SMITE - God Reveal - Gilgamesh, King of Uruk

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    Introducing the newest god to join the battleground - Gilgamesh, King of Uruk! Available in the "King of Uruk" update in SMITE. For more details, go to
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    1. ddhnaruto272

      was hoping for more fate style lol gate of babylon

    2. Phantom GG

      Finally someone drawing gilgamesh as a chad Give the OG hero king the respect he deserves and not this stupid k/j pop star look

    3. Matt Cygnus

      Gilgamesh ..and Tiamat? What is this, an FGO spinoff?

    4. Filip Hadina

      thought it was asmongold

    5. Sargon Of Akkad

      If you don’t now Gilgamesh is a hero of Iraqi mythology 🇮🇶🇮🇶

    6. Lightweight Jive

      What a studio eh? Every time a new character is released stupid players think, “I’m so smart, I’m gonna try this as a jungler!”

    7. Diego Fernando Enriquez Chavez

      Smite? Jaja esta cosa seguía existiendo?

    8. Ali

      Sonunda bir Türk kahramanı geldi.

    9. Raivon

      Now we just need Medea and Sasaki Kojirou and we'll have a whole damn Grail War going

    10. Tobias

      Can we befriend Gilgamesh on the first turn we encounter him?

    11. DragoNoid29HD

      Is this game still good?

    12. Anarchy

      The ulti is sick and unique... but the characterization is soo different than Fate/Stay series xD

    13. Ceobe

      This doesnt look like goldie from Fate

    14. Ljilanka Sazdanovic

      Im still ower here w8 for Allah

    15. Evelynn Gaming


    16. King of the Fall.

      God of War 2 reference.

    17. SomePiesheep :/

      Saber gil is looking real good What do you mean this isn't fate go?

    18. Scat.

      Sett splashart

    19. Havis Saputra

      I think gilgamesh,,he is king of akkadian empire not uruk

      1. ItzEthan

        The Wikipedia literally says "He was likely a historical king of the Sumerian city-state of Uruk" so yeah, very unlikely for them to mess up something this big lmao

    20. Randy Williams

      “How long I’ve waited GILGAMESH FIGHTS AGAIN”!!! Gilgamesh Final Fantasy

    21. Elévation Jesus coming next then?

    22. Saman Sawhney

      Op as faaa

    23. zviadara

      this game had so much potential and it is so sad to see that there is a zero creativity or whatsoever in its new content, such a lazy work, just repeating the same formula for every god and this one doesn't even have a passive spell, wtf going around and collecting stuff? like it is some kind of tutorial and the reward is an item which can be bought...

      1. ItzEthan

        I mean every previous champ before gilgamesh was pretty unique

    24. mr freeman

      i hoped to see gates of babylonia,but its only dreams

    25. Dlxxx159

      If Gilgamesh can be in Smite, I believe Jesus should be in the game too. When that happens, im going to re-download SMITE.

      1. Dlxxx159

        @CampaignerSC heal, resurrect, forgive

      2. CampaignerSC

        Uh... what's he going to do, pour wine and let people punch him?

    26. Drakkose

      Special Ability: Lvl10 get a tripple kill using nothing but basic attacks and drop kicks, gain 500g ONCE. I have never seen such an underpowered god release ever.

    27. Drakkose

      This might be the most un-fun looking god smite has ever released. I can't imagine anyone maining him.

    28. Ferna52

      if they release enkidu I can die in peace

    29. Tim Wilson

      0/10, no Gate of Babylon spam, no Enkidu, no Ea, and most importantly, no "Zasshu" line.

    30. Luke Commins

      I Gotta wait for that Smite/Fate Crossover. We can only hope.

    31. arthur medeiros

      Sett splash art?

    32. Kargath Bladefist (WoD)

      Uruk-hai: King of Uruk? What....?!

    33. illumi nadi

      I don't play smite, but I like to watch smite's god reveals lol😄... More power to smite and its community

    34. Slychek

      Lee Sin's kick be like

    35. Đéo phải kênh

      where tf is Enuma Elish?

    36. Haruard `


    37. Slukdog cz

      He look kinda like a Sargeras from WoW before he was corrupted :D

    38. J Heil H Uerta

      A certain Archer: Throws swords and calls everyone zasshu This Gilgamesh: drop kicks

    39. Cuatro Puppy

      I would love to see Emiya Shirou next.

    40. 0HardStyle0

      DAMARU ZASHU !!!!

    41. Simply Star

      Love this god so much

    42. CometTamer

      Hmmm. Might be well worth playing him a bit. He dies look fun and could be very interesting for a possible berserker build.

