SMITE x Monstercat Battle Pass - Available May 2021

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    Introducing the SMITE x Monstercat Battle Pass! Featuring all-new skins for Gilgamesh, Hades, Chang'e, and Khepri, with music from Slushii, Sullivan King, Koven, and Noisestorm.
    For even more on the SMITE x Monstercat Battle Pass, watch the SMITE Update Show, LIVE with Slushii on Wednesday April 28 at 3pm ET, immediately followed by the world premiere of Slushii's new song: Valhalla!
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    Published on 20 days ago


    1. xSKULLZx

      Is this legit?

    2. Leon idc

      All trash next plz

    3. Lupus.

      this change, insta buy, shut up and take mt money hirez

    4. Graneczeq

      If this is your first time on USfilm of you didn't hear about these guys: Monstercat is a well-known canadian EDM record label that releases tracks in a broad variety of genres. Their songs were and still are incredibly popular and frequently used across USfilm, Twitch and many other parts of the internet. They also collab with developers of online games (They supply most of the music for Rocket League and their artists and songs recently showed up in other games like Fortnite or Smite). Some of their most well known artists featured on their label are: Pegboard Nerds, Slushii, MUZZ, Rogue, Stonebank, Noisestorm and Koven. They are also working as three different labels: Uncaged (focused on heavier genres like Dubstep or Trap), Instinct (Future Bass and House) and Silk (recently aquired, mainly releasing Progressive House and Chillout)

    5. Francisco Eirinha

      i don’t play none of those 😭😭😭

    6. Cristobal Colon

      Can khepri play that music when he dances?

    7. Em1lic0!

      We are all here for Crab

    8. BillyCrack99


    9. Stevepwn Productions


    10. Storm

      I want the juice world skin

    11. gouazar tarik

      This sux...this sux so bad...except for crab.

    12. Hope

      We need a cool Christmas skin for cucu

    13. YoTo

      The gilgamesh skin should have been called gilgafresh. Hi Rez you have ruined my day >:(

    14. Giovanna G

      My son Khepri AT LAST HE SHINES

    15. Fairy Of Drugs

      Chang'e? And with a blade again? Okay... well the skins are still pretty good so its fine

    16. Xavier

      Dion Timmer skin pleeeeease

    17. Adul Ahmad

      Why is that a Changee skin when it could have been the perfect Amaterasu skin Q.Q

    18. Nawaf Nawaf

      you guys really went khepri new skin because its from the craps fight game oh yeah iknow all abut it that's the only reason

    19. Maniakal virgo

      Crab...I f*cking love this game

    20. Snifful Squack

      Hive khepri a dance 2 so he can have the same crab dance as the vid. I mean if that was ur selling pointwas for the expansion skins. I am not impressed.

    21. LEOSH

      didn't found hades song in youtube

    22. Dante Temen

      I'm only slightly disappointed in the SK Gilga skin, but I still love his music so I'm using it regardless

    23. Lucas Silva

      Ratatoskr momo? Xbalanque sokka? Agni zukko

    24. Marcos Caceres

      Thanks for this colaboration, really i love smite and enjoy ur work!!!

    25. HardcoreBabyGrl

      These are so bad.

    26. Tez Tickle

      remember when skins wernt stupid?

    27. Elena nance

      I love the rave music and skins! They've always been cool to me and I can definitely see myself getting the battle pass!

    28. Dare

      rework Zeus pls

    29. MaXcar

      Welp I'm glad that I didn't spent my gems on the animal bs pass

    30. I main Blaster Geb

      !CRAB 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

    31. M00rtin

      kephri prob has the best skins in the game. and this makes it even better

    32. Hylianahh

      menos skins y mas areglar el juego que entre los problemas que tiene y la comunidad toxica os llevais el premio a el juego mas cutre jamas hecho

    33. Alex Severson

      A Sullivan king skin is something I dreamed of but never expected in smite of all things to get.

    34. Matthew Stimpson

      Gilg already getting a skin what

    35. 300-I.Q. Prower

      unironically the most excited I've been for one since ATLA, which is the sole reason I got into this game at all

    36. Death Striker

      Seems like they always make Chang'e (among others) look white in their alternative skins. Also, her having a mic rather than sword would've been cooler. It looks more like a Freya skin ATM.

    37. crazyAZZ 11

      Crab rave khepri the thing everyone wanted

    38. Valenchtine Rule

      hellooo hades wow very hot to see bt my wallet is still empty XD

    39. LNX


    40. BaSSiLoN One Tap

      Hope someday we will get a MCU characters in Smite. Like Mercury being Quicksilver, Sol being Sunspot, Fenrir Wolverine, Janus IronMan, Nike CaptainMarvel, Ullr Hakeye...

    41. Dann Ochoa


    42. Chrissy Lyn

      Another Gorgeous Chang'e Skin

    43. leonL39

      But no Danz skin? Okay...

    44. Elxes21

      I need to get this

    45. neitherlink

      Really bad looking...

    46. liont01010101

      Cant find the hades song i know all the other songs big fan of monstercat. If someone can find the hades song would be nice thanks.

      1. Xian Baldelovar

        Release date: April 28

    47. m1

      If theres special emotes please don't make them like nox's one

    48. Quinn B


    49. Rico O' Rourke

      the maker of crab rave gets a crab skin in a MOBA that's freaking awesome haha

    50. Travis Curbelo

      Eh, where's the spring fling

    51. George Dakramanji

      I can't wait for Koven LETS GOOOOO!!!!

