SMITE - Update Show VOD - Talons of Tyranny

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    Join the devs for the latest update in SMITE - Talons of Tyranny! For more info, find the update notes here:
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    00:00 Update Pre-Show
    05:27 Update Pre-Show - Hi-Rez Community Art Show
    22:50 Update Pre-Show - Oh My God w/ Tina
    40:20 Update Pre-Show - This Month In SMITE
    01:01:00 Update Show - Bonus Balance
    01:11:50 Update Show - Bonus Update Skins
    01:16:50 Update Show - Community News
    01:19:10 Update Show - Talons of Tyranny Balance
    01:46:30 Update Show - Quality of Life
    01:50:00 Update Show - Sobek Visual Update
    01:52:00 Update Show - Talons of Tyranny Skins
    01:53:30 Update Show - Birthday Bash Event
    01:56:28 Update Show - Heroes of the Wild Battle Pass
    02:03:25 Update Show - Talons of Tyranny Event
    02:21:40 Update Show - Wrap-Up

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Kayroy_

      Oh my god, by who? I can't find it

    2. Chicken Guru

      yo they putting chaac back in the game?

    3. Chad Shoemaker

      ROFL..."Professionals" that cannot pronounce Caduceus.....He said [Ka-doo-kay-oos]...It is [ kuh-doo-see-uhs ]

    4. Hayazo

      ISIS name change is the most ridiculous change ever...

    5. qwe eszrdx

      one from pretty long that im not looking forward to

    6. Antonio Rodriguez

      Chaac female pls no pls nooooo

    7. throne mindas

      Need new place: dojo training grown and temple or wood school

    8. Pastis Lokura

      Por que siempre que tenemos una update fallan los servidores? Es que tenéis malditos becarios? Ahora ya no solo los de ps4 no podemos jugar, ahora se cierra la partida entera, aver si nos ponemos a trabajar y no la cagamos tanto smite, por que de 10 partidas que intente jugar 10 desaparecieron a los 10 minutos... 😡

    9. Iramez

      i am so disappointed that the ra skin does not say "hoy me noy!"

    10. MR. GLITCH

      size ?

    11. IllI Justin

      When is this coming to console?

    12. Burnsy

      Them having to rename isis is silly. I get it but wow.

    13. Uuneek Nekhil

      Man I just love Smite it's just soo amazing and I love the fact it's getting more popular am a new player but still fell in love with the concept

      1. Ali Sead

        Me to bro

    14. Ricky_flaggins

      I hate to say it.....but GI Zhong is still his best skin.

    15. Badea Chistoc

      New drinking game ,everytime cupcake says "sweet" you have to take a shot.

    16. Barrikz

      When does it come out for console?

    17. Sayori Summoner

      Is nobody gonna talk about the beginning? I was in stitches. I dont think anybody expected a hi rez employee to read the chaac copypasta at the start of the stream.

    18. Jak Jak

      2:13:00 chaac skin

    19. Iamrealblackpanther

      Omg t5 chaac thanks you smite!

    20. nathan jester

      Osiris t 5 themed after yugiohs exodia as he gains his passive its like collecting all the pieces of exodia and when he ults he says obliterate

      1. Rue Akim

        Slifer jorm skin, obelisk cthulu skin and winged dragon of ra tiamat skin

    21. Perspectives

      smite really cornering the furry market

    22. LittleLady

      Dude, what does my tattoo say? "Sweet"

    23. Kyle Jones

      So we could be getting classic skins...CLASSIC BACCHUS CLASSIC BACCHUS CLASSIC BACCHUS

    24. Hey Assbutt!

      Cupcake has no idea what she's saying when it comes to mechanics of items or gods.

    25. ClusterHopper

      Oh great, more political correctness instead of historical accuracy. First you keep getting rid of the goddesses' more feminine features and now you're censoring names.

    26. Thee Ultimate Warrior

      The ra ult was nothing new to the original skin like what?? Could of made where there was crumbling paper coming out and the chacc skin, all the 3s could of got a heavier look but the skin is alright not that great

    27. Artisthetic

      This thanatos skin is giving me Raven from teen titan vibes. And now I want a Teen Titans + Smite colab!!!! 😳😳

    28. D'Marquis Monroe

      Zhong getting a skin is like finding lost treasure

      1. blades gremory

        Same to fafnir

      2. Jimmy Meldrim


    29. Zy

      Can we get izanagi, or a izanagi skin for izanami🤔.

    30. Slick Game

      Smite Birthday Event always has a gem sale yall savere

    31. Fu Rii

      RIP Fail-Not :/

      1. chris

        Fail-not? never heard of her once this update comes out

    32. Wing X Custom

      Feel like a T5 Skin with different Aspects would of better fit Amaterasu with her aura switches and her Ult. The different forms might be a little Jarring to play against and might give a bit of a skin advantage with the hit boxes/hard to counterplay Ult animations. Feels like a skin that will get banned.

