SMITE - God Reveal - Tiamat, Goddess of the Salt Sea

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    Introducing the newest god to join the battleground - Tiamat, Goddess of the Salt Sea! Available in the "Goddess of the Salt Sea" update in SMITE. For more details, go to
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Rhey Ohriele Go

      Tiamat might be SALTY but she will always be best waifu goddess who fought ritsuko and his servant mashu kyrielight.

    2. Charles abran-coté

      I'm a League player but I ended up watching those God reveals all night. It seems like a nice game

    3. Mohsin Atta

      What about Bahmut?

    4. Rapslee Maneaw

      Wait how come tia mat is small where jormungundr is big like maybe she could idk like as big as Half a turret or something

    5. Nathaniel Philippe Aquino

      I am still mixing up singin waifu Tiamat, and Big Boss Dragon Lady Tiamat. 😂😂😂😂

    6. Moises Martinez

      Fate tiamet is better

    7. Lilith, First Wife of Adam

      In this, Tiamat looks like The Beast of the World. In where I am, they make Tiamat have 4 pairs of breasts.

    8. Allgamer115

      Bruh where is her 5 heads??

    9. hawthornedrive

      death begets life like sight begets strength, and tiamat gathers hardened scales. both just like Yagorath in Paladins. creativity 100.

    10. vinicius evangelista

      Is Tiamat the same size of Odin? wtf

      1. vinicius evangelista

        Also he looks less powerfull then they told by his skills

    11. HeroK

      Then a out-of-time human kid walks up to you and asks you join his harem 💀

    12. Nicholas Lienandjaja

      Would like to see a Godzilla/MonsterVerse Battle Pass in the future. My guess: Sobek: Godzilla Jing Wei: Mothra Thor: King Kong (Mjollnir replaced with axe) Serqet: Mechagodzilla Kuzenbo: Anguirus Camazotz: Rodan Tiamat: King Ghidorah (serpents will be changed to Skullcrawlers and Kusarikku will be replaced with a MUTO) Bakasura: Gigan Khepri: Megalon Scylla: Scylla (obvious) Geb: Methuselah Ganesha: Behemoth Anhur: King Caesar Cthulhu: Destoroyah

      1. Nicholas Lienandjaja

        Also, would like to see an Ultraman Battle Pass. Here are ideas for alternate skins: Ultraman Ultraseven Ultraman Ace Ultraman Taro Ultraman Leo Ultraman Tiga Ultraman Dyna Ultraman Cosmos Gomora Alien Baltan Dada Alien Mephilas Red King Eleking Tyrant Yapool Gatanothor Ultraman Belial

    13. Keandre Lee

      I love the lady of the lore I’ve had her announcer pack for years

    14. Nemanja Borovcanin

      ey could i recommend a few heroes that would be intresting to add mean it probably wont be in this seasone but 2 of them are from a "mythology" that yall havent coverd yet

    15. Navin1111 Playz

      Smite is still a thing?

    16. Nothing Nothing

      I have just a respectful question and then I will wait: Where in the H..L is SEKHMET? Is she basically supposed to be Bastet after being tricked by Ra? Smite without SEKHMET would be...... I don't know......... Meaningless.

    17. Cal

      I mean technically she’s more a Goddess of Chaos not the salt sea but sure sure.

    18. Arkham Knight

      This is a long shot but are there any future plans for smite to come to mobile devices

    19. Arkham Knight

      The visuals are just 😍😍

    20. Lance Kidder

      wait Tiamat is a real diety from mythology thought it was a diety that DND made up

    21. Legokid

      Why is Tiamat so small in game. Like does anyone else notice that she’s really small?

    22. Adnan Hammaoui

      SMITE:"releases Tiamat" fate fans:"I shall perform this final blow as a parting gift to you!" "I will tell you of the beginning. Heaven and Earth split, nothingness congratulated creation, my Sword of Rupture cleaved the world!" "Mortar of the stars, heaven's hell is the eve of creation's celebration. Now you shall die and be silent..." "Enuma Elish!"!!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. Dalton Sundara

      "Serpents of Tiamat" Me: Babylon flashbacks and Suzaka dying before we even get there

    24. BirdThrow

      Ruination, huh?

