trying their hardest and actually engaging with the backup provided. A lot of my games are people either running around alone and dying themselves, or people running around alone, almost dying then fleeing when backup arrives resulting in teammates dying instead. Sure, it's very important to highlight the playmakers, but the simple fact that these two hunters stayed in the fight means the world to me and should also be highlighted imo.

      4. Jared Corbeil

        ik, those first 2 felt like alot more work came out of the guardians

    32. Nick Radice

      Can we please get this as a daily quest? Daily quest: win 10 games. Reward: receive a random god skin. We need more ways to get skins in this game.

      1. ReAlSeWeR10

        than i would have nearly all skins? i have 550Skins .All voicepacks,nearly every icon in the game ,and Every Emote . Overall i spend like 110Euro since s2 . get the godlike chest? thats literally a free skin get all daily logins and buy constantly the battlepass . Participate in the Free Gem Days for FWOTD . and you be gucchi .Watch Streams and Earn your Viewerpoints to buy more Skins . In 8.2 they want to release more Ways to earn Chests (like watching Ads). There is kinda alot of ways to earn skins in the game .

    33. Zero 1904

      The new map is cool, but I really miss the old one :(

      1. Zero 1904

        @Alex Stokes Yeah, that's true. But there's so many good memories on that map ;(

      2. Alex Stokes

        We had it forever, I was so sick of it

    34. PreppyChan

      Still waiting for my clip to be on the show. Not understanding why alot of these are not great. Put better clips in Inuki

      1. ReAlSeWeR10

        Alot of clips are decided By Ranked rank ,Gold difference between both teams and LvL advantage and if there is a replay for the game you showed . If youre above Diamond all your clips are recorded ,so higher level players can submit more "plays" than a casual that need someone to watch his gameplay .

    35. Camilo Pedreros

      Warriors are so cheap

    36. luke skywalker

      Maui is here ?

    37. AlexisZ

      Vamo el monomoto

    38. Martin Lino

      MonoChotoLoco vamooo

    39. Qrow

      Day 678 of waiting for my Ullr penta to win a spot over crit-hunters holding the trigger.

      1. roman

        I feel you, I put in a chronos penta a few weeks ago and it didn't make it (yet.) I'm in diamond too so kinda disappointing.

    40. Warghost

      Number 3 should have been number 1 imo

    41. Tanktopss

      imagine beads like that and appear in top five plays, I mean ullr beads for scylla dmg and apollo too

      1. Matthew Roberts

        I mean panic beads are a thing. Even pros do it so acting like that should disqualify a top play is laughable.

      2. Roman Jr

        I’m not sure if u saw apollo beads cuz he didn’t know it was just 1 that was close & ullr maybe got confused or just panicked

    42. Cubone

      please remove the announcer from the game he's a furry groomer

    43. Andrew Valdivia

      I have a play where i 1 v 4 and won how do i submit

    44. Dualities

      to be honest I see better plays in Arena on daily basis

    45. JixSaw

      I miss the old map.

    46. Dualities

      well yea a lot of darkness later...we all have to dela with this...but at the same time...they be like why so much darkness... also Hirez: dividing ranked player base in every game they make (Arena/Conquest in Smite, Strikeout/Domination in Rogue Company...). Sleeping on Clan wars, Arena players and EU players. baning community members based on fake sexual accusations. and Smite reddit and Olympians are kinda stupid too. dividing player base for years now and then now we have to deal with all these divided players... forcing players to move to NA if they wanna play on SPL. even this video is one example of a divided player base. how often do you see a play from any other game mode besides Conquest? very rarely. because they still think one has to play Conquest to be a competitive player. and that is old thinking. sure the game might be balanced around it but the balance has nothing to do with it. it the community. we are all competitive players, everyone wants to be the best that is natural. and people often mix toxicity with competitive spirit/rivalry. this is kinda also normal in other MOBA/MMORPG games. Arena and Conquest sure might be different...but they are actually quite similar.for example, in Guild Wars 2 ranked battleground isConquest but guess what no1 minds it. because there are no minion and no snowballing. but when u make your ranked scene all about this mechanic and literally forcing players who wanna be ranked players into Conquest/Joust and totally lefting arena players behind...yes now u have a problem. 50% of Smite playerbase are Arena players. u all forgetting the origins of MOBA. Conquest aka DOTA aka Defend of the Ancient was just one of 100000 community-made maps in Warcraft 3/Starcraft 2 era. back then we didn't care if it was conquest or Arna. it was just a fight of characters. idk why do they have to the divided ranked player base in every game they make. and one would think they learned this lesson already with Smite/paladins but no same story even in their newer games like Rogue Company. Also Arena aka MOBA market doesn't have much competition atm. so many people crave for good MOBBA /Arena game with a decent ranked scene. competition is also weak atm..not many true action games on the market with real juking/skill shots atm like Smite. We have such a gem in our hands. but sometimes it feels like the potential is being held back.

      1. Dualities

        @Hubert Dulat you could easily counter that strategy with lane freezing, playing aggressively and it would be easier for your team to push the siege tower in. if u are gonna far fletch it I'm gonna do it too...5 minutes of high intensive Arena game have more emotion than your 30min Conquest game, especially if u play against full cd ares ,2 op mages, and high-pressure warrior with Runic shield to counter magical and witcher to counter hunters something lmao

      2. Hubert Dulat

        Or you can sit near the fountain for 20 minutes and get a kill last minute now that's esl and spectator worthy the amount of emotions that would have is insane

      3. Dualities

        @Brad McDowell Arena is all about consistency, pressure/focus management, ticket managment, siege tower push etc...low downtime...reseting fights...coutner building like runic shield against 3 magical on a warrior or witcher to counter hunters. did u know that last 10 tickets only big minion counts or the fact that if u stand near siege tower you can push it through the portal? so if u wanna stop enemy siege tower u need to stop players.

      4. Brad McDowell

        Arena just sucks. It is all about just not dying while standing near your teams fountain. That is why I play Assault. Conquest is just boring. No real team fights anymore.

    47. boxerzay16 gaming

      When this got posted I was playing ranked joust and it was 32 min and I was sylvanus and I was destroying with my team

    48. TheKros

      bro the 3º place on,e how the fck mulan do 2 ults in a 20sec time

      1. TheKros

        @BBaggins McSwaggins nvm, u right

      2. BBaggins McSwaggins

        Wdym? There was only 1 ult, to pin down kuzenbo on the chase.

    49. Austen Berry

      Song at 1:30?

    50. ViniCLplay

      Uller should have expected Fenrir use the skill 3 to use the axe.

      1. Brad McDowell

        Still has leap

    51. Cailine

      Last time I was this fast there were only gods in smite.

      1. kieran pearson

        Never were

    52. connor santos

      That swk play is like when the henchmen in movies take turns fighting the protagonist

      1. bob fajotnugget




    54. XIII07

      Short but sweet plays, only the swk took some time :p

    55. Dandelion


    56. Cody Boyd


    57. Moez Mlika


    58. Le' Artistique