    33. Wing X Custom

      Ah Puch needs a soft rework. A Zeus style one

      1. ENVI

        No, not in the slightest

    34. Aaron

      That T5 tho

    35. Cary Sprague

      This anti heal bubble is so dumb i can't complain about healers being op when at the end of my games i look at my teammates builds and none of them build anti heal of any type.

    36. Dualities

      If Smite would add old fun gamemodes to Match of the Day rotation on weekends it would bring morelife to the game, Clan wars, Arena ranked scene, big streamers like DOC playing Smite... and if they would add in more cosmetics rewards for playing the game like commendation rewards, achievement points rewards, triumph chests, ranked rewards...the game could be one of the best. true action combat with one of the best communication systems in gaming voice commands aka VGS... a true gem. Smite has something for everybody too Conquest or Arena fans. There is literally not many other good true action game out there right now. a big niche is opened. wanna know why LoL is dying? because they focus only on Conquest aka DOTA aka Defend of the Ancient...just one of 100000 community-made maps. also until WoW TBC comes out there is literally no other good MOBA/MMORPG available.... a big opportunity. Back then we didn't care if it was Arena or was just a fight of characters with different resources and rules

      1. Lost Theory

        Ranked arena? No thank you

    37. Lost Theory

      Benevolence isn't bad Stat wise. It's bad because nobody wants to give away their gold and xp to their teammates. That's why nobody buys it and they just out right buy animosity when they hit lvl 17.

    38. brandonshere3

      stop with the bs furry crap

    39. ProbablyBakedRn

      i wish the RA ult was a pencil coming out

      1. Wav3zEQ

        Or him screaming nemahah

    40. Fizzlebeef

      That deaths embrace nerf was 100% needed i abused it sl mich with osiris in duels and i would just solo the tower and pheonix and eventually the titan

    41. lj miles

      2:49 how dare you disrespect ao kuang

    42. Samuele Cammarieri

      The new T5 Chaac skin is freaking amazing!

    43. Lucifer Morningstar

      They actually changed her name?😂

      1. Abimael Reyes

        yea youtube be demonetizing over everything now

    44. Fordil Siranon

      When is the chaac T5 skin coming out i need to get my wallet rdy

    45. Camp Buddy

      An idea that sounds cool to me is a Morri tier 5 that switches sisters with her one.

      1. Icey Slime

        why her one tho

    46. YoungMerc

      Bro that chaac tier 5 is calling my wallet 😭😭

    47. 10000 pounds of sloth cigars

      kinda disappointed that the dino cerb skin doesn't have a triceratops head in the center

    48. Oda

      They've gone too far with a lot of skins lately. Unrecognizable models, abilities and sound effects are often misleading. A+ on creativity and aesthetics but there have to be certain limits to keep the essential characteristics of the gods.

    49. Simp Nation

      Imagine jorm with the new stone of fal

    50. RatatoskrGaming

      I started playing just before Classic Ao Kuang was changed to Kukulkhan but I still remember the model and voice vividly. Also looking forward to that Chacc skin and, in an odd kind of way, the Sobek remodel

    51. Assassin14 144

      WTF IS THIS??? Just 1 skin is good and is Arthur. And 2 is good Sobek rework.. All the rest is for a Kids or for A homosexual mans. Can u made like 2 skin for Ao koung like Dragon Knight drak . Or Fenrir from Thor movie , marvel. Something GOOD. Not this.. Thx and Dont insult The Real Gods that u made.

      1. Spooky Rob

        Quiet peasant

      2. Dojyaaan

        Marvel movies 🤮 keep your trash opinions to yourself, thanks

      3. Jessie Lemon

        Homosexual mans? Wym?

    52. Simp Nation

      finch my man you losing weight i hope thats what you want looking good keep up the good work your doing for smite and im glad we saw tina this update

    53. Matthew Serra

      So hunters were finally in a great spot, and they nerf all the items and skills...

      1. Matthew Serra

        @Lost Theory Agreed! If everyone playing hunters agrees they are fun and open to different builds, why not keep that and fix the non-fun and open stuff! Shame...

      2. Lost Theory

        @Matthew Serra I say that because this is what they always do. Buff items and then nerf gods. Then they buff those same gods and then nerf the items. It's just back and forth between that and I think it's kinda stupid.

      3. Matthew Serra

        @Lost Theory You know how many times I've heard streamers and pros say "There is no best build or hunter, you can play whatever you want"..why would they go ruin that. Just make other stuff better!

      4. Lost Theory

        Welcome to hirez

    54. crucidox

      All the skins are very good! and I am still waiting for a buff for ravan.

    55. Joseph Hilbert

      The chaac skin is so annoying it looks nothing like a chaac

      1. Nik

        It's funny you say this because people were complaining that the hel skin looked too similar to her base model. Goes to show that people cry for just about anything

    56. The King

      I read the notes and I like it. Sobek visual update sounds great. A buff to Athena's taunt leaves me wondering if Hades will get a buff to his Silence/Fear. The new Mail of Renewal will scale wonderfully with both Horus and Cabrakan, especially Horus as he already can heal. Interestingly enough since Hades' empowered Devour Souls can heal allies, and Cthulu gaining a heal when he ults, Hades and Cthulu both become viable options for that item as well if you have especially hyper agressive CQC teams. The new Stone of Fal is an interesting choice in terms of it being an item relying on basic attacks and attack speed in order to provide damage mitigation, but all things considered it might work. Particularly for Jormungandr and Ymir. Looks good.