    25. Noodle Sushi

      im not playing this game until they put jesus christ in there.

    26. godnehe

      so basically aurelion sol from LoL?

      1. CorXIII Felinike

        @godnehe the purpose of my comment is to show that you’re wrong. The next comment you wrote only show how stupid you are.

      2. godnehe

        what is the purpose of your comment? does your dad beat u?

      3. CorXIII Felinike

        Very different characters and kit. Do you even play LoL?

    27. Mk Reaper109

      bruhhhhh tiamat is the god of evil dragons.

    28. Gaius Mugenus Silverus

      Looks like Monster Hunter and Yugioh got collab on this. Wait, did she just ulti twice just by changing stance? Dang!

    29. brandon chung

      My new favorite god looks like BAHAMUT

    30. negatron

      The lore and the video doesn't even match. WTF is wrong with Hi Rez. Just when they already have the money, they became lazy with these god reveals. But they have more time making exclusive skins.

    31. Josef Plaček

      Smite really is getting lazy in god design.

    32. Halfblood 4

      Yo when we adding Bible accurate angels

    33. Meow MiMiMeow


    34. 萌香ちゃんねる

      all I know is she gives a small AoE on where you attack ww

    35. Raymon Trigueros

      I'm hoping for a Nicol Bolas skin

    36. Gimme Gimme

      i only know one version of tiamat from Fate and she hella THICC..

      1. Jorden Vegas

        I wish they used that as a reference

      2. Alex Sam

        Man of culture I see

    37. 藍海

      Now I'm waiting for Abzu

    38. dave boado

      the god of all league players

    39. TheOuterLimits

      Only tiamat i know is the 5 headed queen of dragons.

    40. S∀⊥∀ ᴎ ! Ↄ 😈S∩ ᴎ D ∀ ʎ $

      Tiamat Bikini Skin when?

    41. kud fury

      can you make her bigger please

    42. Darion Kira

      I would like to see tomoe gozen in a future season.

    43. Paulo Azuela

      Just came here to see her because of FGO Tiamat.

    44. TheFoxWolf Draconis

      2nd person view league of legends looks cool

    45. cuzimnotlaughing

      I’m todays old realizing Tiamat is actually female. Ariana Grande was right, God is a woman

    46. Arturo José Mendoza Castañeda

      Buenardo el nuevo Aurelion Sol

    47. Jose Salvador Villa


    48. kato

      Yo como todo jugador de Smite quien a echado 0 partidas vine a verlo xd.

    49. NaughtyNinja

      This god reveal probably has my favorite voice over

    50. Vladimir Lenin Lenin!!!!!

      Fix clans and maybe i will play.

    51. demonicrobot50 gaming

      When Zasshu release?

    52. Asen Masen

      I fought Yiazmat (FFXII) years back. Now I see it was inspired by Tiamat

    53. circe

      She heavily remind me of Final Fantasy 12 secret end boss. The multi layered health boss lol. I think it called tiamat too

    54. limonas

      wtf is this in game she looks goofy

    55. Lori Eversole

      They believe they r greater than God but they r wrong for God will have the last and final say

    56. James Cabanig

      uh YT, I don't play Smite so why did you recommend it to me?

    57. Rudy Arsa

      Sácalo en español

    58. N HW - Cinematic Productions

      Oh look, a Kaiju!

    59. Joseph Gamble

      War killed this heaux in Darksiders.

    60. shah patient

      Why is she so small ?

