SMITE - Update Highlights - Goddess of the Salt Sea

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    The Goddess of the Salt Sea Update is here! Including the newest god Tiamat, Voodoo Rock Baron Samedi, Chichen Pizza Xbalanque, Arachnoid Arachne and more!
    For details, check out the patch notes here:
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Mutlu Karaağaç

      Worst voice acting i have ever seen 😆 taimat voice is pretty strange

    2. Mike Groen

      how do you get unbanned from twitch chat

    3. Gilvan

      Revert loki

    4. Darknraul

      If only Sony would allow cross progression, any idea if that will ever be a thing 🤔

    5. jaqueline

      smite lixo nao bami hack

    6. jaqueline

      smite e un lixo so tem hack nao toms bam

    7. Karu 14

      Add philippine myths please you could use bakunawa first the moon eater

    8. mask gamer

      Rip cthululu

    9. Moonlight Reaper

      Fix your severs no one cares about your garbage skins

    10. upset banana

      my game crash 10 times

    11. Sophocles D.

      I did not expect that khepri skin

    12. No Shade

      Where tf is my 2021 Season pass items?! I STILL dont have them

      1. MuraMuri

        I mean, why did you even buy that in the first place. the money does not go back into smite at all.

    13. Christopher Proietti

      Literally forgot about Odin. Haven’t seen him played in months

    14. CaptainMonkeyTV

      Can you guys make a Daft Punk skin bundle pack please?

    15. Doc

      Soul king samedi

    16. Spurs4Life

      Did they make the lane camps not heal HP any more? I was playing duo today and they didnt heal me when they were supposed to. Did i miss something?

      1. Cybek 22

        @No Shade worth a guess lol

      2. No Shade

        @Cybek 22 thats not what they are talking about

      3. No Shade

        You have the kill them now i think, idrk but they changed the way they work, but they steal heal you.

      4. Cybek 22

        They nerfed out of God combat healing [When not fighting an enemy god] by around 30% last it was mentioned

    17. Melancholy

      Everyone's complaining about server crashing Tiamat: * Still reshaping the Smite Realm in her own image*

      1. Cybek 22

        @Melancholy sassy dragon lady

      2. Melancholy

        @Cybek 22 Hahahaha you know... The mother of primordial chaos, creation and salt sea is one big of a diva (goddess)

      3. Cybek 22

        Required additional tweaking for her to show them what a true God looks like

    18. Arthur Chai

      Why I have season pass 2021 but game don’t unlock limited skins

    19. Riccardo Tremori

      Before this update I had almost 300000 viewers points and when I started the game today, after hours of maintenance, and see all the new stuff in the viewer store I saw that I only had 75000 VP and the Odin skin that I'd have liked to buy, with a possible Hercules skin, was gone, thanks hirez to be so clear, good job...

      1. Riccardo Tremori

        @minion ignorance if it was just me, I'm sure that they announced it but they announced in not a good way since my friends and I have lost all our VP and I bet others people too

      2. minion

        They announced it many times on many platforms and in game ur ignorance is the problem

    20. Jon B.

      the arachne and khepri skins were dope. definitely want them

    21. Cubone

      you need to increase the lenght of these videos you could atleast show off the skins using their abilities or smth

    22. Barrikz

      That khepri skin............... Only a creator could love it

    23. Lady Rebellium


    24. Surper Durper

      Bro yall keep making new skins for characters that already have like 20 skins. Make some for the new characters instead of the shitty old ones

    25. Nathan Mendelsohn

      Forever waiting for a new Awilix skin

    26. Shade's Insane Chamber


    27. Cjames 79

      That khepri skin is pretty cursed

    28. felipe tapia ugalde

      Actually hate the trash servers mfg :D

    29. mau Marius

      Fix the game issue i think is better then skins !

    30. Quit bein silly

      Why does Tiamat sound like a dude but is a goddess

      1. Quit bein silly

        @No Shade I’m thinking she’s gonna have a more terra’s type voice tf

      2. No Shade

        @Quit bein silly shes a primordial dragon you think shes going to have the voice of a princess or something tf

      3. dragontyron

        because she's a giant dragon thing

      4. Quit bein silly

        @Neko Baka yeah I heard it before but it’s so weird.

      5. Neko Baka

        Actually if you look pass the deep voice you’ll hear it

    31. Curtis Smithgall

      A goddess so powerful that the smite servers come crashing down with her

    32. ChaosMatri x

      Poor abandoned Tyr

    33. Dank_Souls

      i couldve gone 70 lifetimes without seeing that khepri skin

    34. Shunsui Uchiha

      @rico the giant

    35. Jacob Batterson

      All things aside, you guys REALLY gotta do something about the servers. Every release is a disaster and it's one of SMITE's greatest downfalls.

      1. MuraMuri

        if it would only be on patch releases. but it's also happening outside of those

    36. Leonardo Alves

      Ok but when it comes out?