    57. Daigusto Emeral

      Horus buff? Ill take it!

      1. Daigusto Emeral

        @Zy my favourite 💎 warrior

      2. Zy

        Can’t wait

    58. MrVycka

      I don't mind occasional weeb skin, but all this furry/chibi stuff is getting too much imo.

      1. Mam Spugeti

        I'm hoping they got it all out of their system with this burst

      2. Nik

        Yeah, not a big fan of the battlepass. Gonna have to skip out on it

    59. Abel Nyhteshade

      Art team amazing as always, balance team how are you employed? As always

      1. FruFru

        You'd fit right in with the league comment section!

      2. Chris R


    60. Jhos

      2:18:50 :)

    61. Baylord J

      Rip duel with mr bee god lol

      1. Lost Theory

        Just ban him lol

    62. Halo Goku

      I really hope the buff the t5 effects cuz they look very weak on the rain and pretty faint on most abilities

      1. Halo Goku

        @jazzino123 even if that’s possible the base rain effects are very trash and he said the upgrade would effect the axe not the whole kit so no guarantee for better effects

      2. jazzino123

        @Halo Goku Read my comment again. I said 5 kills OOOOOOORRRRR 5 assists, so no not really that hard, quite the opposite actually imo. And now im just guessing but I assume you can mix assists and kills so let's say you have 2 kills and 3 assists still count as 5. Don't quote me on that tho.

      3. Halo Goku

        @jazzino123 yea but that’s dumb if they’re banking on chaccs getting 15 kills a game just to have a skin they paid 100 dollars for too look good

      4. jazzino123

        I mean if you listened to what they said. If you get 5 kills OR assist stacking up to 3 times, meaning 15 kills or 15 assists the effects they have get enhanced for each stack

    63. Halo Goku

      Ra ult trash

    64. Halo Goku

      The pencil is tiny

    65. Grimzel

      The chaac T5 is good but the backplate is too much

    66. Lucas Martter

      I wonder if they got rid of the duck waddle... looks funny running at you or away lol

    67. Blairwhite139

      Can y'all actually give sol a proper buff an stop messing with the damn passive quality of life changes give her more damage to her 2 guve her stun back to her 3 and give the hasten affect back as well if danza can have his an he's op sol should as well considering she's so far under power it's criminal

    68. Space Surfer

      Been waiting for a buff to Thanatos’s 3 for like 3 years now. Oh well I guess he’s doing well in the game. But I really feel like that’s what he needs. Cool new skin for him tho

    69. Jyha Devereux

      These videos are so cringe 🤮 8 years of updates and there's no editing and no scripts, seriously cut your videos down to make them ALOT shorter and simpler and get rid of these toxic sociopaths out of the videos 🤮

      1. Mask Gaming

        Dude this is a stream not a vid, and I bet you are trash that goes 1/15/3 in a game

      2. Sundering Loki

        Dude probably played arena went 0-10 started hating on the game cause hes trash

      3. The ElderScrollsNerd

        Who hurt you bro??

      4. Gojo4Life

        @JyhaDevereux That’s crazy but who tf asked

      5. Blairwhite139

        It's better not to be scripted hate faking

    70. Brandon Dupuis

      really wish some of the skins were more serious. Some memes are alright but it'd be better with cool/scary/deadly looking skins too. love the sobek remodel though it's sick

      1. Brandon Dupuis

        @The King yeah but its something equal to CC in a way, and his ult smaaaacks squishies fully charge so its more of a threat deterrent zoning ult. But i agree rn he feels pretty good hes one of my favorite guardians because of the dmg + survivability+ CC combos menacing the back lines putting the fear of god into immobile mages is a plus too xD

      2. The King

        @Brandon Dupuis Antiheal is not CC and a noving slow over four seconds is strangely not that useful in a team fight. Maybe on retreating mages like Zeus. Also I was thinking a very different kind of ultimate than this one but otherwise yeah, he is actually in a nice balance spot.

      3. Brandon Dupuis

        @The King his 3 already has built in anti heal and he has pluck (his 1), and a knock up on his 2, and his ult slows so i wouldn’t say it needs more of that

      4. The King

        Wouldn't mind a bit of change to Sobek's kit over all. An extra slow or stun to the three, a different kind of heal mechanic too. 5% on god kill at any time and 5% when he hits a god, 1 per minion/monster. An different kind of ult, like a targeted knockup in a region. Change the passive so it gives that 30% extra resistances and looks like watery armor. Was thinking about it for a while. Visual update is a good place to start for now.

      5. MrVivid Thing

        I know right, im not really into the senpi skins

    71. Gabriel Todoroki


    72. Uncle Ron

      Sobek remodel ?

      1. King Dedede


    73. Trasken