SMITE - Top 5 Plays - Episode 249

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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. I may or may not be Batman

      Hey why did you guys shut down paragon instead of this game? Surely you would have chosen to shut down this instead of paragon no? Oh wait lol. My bad. Paragon wasnt created by you guys. Il rephrase. Why didnt you shut down when you were running alongside paragon? Did you know epic would throw it out? You must have known 100%. If i was a game dev in this company and played paragon i would have to quit my job and kill myself. Need to be proud of what you create. Smite to paragon is like saints row showing up to a Grand theft auto fight... Imagine gta was like, right we are finished thats it. Saints row would definitely jump on that and try charge you 600 dollars for a johnny gat skin. Because if you cant get what you are looking for from anywhere else then you have to come to us. Thats what smite is now on playstation for me specifically. Basically "we're charging you 100 dollars for a skin for 1 character out of nearly 200 characters and we are happy to do so because, where else are you gonna get a similar game" the devs are using their profits for their heroin addiction as well so nothing gets done

    2. MistrzOkultyzmu

      whos a nonbinary pal? someone too stupid to understand binary system?

    3. RedShambles

      Really sad my Quadra kill didn’t make it :(

    4. El Acechador

      Shut up furry.

    5. El Acechador

      What a trash gameplays 😂😂😂

    6. Dane Watts

      Nah I dont get it. Everyone mentioning tyr plays but he did nothing. The Janus baited with portal. Tyr took it and got a lucky discord whilst he ulted out. Janus reacted to the lineup and tyr is being blessed like he did anything on purpose lol

    7. Unays mohammed

      2:41 lets be honest, how did that ra miss his 1???? smh

    8. Pablitz

      I just here to say, please fix the Neo Olympia Loading Frame, is not showing the god card

    9. sky

      Girl, gals and non binary pals. I love it

    10. Impuls

      This so dumb...on video the player is presented after the play...not before. This so wrong

    11. bruno martins

      Finally some good plays!! keep up this quality!

    12. Juan BG

      0:21 - So Danza missile is hidden under the map lmao.

    13. Michal Stormy

      This number 5 guy actually thought HMMM a that’s a great one and actually got in somehow....

    14. xxjonlp

      2:46 that feeling as a janus player, when you see enemies lined up :D lykyk

    15. Lostisles

      Has smite been laggy for anyone else? I used to play a lot a few years back. It's a shame you can't even get into a quality game without lag. I can play any game lag free besides smite. Anyone know how I can fix this? It isn't fps, I think it's the fact the games cross play but I could be wrong. All my cross play experiences are just laggy messes.

    16. Wubbaduckx

      wait is there grover in smite ?

    17. Дрищ Мощный

      приятный выпуск

    18. Demaunix Animations

      Toxic people: Teamwork doesn't matter in SMITE, it's all about the KD FUZZYBOMBER7: Hold my portal...!

    19. Sola Visions

      Anhur ran away so far he made it into the 1st place clip lmao

    20. Solomon Burciaga


    21. CoveiraoPS3

      Janus ult plus 2 is enough to be a "top play" , like I see this in every single game there is a janus

    22. Vanja Saric ProofZ


    23. Tomo OP

      Sus-ano really

    24. Hayazo

      change + Mercury play -> wow

    25. Chibi Hoss

      Awesome as always! Thanks for making these. That Anhur at the end though, was awesome! I mean, they're all really good scenes, but I liked the 1v2 battle there

    26. CamTheKitty

      Always the same heroes. Game has a real balance issue huh?

      1. Daniel Farrant

        I mean it's just that certain characters look cool when making plays. That's why you often see Tyr/Scylla/Janus/Anhur/Ullr Even if you do a lot of work in a teamfight as a khepri it'll never look cool.

    27. Julien Pierret

      Salut je joue à smite faite vous des choses contre votre communauté de merde car j'en ai marre des gens rage quite harcèle se moque à longueur de temps

    28. Tricky The Clown

      Finally some Tyr plays

    29. I got to go fast in my Lamborghini

      Why is Smite not working because when I try to get into a match it said it needs more time

    30. Alexander Morales

      Scylla's ult, never gets old :)

    31. Juan Mi

      Nothing special in play 4, just another change spamming abilities and letting the AOI do the work for her

      1. Kuro Saki

        first .. its AOE* .. second .. you don't get a 4 man ult with change every time she did well in that moment

      2. Pine Apple

        Hitting a 4 man ult as chang'e is pretty impressive. Like the rest of the play so whatever but that's a rare feat right there. In addition, her positioning to allow her to get that flank makes it impressive.

    32. Owen Fraser

      that khepri is either big brain for ulting merc so he has higher movespeed so he does more damage, or an idiot for ulting a full health merc trying to get the revive off

    33. Tony Kim

      2:42 Tyr could have done the 4v1 but his people needed him

    34. KageApolloBiff

      The anhur was pretty cool ngl, though a lot of ult/relic power invested early

    35. kvckelvin7

      Top 5 plays are getting worse.

      1. DeezjaVu

        The crappy voice over isn't helping.

      2. Pablo Razo

        They make do with what they receive. It depends on the community.

    36. CBurch


    37. Sad Doki noises

      You already know it’s gonna be a good one when Tyr is in the thumbnail

      1. Dante Escalante

        Tyr is my favorite god, his kit is just cool but it's a bit annoying trying to cc mages and adcs

    38. Dimitry den Hartog

      Any fuzzybombers in the chat?

    39. J D

      guys gals and nonbinary pals? i just threw up from stupidity

      1. TheBlobbist

        You're so cool bro 😎🙂😎🙂🙂🙂😎😎🙂🙂

    40. Glo San

      Please stop show Scylla players, really not interesting

      1. Pablitz

        Yeah, scylla is for noobs, because of her monster damage, takes so much kills

      2. Ginsho

        Chang'e face roll keyboard plays

      3. CamTheKitty

        So is Janus but he is always here

      4. Reigh Freuden

        yep every time you see a scylla you know exactly whats gonna happen

    41. Unays mohammed

      You just know Yemoja is spamming VEA while the serq ult is ticking lol.

      1. Unays mohammed

        @Bellona Onetrick AWESOME!!

      2. Bellona Onetrick

        What does vea say?

    42. Kasra 37

      The anhur play was the only good one And honestly, he just looked like a fed anhur, doing anhur things (aka bs)

    43. Calles

      "I need to play Janus now that I've seen the pros do it" says every smite player ever

      1. Sam

        @Manish Bisht i really disagree. the only time you aimed the ability differently was when clearing wave, or in INCREDIBLY niche situations. in 99 percent of fights you threw it the exact same way you do now. when it missed, it was mostly just luck. the buff makes complete sense bc the way the ability worked before was pointless and didnt really encourage any skill for anyone involved.

      2. Manish Bisht

        @Joseph Hunt true needed skills before to adjust his2, now its kinda like a generic mage ability

      3. Joseph Hunt

        Or because they buffed his 2. In most cases I would agree, but his new buffed 2 is dumb.

      4. Total Enigma