    43. Ringo

      Where's the 600 swords flying at the enemies?

    44. StickyDrawz

      no Gate of Babylon ultimate? U SUCK

    45. Michael Ker

      Did Safiya name that ultimate?

    46. Martin Valencia

      Yall Need to nerf this guy,

    47. lenikai

      I'm just here because I like Gilgamesh from Fate

    48. Tim Bo

      Please make some fate skins for him. Best noble phantasm!

    49. Aries G. Raymundo

      The intro is so dope. It was so lazy, I like the other better where they made their own animation for the new God.

    50. Re Connecting

      Gilgamesh is actually trying to bring the gods together, yes!!!

    51. Hieu Nguyen

      I thought he suppose to be blonde and throw weapons away for fun

    52. CykaBlyatiful Scheisse

      Where is 'Enuma Elish'?

    53. George

      OMEGALUL dead game

    54. Æsir

      If only you could play the game. Greetings from SEA

    55. paul grant

      he ruined the game. well that and there are actual 1 shots right now. not good. lazy game design.

    56. Megan Theoneandonly

      This game has better graphics then wild rift its sef

    57. Joey Joe

      Lemme kick those minion for a moment ye

    58. KengGokuGod

      We ever gonna get Leonidas?

    59. Freddy Mintarja

      Should be Gilgamesh - King of the Big Bridge

    60. alcaphon capulong

      I wonder who would win this gilgamesh vs fate gilgamesh

    61. Mikey

      Nerf the stun duration on his kick it’s broken

    62. Godlike033

      This man is op not normal

    63. Gopala 1111

      So Gilgamesh is the national hero of iraq

    64. Gary Asuncion

      For the next update I request a Filipino legend. Lapu Lapu the Homeland Defender. I know Lapu Lapu is not a god but this game has been changing a lot

    65. Moises Martinez

      This the worst Gilgamesh where is the gate of Babylon

    66. MetalKL

      the new 5 star gilgamesh looking good

    67. RPenguin

      Omg he is doing FGO’s gilgamesh pose

    68. Dr_Wrecker

      When TF are we getting our cross over with Fate stay Night?!

    69. Maurício Torquato

      All your things are my things.

    70. NeoLifeForm

      Hope we get a fate skin, would buy instantly

    71. aHipMom

      lmao why is this character gilgamesh? what about this character's abilities say gilgamesh

    72. Khoi Nguyen

      Now we wait for Nameless

    73. 中村秋人

      No gate of babylon or enuma elish. Downvoted, unsubscribed, dropping an angry message on all your social medias.

    74. AG7292

      He needs a God Emperor Of Mankind skin. Make one for him, and I will come back to Smite.

      1. AG7292

        @Name yes

      2. Name


    75. James Corral

      No gate of babylon, that ain't gilgamesh HAHAHAHAH

    76. Carson B

      Basic bitch comment here but fate gil skin when

    77. Nebulast


    78. Chris Pine

      It's about time I started playing this game.

    79. desharkGR

      A tyrant in an epic quest for immortality,gathering gods against Tiamat. Has a skill named "Drop kick"

    80. Armin Akuma

      Why isn't he blonde?

    81. Alter

      I was expecting him to yell "mongrel" everytime he dropped kicked someone

      1. Alter

        I watched to much of the fate series

    82. The Eternal

      No zasshu 😂😂😂😂

    83. Joel Corriveau

      So his 3rd skill is better than Belona's ult


      good design but his beard is too slippery ,it needs some density and stiffness to it 🤓👽

    85. CesarChan :v

      It is cool.... but where's JESUS? >:U

      1. Human Girl

        He is never coming.

    86. Felix Tarbuk

      who tf plays smite

    87. Jacen

      So... Enuma Elish?

    88. kionlalala

      hey! gate of babylon doko?

    89. Doctor Brydin


    90. FlippeR FlappeR

      He still holding back, he didnt even throw his treasures at you.

    91. Paulo Azuela

      Now I need Saber Gil 😂

    92. British Blue Neko Chan

      He maybe all mighty and everything, but still got dabbed by a snake.

    93. Random yt user

      so you gave him odin ult, got it

    94. Luke B.

      Alright now fix Loki.

    95. Primitive Pestilence

      This god gonna make people turn into that stupid dmbrandon guy

    96. Primitive Pestilence

      New god + Odin + jorm + olorun + he bo = reported


      But his whole arc in the Epic is literally him just learning that immortality was a pointless endeavour and to accept his own mortality...

    98. PeanutZ02

      No gate of babylon ;-;

    99. Abe Kasper

      better odin?

    100. iam2sick4you