SMITE - Top 5 Plays - 247 (Season 8 Premiere)

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    Published on Month ago


    1. kristoffer björkman

      I love smite and I love your top 5 plays. But many of The plays arent even top 5 worthy now days. :/

    2. 水

      achei podre

    3. Tony Caniglia

      Is top 5 plays over

    4. Jamie Poulsen

      I wanna submit my arena play:((

    5. Demonic Dimsom

      #1 was weak AF

    6. mickytea81

      I see a lot of panicking made out to be purposeful plays :-)

    7. Jeremy Storms

      High quality production. Low quality "plays" xD

    8. Zero 1904

      Plot twist: Athena was slained by the minions after that spectacular play xD

    9. Stan V. Aspert

      This man doesnt know the English translation for Tepelman is 'Nippelman'

    10. Diego Alarcon Vite

      That last play was all Athena

    11. Yomokha

      that khepri player on joust oughta win his own top 5 plays; man played that almost perfectly

    12. JustDutch123

      Only a few can get the awesome name of Tepelman (Nippleman)

    13. arriba españa


    14. Joshua Glover

      I felt that sobek pluck in my soul

    15. Centrifeudal

      Honestly the joust one in #3 had some really good plays on both sides. Using the Khepri ult to cleanse, the intentional side glance on Baron ult so no one else could take the hit, the last second dash out of the Yemoja ult. Both sides played well there imho

    16. Rickonade

      Where do I find my ‘Player ID’ on Playstation to submit my play?

      1. Centrifeudal

        It's going to be in your profile settings. I believe under account you can find your player id

    17. Bouré

      That scylla and ullr plays

    18. oopsy444

      That cupid play should've been #1 imo

    19. Mafate18


    20. Miceman

      3:44 literally

    21. B. K.

      Manikins scepter deserved place 5

    22. paul grant

      game is in such a bad place right now. cant even finish a game anymore.

    23. johnny boy

      My Baby/My Heart Bellona♥️♥️🥰🥰💖💖and My Baby Athena!!😘😘😍😍

    24. Ashley Browning

      That Scylla and ullr play was just a mess, struggling to see how this is good enough?

    25. Gianni Posos

      Nah bro, that Cupid/sobek play was def the best play there

    26. Alexis Ruiz

      That Bell was like owning mad everything 4 on her ult that was sick

    27. RealStonee

      ese es mi pana el pulcrost mi primo joder

    28. khabar rob

      Yooo Cupid tho hahahaah

    29. Calles

      I love these intros

    30. Isaac Gualotuña

      Y el play de panitom con set cogiendose a medio mundo :(

    31. Mike Ward

      I think they Cupid and Sobek play was better than the Anhur and Athena play to be honest

      1. Indo101

        your opinion

      2. BlueSupreme


    32. Volterian

      Last video was the first really good one in a while this one is just okay (still better than awful) but it could be way better.

      1. Indo101

        people have more than one opinion y'know

      2. kieran pearson

        Other way around

    33. Marek Weremko

      That cupid was dope

    34. Matheus Branco

      hahaha osiris did nothing wtf

      1. Dist Raction

        @Centrifeudal yeah, he played it perfectly, but it looks like he just stands there auto-attacking... which, I mean, he kind of did

      2. Centrifeudal

        He survived a gank pre-level 5 against a level 5 jungle with less than half hp AND walked out with a kill and an assist. What do you mean?

      3. kieran pearson

        Uh yes he did

    35. yes yes yes yes

      I wil respect that #1 play, both anhur and athena were incredibly ballsy

      1. Berdii

        @Zyx nice job davor

      2. yes yes yes yes

        @Zyx honestly great thinking

      3. Zyx

        We were in comms duoqing and i just thought "aight, I'm dead if i jump away, rama has dash he will follow up, so i'll jump in place..." , Tepel followed, and things happened xD

    36. Levyathyn

      Some good place to start with this season. I'm glad to see some more deep, complicated plays that looks slick and don't rely on a single interaction, like that #2. And I'm always happy to see Athena.

    37. Dualities

      I see better plays in EU Arena on daily basic

      1. Dist Raction

        @Dualities oh, you're one of _those_ people. Might I remind you there used to be Ranked Arena? They removed it. Remember why? Because people found the meta: picking characters like Ra and clearing minion waves from inside fountain all game long. Arena is for fast-paced fun. Sure, there's some tech, but nothing you can't master after a game or two. It's not a tactical or strategic game mode, nor is it meant to be. It's a slap-fest. Sure, you can get good at slap-fests, learn a few tricks here and there, but it's still a slap-fest-and it will never be comparable to a game of chess.

