SMITE - Update Show VOD - Monstercat

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    Join the devs for the latest update in SMITE - Monstercat Update! For more info, find the update notes here:
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    00:00 Countdown Timer
    02:16 Update Show Intro
    03:15 Bonus Update - Balance
    17:00 Bonus Update - Skins
    20:50 Community News - SPL Merch, Prime Skin
    22:15 Quality of Life Updates
    24:10 Balance
    47:50 Persephone Rework
    01:01:05 Athena Visual Update
    01:03:03 Talons of Tyranny
    01:05:11Talons of Tyranny Skins
    01:10:45 SMITE x Avatar - Pele Azula Skin
    01:14:15 Monstercat Battlepass
    01:32:48 Show Outro & Slushii "Valhalla" Premiere
    Watch the action live:​
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    Published on 18 days ago


    1. Francesco Vaccarezza

      I'd understand a nerf but.. why should you rework the 2? It's literally one of the best satisfying abilities in the game... Why? Now it's so boring, you completely ruined the point of it

    2. Pajama Llama

      Remove hera from assault

    3. Jhaison Rheighley Huykugo

      Fix y'all servers please and thanx🙂

    4. ItsS Vetro

      Finally Athena looks good

    5. Grimzel

      hades already was in a battle pass...

    6. paul grant

      eta on zeus rework? he is utter shite right now

    7. Artemus G6

      1:10:47 Skin katara(avatar) - Yemonja please :D

    8. Jr.Kings89

      Plants walk through walls...😑...and can we get a Terra avatar skin? Just saying...we all have been thinking it.

    9. BEST GAME

      Finally a nerf to athena

    10. Fu Rii

      Don't be fooled. The Azula skin costs 25 bucks..

    11. Narisha Eben

      Bye pers, thanks for killing my favourite mage who needed skills

    12. Just_sum N8v

      agni reminds me of the movie 9

    13. A Stackz

      Give us hou yo buff

    14. Eden Blair

      You is rockstar 😢

    15. Jukai Forest

      We love Tina so much she’s such a treasure

    16. Gaurav Patel

      Here for slushii hades🥤, Valhalla

    17. Veselin Rankov

      Congratulations on turning a masterpiece of a god into a generic mage no 124.

    18. Lost Theory

      Better be a damn gem sale soon lol.

    19. Lost Theory

      Fenrir Vulcan Odin is 3 team for shark team

    20. Sota99

      I dont need azula, i need kephri appa

    21. Timmy

      1:32:45 if u want to repeat the melody valhalla 😁

    22. josepulidoalien

      they dont get that thier player base is not the spl. also why nerf tiamat to the ground if its even rare to find anyone who plays her on casual

    23. JACOB AndrEVV MArtineZ YorK A.K.A-Z

      Can u please buff magi’s blessings please it sucks

    24. Carlos Omar Lopez Lara

      El camión a persephone es un asco personajes rotos como cyla, Atena o cabracan ni los tocan y cambian al único Dios que podía mantener a raya a esos dioses ahora el personaje es un asco y los rotos siguen poniendo les más buff inesesarios no balances HiRez en lo absoluto solo hechas a perdés un dios ahora en ves de que sea más jugable solo la dejarán de usar por lo inservible que se volvió y eso que yo no soy Main persephone no quiero pensar que dirán los que lo son

    25. Георгий Кириенко

      STOP talking when you are demonstrating new music skins. So annoying laughs on the backstage....its not possible fully enjoy those beautiful skins and music when you are talking at the same time. Skins - perfect. Presenters - trash

    26. DeadMasterDubstep

      Ok that monstercat battle pass is amazing

    27. Wacky Wonders

      RIP Persephone ;-;

    28. Pipkin Bambie

      Well ne zha new voice next?

    29. Codie Moore

      Slushii killed it with valhalla!! Cant wait for the battle pass!

      1. Joseph Thomas

        God damn fuckin right codies lol how goes it bro lol

    30. Brice Bodoh

      So no nerf for Danzaburo

    31. Idk Fam

      Bring back old Persephone pls :(

    32. marioforever453

      Weirdest developers of all time.