      1. muntu1221

        Pretty sure today

    37. Fuckboi_Factory

      Who else got stuck in god selection?

    38. alkazuly mustafa

      When is Gilgamesh released?

      1. No Shade

        April, stop being impatient, you just got an update, be happy with it please.

      2. Cybek 22

        @D2k-Vii I've heard April from the devs last they spoke about it in the streams. I think. Other USfilmrs say the same thing

      3. D2k-Vii

        He arrives on the 8.4 patch. I believe it might be around April

    39. Kevin Sun

      Is anyone gonna talk about how great some of the new skins and Tiamat look? lol

    40. TheSilverOrn

      A goddess of salt in a MOBA game... what do we do against such overpowered force?

      1. Madmicro 15


    41. Dualities

      If this game would have a Ranked Arena scene, more ways to earn cosmetics by playing the game, clan rewards and old game mode in the match of the day rotation (3v3v3, capture the flag, Mario cart...) on weekends it would be one of the best games ever. true action game with one of the best communication system in gaming voice commands aka VGS voice-guided system

      1. Dualities

        @No Shade man it would be so fun and competitive. And no more Conquewt mains makin fun of us. We could finally show them whst we are made of

      2. No Shade

        @Dualities I would love ranked arena, no more dealing with noobs and idiots who rage and leave the game when you make a tiny mistake

      3. Dualities

        @xXRemyXx yes

      4. xXRemyXx

        Ranked arena? LOL

    42. EzCome EzGo

      0:56 what is this abomination

      1. Cybek 22

        The state of the servers [on release day] given form

    43. King Blast

      Wheres the maintainence highlights? :(

    44. Onyx Oblivion

      Also included, SPL roster leaks

      1. dragontyron

        thank u Hinduman

      2. друг

        Wait what

    45. Dynasty of Dragons

      Hi-Rez Be Like: "It's a Khepri, but furry!"

    46. Hi2you

      Khepri skins the best thing

    47. Brawler- Chan

      Please give my man hachiman a buff

      1. Hokuto2x

        True he is my fav hunter and seems fodder to all the rest

    48. FruFru

      Why does she cost 11k favour or 200 gems, but every other god costs half as much? Is it just cause she's new and then her price will go down to normal soon?

      1. Cybek 22

        @FruFru just wait it out. They may change her with buffs or nerfs depending in the coming week or 2. See community feedback and all that

      2. FruFru

        @Aman Bhardwaj ok, thanks. Sad that I saved by 6k favour, only to need 5k more

      3. Aman Bhardwaj

        Yes, wait for 2-3 weeks her price will become same as other gods

    49. king kai

      Update does damage nothing new

    50. Lmacncheese

      I wish mulan would get a good skin

    51. DragonSlayer0135 Asd

      Get your trash servers fixed

    52. Flint Pet

      I really like the message behind the Kephri skin Good job

    53. Novad selir

      Tiamet looks interesting but me a Cthulhu are still trying to tank the world.

    54. Diigital Dj

      Paid for the season pass. Can't even use it's contents. Thanks low rez. First god of season 8, and already messed it up

      1. Diigital Dj

        @MuraMuri sorry. Its pretty common knowledge to assume something is fixed when they start selling it in the game.

      2. MuraMuri

        maybe start voting with your money and not buy crap until they fix their game?

    55. Gengosyma

      Voodoo Rock... That's my Skin!

    56. tenroy6

      Can we have 2 weeks without maintenance please? :/ I just wanna play. Otherwise do it on non-peak hours at night ET as it should always be, its getting rediculious. Anyway otherwise good job on the patches

      1. No Shade

        ignorance is bliss i guess They have to maintain them or the entire game with crash due to overloading, how is this not obvious, they cant just not maintain their game it would break all the match servers.

      2. Isaac Austin

        There was a bug when the season first dropped that returned the queue times back to old way it used to be which I absolutely loved and even allowed you to see not who they were picking but see the names of the enemy players.....but of course that was removed immediately ...

    57. Honest Rodriguez

      Can someone explain to me what the nerf did to king Arthur

      1. Matt Hurt

        He can’t apply manikins and those auto attack based items no more

    58. boi Dankatron _

      So I I bought the season 2021 pass and I’m not getting any of the drops

      1. Magical arts

        Same ive closed my game multiple times and it still hasnt shown up

    59. Mauri Sosa Salcedo

      wtf whyu odin buff??

    60. Kuro Saki

      SERVERS .. nerf

    61. John Dripper

      why tiamat back animation is same as kukulkan :/ and why does she looks like she is about to poop when she uses her ult to summon her minions lol

      1. No Shade

        theres no possible way her rig and model could use the same animations as kuku, she doesnt. also LMAO she kinda does look like shes taking a dump

      2. Daigusto Emeral

        Taco bell would do the same thing 🤣

    62. But First He Lit it on Fire

      Just playing around with Tiamat in jungle practice, and I have a question: Does damage mitigation stack? I wanna combine her scales with items that have their own various damage reductions. I’m currently getting basic attacks from the practice Guan Yu to hit me at “5” damage a blow.

