SMITE - Update Show VOD - King of Uruk

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    Join the devs for the latest update in SMITE - King of Uruk! For more info, find the update notes here:
    #SMITE​ #UpdateShow​ #KingofUruk
    0:00 - 9:32 Countdown Timer
    9:33 - 32:30 Art Show with EnaBuns
    32:31 - 52:10 Oh! My God with TitanTina
    52:11 - 1:05:51 9 Years of SMITE by WhiskyWyrm
    1:05:52 - 1:08:43 Hey Zeus!
    1:08:44 Update Show - Bonus Balance & Skins
    1:50:28 Update Show - Conquest Map Update
    2:02:33 Update Show - New God: Gilgamesh

    Published on Month ago


    1. Azeezuddin Aluqdah

      Stop spending money on smite they need to update game engine

    2. 0 Raïgo

      And buff da ji maybe??? A 43% winrate need a buff don t you????

    3. Melissa Susko

      Are clans ever coming back? :(

      1. Gilgamesh

        They returned in patch 8.4 but not fully

    4. A l i jP

      This king is the Uruk civilization in Babylon, now Iraq, Mesopotamia

    5. paul grant

      game is a bad way right now. damage is just simply too high. seems to be the thing in all mobas at the mo but its so skill less and unfun.

    6. Ender lord Mac

      I need an aquatic skin for this guy now!!!! Aquatic Conquerer Gilgamesh

    7. Mr Dred

      That new Medusa Skin! 😍😍😍❤️

    8. CarabTarps

      No love for cu chulainn mains... 😔

    9. Elijah Collins

      The thorn walls idkkkk they’re doing to much

    10. Maxwell

      Thank you, my Titans. Really can't take much more of this.

    11. Maxwell

      //Granted. Whatever it does.

    12. Maxwell

      My arms are bigger.

    13. Comics AUniversalAlliance

      Don't get me wrong. I like Cupcake but where the F is Isiah?

    14. Justin Smith

      nerf athena ?

    15. Snifful Squack

      lol thats not a living map noobs if the vines dont smack back and deal dmg. i wanna see vines smacking for 50 dmg and securing kills.

    16. Zero Genesis

      All those weebs in the comments lmfao

    17. Afro Shuyoo

      What's the name of this song from 59:18 - 1:00:11 ?

    18. Dirty Shmee

      So build full health and protection with animosity and you become NOT unfair to fight, very balanced, very nice. His 1 is buffed off of his max health and his 3 benefits off of a max protection for lifesteal in his beacon. Animosity and his 1 equate to like 300 per basic attack lmfao (if not higher). Build animosity, gauntlet, and stone of G, and cap out protections further with sledge as well as mantle and you're looking like an unkillable raid boss. Very nice, very balanced, ill be chilling in ranked til after the massive nerfs 👌

    19. SakonX

      He's broken already. Need to nerf that knock back, stun and his jump buff. I can see this guy already being broken and probably built in a way where he will be practically unkillable

    20. JVY RVRE

      Support gilgamesh too💪🏾💪🏾

    21. Raiden TV

      What is in the next viewer store rotation?

    22. hello hello

      Could you get more great old ones? Those are awesome

      1. hello hello

        Im just trying to say there are various old ones that might be good in halloween maybe

      2. hello hello

        I was joking

    23. Dio Brando

      Might get some of that groovy chest. Tho I don't play either of them..

    24. Devin Alayon

      Neith?.. Really?..

    25. Napoleon Bonapathy

      Flat Earth Nox Skin.

    26. Napoleon Bonapathy

      Smite is a freemasonic entreprise.

    27. Denis Volin

      So, Odin, Terra, Gilgamesh, Hades and Kuku will basically be an end game slaughter machine. Cool. Can't wait to get owned.

    28. Poke Ledian

      Lmao, after Ajax wrestler comment, I need to see Luchador skin for Gilgamesh, even a skin line. Bacchus and Cthulhu would be cool, even characters like Athena or Mercury, Osiris etc. Would be funny getting into a match and everyone just body slamming each other and throwing chairs 😂

    29. P3ppermints

      He’s so tiiny

    30. Royalty Allen

      Where's Enuma Elish???

    31. Mario Fedor

      I need retro loki skin back! Please

    32. IHaveNoChips

      Tina is bae .

    33. x Rinnegan

      I feel like Sobek got nerfed , HE FEELS WEIRD !!!!!!!

    34. KrazyBulbasaur

      seems like a worthless passive

    35. Imsile


    36. Fran Garcés

      gilgamesh is so detailed im pretty impressed

    37. Greg

      Fix ur broken lvling system. I've been 10-0 wit their pheonix destroyed and they on lvl.....then I've been the reverse and 4 lvls consistency

    38. Skyeletta Ramona

      1:38:15 why someone moanin tho

      1. Skyeletta Ramona

        if u like more observations like this i stream on twitch @skyeletta

    39. コールドCold:

      Can you fix the servers as well with this update so I can stop losing games for no reason

    40. lopez 2099

      I smell animosity build

    41. Felix Strauss


    42. Cj D

      HYBRID jungle glug glug glug glug

    43. João Pinto

      Can't wait for Gilgamesh-O Man Randy Savage

    44. smite

      Hi Rez is on a roll. 🔥

    45. litledevel15

      This Titancupcake chick is SUPER boring. Please get rid of her

    46. theassassin12799

      There has to be a FATE collab now

    47. Myth Master

      Bro she sounds like a teacher calling on students to read a paragraph of a story. WHY ARE THEY SO AWKWARD

    48. Wiktor Kitowski

      I just want to say "Thanks" for improving SMITE this way. 👌👑

    49. Shizamza

      Gilgamesh Terra and Hercules duking it out in the ring with their wrestler skins. Get this man a freaking Bonesaw skin ASAP❤️❤️❤️

    50. Nope


    51. oopsy444

      oh I cant wait to play Gilga MESH U UP!!!