    52. A Revenant In The Nine Circles of Elysium

      I don't know what a Monstercat is but I want that Chang'e.

      1. Xian Baldelovar

        Monstercat is a Canadian EDM label housing a lot of known EDM tracks and showcasing a lot of quality artists.

    53. B. K.

      Jagex is powerless against khepri 🦀🦀🦀

    54. Edgimos Animations

      Finally a good battle pass had to skip the last two they went good or interesting but this is a keeper!

    55. Just Some Guy With A Mustache

      And just like that I’m a crab rave main

    56. InsaneHades

      Hades huh... >:)

    57. fahim sarker

      Anyone know the bgm that plays for literally the first 5 seconds?

    58. T R O L L G E

      I'm waiting patiently for Overlord cooperation.

    59. André Marques


    60. Zakk Hedrick

      Why can’t I find that Slushii - Valhalla song anywhere?

      1. Marcos Ale Molina M

        Read the description. The song premiere is in wednesday after the patch notes.

    61. The 8th Degree

      Bruh, this is easily the bloody BEST battle pass set as of yet. But if i dont see my Crab Rave Dance on Khepri or our Gila-fresh dance on Gilgamesh then im uninstalling. After buying the pass cuz i really want these skins.......... >.>

    62. Mehhh

      Crab gang rise up!

    63. Gizmo The Umbreon

      Okay it’s been driving me crazy, I really want to listen to the song for the hades skin but whenever I look up slushi Valhalla nothing comes up

    64. King O Fools

      🦀🦀🦀CRAB RAVE KHEPRI🦀🦀🦀

    65. Kobito

      At least hades have legs now.

    66. Tray

      Sin gonna go crazy for that khepri

    67. DaveDawg 55

      I N E E D C R A B R A V E

    68. OcioCamaraMx

      Wait, since it's a music based battle pass... are they still gonna have voice lines or Hades just exchanged his voice for legs like the little mermaid?

    69. Kamil Moris

      That Chang'e is the best skin in Smite so far. Right after a Crab

    70. The One Truth

      WOW I can see the development team ran out of ideas... cause this is awful probably the worst battle pass to date., I see no monsters or cats... just plain dumb half assed skins.

    71. Aster

      Gyus pl i beg you. Send me a link for the Slushii - Valhalla. I couldnt find it. ( As for me its the BEST battle pass ever since Hi Rez done ) boy its time to Craby main again XD

    72. Joseph hakim

      The only skin I’m kinda meh about is the hades, it would have been a little nicer to have a new skin for someone else battle-pass wise

    73. MaltySalty

      Just so you guys know. Crab rave is just a recolor.

    74. Turtle Rhythm

      The crab rave 😂

    75. Christopher Tayanes

      Say Goodbye to the Lobster Khepri, say hello to the Crab Khepri😂

    76. Stalladir

      FINALLY!! EDM BP!!!

    77. Dust the Otter


    78. wrath

      Lets give the same gods we always do skins besides gilg but lets give some of them the SAME skins and put some of them in a chest and force people to gamble

    79. Quetzalcoatl XIII

      Such an underated collab i love it

    80. Scarfy Junior

      I'm convinced they only did a whole Monstercat collab just so they could get Crab Rave.

    81. ForeverRoyal

      Yeeess 😍 New Hades Skin 😍😍

    82. Castafiel

      Here for the crab

    83. Elusory

      Friendship ended with chef special, crab rave is now my best friend.

    84. Johnny Tisdale

      So when I filled out that survey about the battle passes, yall actually listened? Wow, that's rare in games. Cool!

    85. Sleepy

      It's time to rave

    86. Matt Simister

      Man having two things I love collide like this is incredible, and with a new release for Hades? Nut.

    87. Blu

      More of the Sullivan skin please. Can we have more skins and gods that actually look like the right ethnicity or look more like accurate representations of the cultures they profit off?

    88. Leon Davies

      Tryin to figure out which one of these are gonna be on the free track👀

    89. JustTinian

      Now we can get a hades remodel that isn’t his old T2 skin, but with legs

    90. Well Done Sir

      As a diamond Khepri player. And my first God I ever bought. Gim me. (Also Soviet Khepri.)

    91. Julio cesar Martinez

      Rocket league X smite

    92. Alex Osborne

      If I can get crab rave to play in my games I will kiss Mr hirez apon his lips

    93. Kieleha Pinkston

      Wait people are actually excited about this??? Lmaoo

    94. Christopher Holloway

      Can we not blackwash gilgamesh with literally his first skin?

      1. Juko Playz

        Yeah I agree but they did the same thing with many other gods they make them European on like their first skin

    95. Haaton of the Basement [Sleeping under your bed]

      imo only the Kephri skin is worth and how funny Gigla gets a Battle pass skin and Mulan (who brought alot of people in her release) and tiamat no. Anyway have a wonderful day and like what they said, see you on the battlefield.

    96. MonsterCat OneLove

      I LOVE MONSTERCAT!!!!! ))))))))

    97. Karlos Hernandez

      No esperaba nada de ustedes y aún así lograron decepcionarme 🥴

    98. Timmy

      Ufff..m and i wanted to stop buying BP for some months...

    99. Hexcraft Gaming


    100. Redminni

      jaja xd el cangrejo BUENA