    61. Johnneil Tumesa

      Can't believe Tiamat became a Dragon than a Beast of Humanity II

    62. MLMK*BNA*あなたの感覚*真新しいアニメ&MLK&MLKTNF*キング

      How amazing after all three she has this game is still trash

    63. Gravy Maze

      Mmmm that’s a little salty

    64. Guerilla Clips

      I truly love watching smite god reveal videos and wish hi rez never stops making them

    65. Shockie

      so the god has like 10 abilities. seems balanced

    66. Ame Ryuu

      did they intentionally make it have somewhat of a same design with final fantasy 12 tiamat

    67. Gneo Z

      Wait until she becomes a Big horned waifu that only sings

      1. saber 1616

        @Titan T she did not die she was sent back or more accuretly banished by ea to imaginary sea you cant kill tiamat period so long as life exists se will always exsit

      2. Johnneil Tumesa

        @Titan T Truly the Best Times with a Master, A Purple Eggplant, and a Tiny Critter that kicks The Mage of avalon face in vengence plan

      3. Titan T

        and then tanks a mini-Venus being thrown at her, the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, a gorgon, the chain of heaven, turns back into a dragon, then suffers the punishment of the underworld, a very angry bone daddy, and finally gets turned to void by the star of creation that split heaven and earth. good times.

      4. Johnneil Tumesa

        AAAAAAAA I agree with you.

    68. balls deep

      Gia and chaos should be added

    69. Mike NG

      She tiny..

    70. Benjamin Rennie

      Soooo does that mean we’ll be getting the other half: Apsu?

    71. 하이호하

      역시 학교

    72. 하이호하

      여기 한국 인 댓글 달다

    73. Nathan5o4

      Fate fans are crying

    74. Zuper Zet

      Looks like something from xenoblade chronicles 2 or final fantasy Edit: not the in-game model, the model from the first part of the vid

    75. Sammuel Cruz

      You know, I’m hoping you guys put Kuafu in the game. I think he would be perfect for the game. I can see it now! “Welcome to the smite god reveal for...Kuafu! Chaser of the Sun!” I would also like that he would be a hunter or rouge class character.

    76. Keith Cln

      please do pasithea the goddess of hallucinations next

    77. Joshua Traboco

      I just heard tiamat roars king ghidorahs roar.

    78. Elementalwaterangel

      The Lore lady is the most op Godess in the game and i would kill for her

    79. Adam

      Why is she so small their ar eother gods thag are huge like chuthulu yet she went from being a dragon to a litrally a lizard

    80. Thomas Lai

      If tiamat has the mud or nega genesis from fate series. Then the gods will be in trouble.

    81. r s

      tiamat....primordial dragon goddess gets eaten by ao kuang....😂

    82. The Complainer

      1:02 I don't know if this has been pointed out or not but deadass hearing legendary Ghidorah

    83. Ayy Lien


    84. funa

      me watching cinematic: omg shes huge! shes gonne be a massive powerful juggernaut like jormugundr! i cant wait to be this giant force of- smite: tiny upright humanoid caster

    85. Gabriel Berg

      when is Jesus coming to Smite?

    86. MeyTah

      great design, needs a buff soon!

    87. Sei

      I thought this is League of Legends.

    88. Pogue Samurai

      What's the "partial nudity" tag for?

    89. Ray jin

      The background lady is annoying. You guys need another lore narrator.

    90. Orion Desautels

      Pretty underwhelming tbh

    91. RaenV

      Aurelion Sol rework looks lit

    92. Victor Yang

      Casually looks at Fate.

    93. Tuomas

      Clusterfuck of a god

    94. Main ashe

      Mobile plz.

    95. Baconshark

      And here I was expecting a five-headed dragon. +1 Inspiration if understand the reference.

    96. ProducerStr8kdt

      I thought Tiamat was a 3 headed dragon? No?

      1. Johnneil Tumesa

        Same, thinking Tiamat is a Beast of humanity

      2. ProducerStr8kdt

        @ShallowShi D&D and Other God Myths

      3. ShallowShi

        FFIX has the only 3-headed interpretation of Tiamat that I'm aware of.

    97. 2011wordsmith

      when did they stop doing the god reveal with the custom animations??

    98. Ellis Lilly

      So they finally fix these smite god reveals about freakin time

    99. Juna Lee Sakiya

      I did not know tiamat is a she😅

    100. Ze'ev Brenner

      I'd like them to add the Scarlet King into this game