    52. Nouamma

      Neat kit vvgn!

    53. EvilM0nkeyRules

      Every single Bachus in game dominates and destroys the enemy. Hirez: "Yeah we're gonna buff him"

      1. Erwan Lajoie

        @EvilM0nkeyRules its not ur just good against it .

      2. EvilM0nkeyRules

        @Kenya Procope yeah he does. Bachus is pretty op

      3. Kenya Procope

        I don't know what games you've been playing in but bacchus doesn't destroy anyone lol.

    54. A Jade Rabbit

      Can't wait to jump out of the jungle and drop kick the mid into tower

    55. ABYSS

      Pretty disappointed, thought we were getting another stance switching warrior. However, still excited to play him

    56. Zach Garnes

      Change Mulan 3

    57. Alex Lopez

      Those vines are going to be the worst thing to ever enter this game. Great patch awesome god reveal ruined by an awful change to the map

    58. smite

      I just want time stamps.

    59. chris tayloe

      Kinda sad no refrence to the chains of heaven

    60. SatorGrin

      Can we buff Tiamat's damage and or scaling to specifically shred tanks. Damage by health and protection value. She behaves as a guardian, not as a mage.

    61. krWASD

      i feel so bad for some old gods passive as new ones got better and better medusa no moving penalty is for example joke

    62. Eric Orris

      Soo cool seeing the God releases, it reminded me what year I started playing

    63. Austin Glover

      Real show starts at 1:14:06 for those who don’t wanna watch there stupid bullshit for an hour

    64. Eric Orris

      Titancupcake looking good on the update show. 😇

    65. Ases

      New god : 02:05:30

    66. Furi S Poi

      A build I think he'll do well with Manakin scepter (if not Animosity) Animosity (if not Manakin) Stone of Gaia Frostbound Hammer Breastplate of Valor Pestilence The Sledge (Atleast this is what I'd use)

      1. Rasik Garvey

        get gaia,berserkers,frostbound,animosity,toxic blade,mantle

    67. DjOnD0pe

      this God actually seems fun to me last time I was excited was barron

    68. Abhay V

      1:02:24 Horus and Set - Ancient Egypt's Godzilla vs Kong

    69. Cherudon

      I'm loyal to horus sorry

    70. Razor Dragon

      Any chance pts for console has been fixed?

    71. Liveframe91

      His one is literally a throw off of animosity. Which can be built on him..with frost bound mind you.

    72. Celestial Dragon

      I can't wait to be minding my own business in jungle and get drop kicked into fire giant by gilgamesh

    73. Torb Main

      Bring back the old map design.

    74. Luis Henrique


    75. smile for me

      Wonder if ppl will build him 40% cooldowns or attack speed build for fire 🔥 sword ability 🤔🤔🤔 he looks fun play with first middle east god 😃

    76. Pavel Damyanov

      This cupcake dev is so awful, why have someone so cringe on screen that brings nothing to the table

    77. LinkMaster

      This Sabre Gil is not as cool as archer Gil

    78. Gerard Beukes

      Oh my word the Ares ice skin card art

      1. Gilgamesh

        @smile for me you mean drugur

      2. smile for me

        Lol that ares skin is funny remind me last god of war game ice skeleton enemies 🤣🤣🤣

    79. Gábor Kovács

      Omnipotence guan is gone 🥺😢


      They really gonna let a god start the match with a completed qin sais as an item along with him being 500 gold ahead at level 5 wtf

      1. JD

        @Kenya Procope He means that it's build into his kit. Even though it's not a qins more animosity. Instead of doing % DMG of the opponent's HP, it does 3.5%(Not entirely sure what the exact % is) of Gilgamesh's HP.

      2. Kenya Procope

        He's a warrior why would he have quins sais

    81. Omar Atif

      Not again with the dark themed map pls.

    82. Corey Kuehl

      They take off crit chance to starting items and everyone loves the change. Then they add 5% crit back into the game on early items!??? These people are clueless

    83. Rheiner Hiss

      Not looking forward to Gilgamesh. If you’re Zeus, Janus, Anubis, or some other no-mobility god, you’re dead after being jumped on then instantly kicked across the map into his team very very easily with no warning to beads out...

    84. bdht 06

      ANOTHER ZEUS SKIN !!!!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    85. Lil Sooub

      jungle walls are dumb

    86. Levyathyn

      Medusa skin 🙏

    87. Ricky Castro

      The Gilgamesh+Heimdallr combo! I could just picture all the baseball references. A sign of a potential baseball skin for Gilgamesh?

    88. Mickeal Grey

      Gilgamesh health build with animosity and 1 is gonna hit harder than my dad's belt

      1. Gilgamesh

        Way harder

    89. *_MrSpanky_*

      Are they playing the guitar part of 'suddenly I see'? Sounds like it lol

    90. *_MrSpanky_*

      Hercules 2.0

    91. Red_Froot_Loop22

      His 2 better scale with the stun or that obscured and he is way to op in supp or jung

    92. Yayo De La Cruz

      i want Godzilla on smite 🔥

    93. joseph harry

      Fix older gods now :D

    94. Abel Nyhteshade

      Want quality of life how bout you disable crossplay

    95. Olenhol

      Send off your f tech support to work, Im still waiting for a reply... 47 days and counting!

    96. tzuyu

      aphrodite nerf what the

    97. Abraham Jaimes


    98. Duduzinho


    99. Animez4u

      Alot 1v1s bout to happen in that dome of death!

    100. icallmyselfgino

      I bought all the chapters from talons of tyranny. Now I'm just waiting 😛 omg nox is my main and we got a skin of her omg so awesome.