      1. dragontyron

        True Armor stacks additively, yes. Tiamat can hit around 86% iirc

      2. FreeMe123Go !

        Im pretty sure it does, things like this have already been tried with Osiris. Spirit Robe is one of his best defensive options.

    63. Oscar Andres Barrios Ramirez

      Wtf are those ugly skins...

    64. Evan Coburn

      That Khepri skin is gonna haunt my dreams for the next couple months, I just know it.

      1. MR RUFFLES

        I can’t wait to slam that kephri skin with anhur against the wall

      2. Jacob Batterson

        The concept was amazing, the execution was disastrous.

      3. Yani Che

        @Flint Pet ba dum tss

      4. Sir Gwan

        It's like a sabertooth cat with a crab claw and multiple horse legs with Heimdallr's horn on his backside

      5. ZeG Lues

        My only thought was look how they massacred my boy

    65. Steve Bolduc

      You forgot to mention laggy servers

      1. one one

        That's a Feature too.

    66. reborn cake

      spider khepri

    67. All Might

      fix season pass 2021

    68. Praw Or


    69. Willow

      Odin buff? Hm.... Well the new presentation for the update is good

    70. sebastian

      Susano buff

    71. Renato Arévalo

      oye no sirve....

    72. Jonas Santos

      Ayo bring back the Avatar skins

    73. Ian Slater

      So.... I bought the season pass and like, it’s not giving me Tiamat and her stuff. Will this be resolved? I spent money on this game....

      1. Flint Pet

        Well as we learned from myth that a fault xD

      2. Noail Jameel

        A lot of people are having that problem

      3. Deathly Worm

        Guess we'll have to wait

    74. Emerald Splash

      That Mulan skin fire

    75. Deathly Worm

      Bought the bundle which It came with the grand mage skin for Anubis and didn't get tiamat

      1. Deathly Worm

        @Kruse the one you've bought give you every god released and the ones that will launch, our bundle only works for the gods launched in 2021

      2. Kruse

        @Diigital Dj I didn't buy the bundle and still got it. Because you have to buy the thing where you get every god and upcoming gods

      3. Diigital Dj

        I still havent got the items either

      4. Marvin Mittelstedt

        U get it the next day its just Release day its allways happens and never gettin Patched ...

      5. Kruse

        I think you would have to buy that thing where you get all the gods and upcoming gods. nvm I guess its a glitch

    76. James Obermeyer

      Is mulans new skin voice the same as Korras?

      1. Qrow Branwen

        No I think is hirez Tina who voice her (btw I hate every time Tina is the voice of a new skin)

      2. Noail Jameel

        I don’t think so cause korras voice actor was the person who actually plays Korra lol

    77. chaker

      tiamat is the a king arthur mage

    78. Artic Nemesis

      a odin, cern buff? that is very questionable. to be honest i thought those two were in a very nice spot. you give them to a above average to very good players and they can hold their own.

      1. Erwan Lajoie

        @dragontyron for cern it's obviously good since amc buff Rama buff..... And the burst characters like cupid who are really strong now

      2. dragontyron

        Odin needed it for sure, I personally feel uncomfortable about the Cern buff because it's reverting a _very important nerf_ they made to him ages ago.

      3. Vinícius Vyller

        No, Odin has been in a though spot since the rework. His 3 being highly interruptible make him waste mana and an easy target.

      4. Erwan Lajoie

        They were not. Like Odin can be interrupted very easily and only his ult and shield cooldown make him trade in solo

    79. Udeyfa Sidikolou

      Server down damit

    80. Wired Vox Gaming

      Servers down/Degraded, wanted a quick play before work.... 🤦🏻

      1. Wired Vox Gaming

        Damn, so bug fest as usual on new patch? At least from what I've seen, Tiamat is not "that" broken, as like the last 3 I think new gods when they arrived 🤷

      2. Fuckboi_Factory

        I couldn't get past god selection

    81. lolwhatever

      Actually skipped baba yaga buff. Big WeirdChamp

      1. jaqueline

        smite is hack

      2. Light Fox

        Did they remove daily rewords

      3. Darius Kuns

        @Qrow Branwen BASIC ATTACKS Jormungandr’s basic attacks can no longer be reduced by items that have flat damage reduction IMMOVABLE Decreased damage taken debuff from 15% to 10%

      4. Ryan Miech

        @Qrow Branwen some of her wind up times were decreased

      5. Qrow Branwen

        @Darius Kuns What was buff?

    82. Backup Sock

      Please tell me maintenance is gone

      1. lolwhatever

        @Mask Gaming yeah, its actually up but with a login que. My bad

      2. Mask Gaming

        @lolwhatever for me it is

      3. lolwhatever

        Not yet sir