      2. Mauri Sosa Salcedo

        @Killua Zoldyck i was in top 5 plays also back in 2017 and im silver, you dont need to be good for it..

      3. Absolute Radiance

        @Dualities im not going to read an entire parragraph about a random dude thats so delusional that thinks that arena is as competitive as conquest, like, its just factually wrong. But i guesd arena players want to think that they are good

      4. Dualities

        @ParagonCS for 1 week or do they need ti literally live there?

      5. Dualities

        @Absolute Radiance yes it does. for years now. so what if Conquest is the main game mode..this isn't even a balancing issue. this is not about how they balance the game. this is a community issue. "casul gamemode", "mindless gamemode"...comign from folk who don't understand Arena at all. when they only give Conquest players ranked mode they told everyone Arena isn't competitive and that one has to play Conquest in order to be competitive in Smite. which is total bs. yeah, u don't know much about Arena do you. lmao afcors u cant. but that's not even the level I'm talking about. I'm talking 2 teams given their all and having fun, counter building, resetting fights, focus/pressure management, siege tower push, even fckign invades, ticket management... when 2 team trying to come on top of each other...when only 10 tickets remain on booth such matches can be a blast. or little things like the last 10 tickets only bi minion counts or if u stand near the siege tower u can push it through the portal and even trough minions. it is a simple but deep game mode just like every other gamemode out there. like rotations in Conquest, like fighting for mid on Clash so u can soak experience from booth lanes... and yes Hirez has been dividing Smite ranekd playerbase for years now... there ar such a good players out there that don't even have a chance to prove themselves. u don't even udnestand arena love. fighting on even playing field and giving your all. I have been playing Smite for 8 year and I have been diamond in 3 different gem does soo what? no1 cares. I don't hate Conquest, I hate the genius who decided to force all Smite players who wanna be ranked in Smite into Conquest /joust. Just because u sux at Arena that doesn't mean some don't take it seriously. some take it even more sereusly than Conquest. Why? because there is no number bullshit, it is even playing field and focus on constant PvP action. not some boring walking and npc jungle simulator.

    38. anthony lluberes

      When a good ullr and Scylla player are in sync and can’t miss it’s over

    39. EC. George

      As a suppord main, I wish all my adcs were like that Cupid. Such a hype play

      1. GoodGuy Guan

        Also yeah it would be nice if carries realized they can take a shot or two so the tank doesn't die instead of thinking we're expendable

      2. GoodGuy Guan

        @Casey Nivans stop trying to give everyone a participation award lol he was just pointing out that it wasn't as epic as it was hyped up to be because the enemy team was being super passive despite having the advantage. Imagine swallowing any greasy load someone puts down your throat just because you don't want to hurt their feelings. You're the reason the game is full of feeders and afk f6ers

      3. Shyshy Giovanni

        That ymir was lik3 omg NONONONONO PLS LEMME ULT lmfao

      4. Falcio ValMond

        What was really good out of that play was the timing/positioning of the cupid ult and apollo's use of minions to bodyblock.

      5. Falcio ValMond

        @Casey Nivans im not taking away from the accomplishments really. I just dont think it deserved no.2 spot when again; the enemy support watched at full hp. Apollo waited for kali to int and die before going in. Could be no.4 instead of no.2. Is it a cool play, for sure. But not no.2 material.

    40. Shmexer Meister

      Top plays? This is just random plays. Scammmmmer chanel

      1. Metal Junkie

        @Indo101 nobody cares

      2. Indo101

        If you peeps don't stop with the nonsense, I've seen arguments sore losers complainments you name it... so I'm not in the mood for this

      3. Shmexer Meister

        @DarwinLeBeast XD

      4. DarwinLeBeast

        You don't see plays like this on a daily...

    41. kadra omar

      To bad

    42. Nuno Pereira

      the Scylla play.. it was a play??

    43. Marcus Aurelius

      Athena with the large cahones play. Great job.

    44. Daniil Ursu

      That Sobek and Cupid amasing!

    45. desmond walton

      Play 3 was the hottest because it involved more planning, execution,and work

    46. der UwU


    47. Alex JV

      Shut down the vault full of those “limited skins” I would’ve never bothered getting any of them if they were a new form of unlimited, where is that refund option

      1. Matthew Roberts

        Every limited skin becomes available again later on. You new or something?

      2. MrHandsomeboynow


    48. i4ME 3