    33. Gamer Cruz

      I wonder when Terra is gonna get a skin

    34. Krister Rodin

      1:32:47 - best moment

    35. MONSTER98-TECH King

      So many items I love got neefed dam

    36. Seanio Bandarez

      Why isn't the season pass discounted if you already own the god pack?. Don't you guys want more money? I'd buy it if it was cheaper and i'd guess alot of other people would too, its nowhere near worth the price if you already have the god pack. It's not a very smart business move at all. I don't understand it.

    37. paul grant

      used to love this game but damage just seems way too high. 2 shots are really boring gameplay.

    38. Seth Gonzalez

      ........keep nerfin....nerfin nerfin.....titanforge got bigger because of a lets nerf things because dukesloth said so...because lets nerf warriors n buff mages...while tanks arent even likedl the crap items

    39. Zain Labidi

      Can we stop putting Tina in the streams. She doesn't sell anything and makes you want to click off the stream

    40. niikiyama

      remix skins finally come to smite

    41. Austin Kuebler

      Why Pele UGH

    42. OOF_Ofender

      Really hope uncle iroh gets a spot in smite as i think hes the 2nd most popular character behind ang

    43. Brendan Lepore

      rip Perseph. Here's hoping she'll be reverted rather quickly

      1. Nope

        Trash rework. also the new athena model looks like a chinese game character. look at that nose.

    44. lord4eyes

      who the hell are these skins based off of??

    45. gus051

      Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in. Gotta get that Azula skin.

    46. iiChuyyy

      Double worshipers when?

    47. beaudion smith

      Slushii looked bored at the end lmao

    48. Leo Maxwell

      Tinas voice is sooooo annoying

    49. JohnIsDie / Dat360NoScope

      That Azula pele skin is cool but the fact that the original voice actress tweeted she would've been honored to voice this pack and she wasn't even asked breaks my heart.

      1. Zero Genesis

        @Slinky yes its about copyright or something I don't know the exact details but hirez actually contacted her from what I heard

      2. Slinky

        @Zero Genesis They couldn't use someone's _voice_ for legal reasons? That's just all kinds of messed up!

      3. Zero Genesis

        They couldn't for legal reasons

      4. Serhat Öztoprak

        Wait what ? Grey DeLisle’s voice as Azula is iconic , it’s such a shame she didn’t voice it in Smite.

    50. Baddie B

      The new Persephone passive is so stupid wtf

    51. smile for me

      Since I'm hades main ilove his slushi battle pass skin best 😍😍😍 with spear magus 12% lifesteal ❤ + slushi hades with change skin in same team special emote better couple than change & hou yi 😁

    52. Angie Figueroa


    53. Lana ana

      Maybe when you're showing off a audio focused battle pass, maybe the audio from the music should be louder than the people talking about it.

    54. Last Grand Order

      Just gimme a fate collab goddammit

    55. Jeffrey Guerrero

      Ya puedo me puedo imaginar la saturación de sonido 😎🥵👌

    56. Blake Angel

      Gonna start playing athena😍

    57. AgentZombie6021 XB1

      Cool Now rework Jormungandrs basic attacks That way he gets access to some good items

    58. AJ Martinez

      Sea nymph sol? Yes. Just yes. I just need sea maiden Medusa now. 👀

    59. Malakai Marasigan

      Tiamat skin looks sick and cool

    60. deidargile3

      lol gilgamesh brainless op god didn't got a proper nerf

    61. JuanMemes110

      Where's Monstercat Fans?

    62. dwayne johnson

      Who tf is monstercat? Lmao

    63. dwayne johnson

      Cringe but happy to see that Persephone nerf

    64. 10000 pounds of sloth cigars

      im sad it isnt the actual voice of azula o;;;

    65. iTz_ FaTsO

      gilgamesh needs another nerf :)

    66. santos guerrero

      I hate that y’all change persephone this is the worst making easy for newbie. Only changes she need was the ult and nothing else!!!!! If ppl can’t dodge the flower they should just uninstall just walk around them easy all day.

    67. ZackNoctisCloud

      Removing Persephone Stage 2 plants seems so bad to me, and her plants losing chasing is just bad. Like if you rush her you win. She seems borderline useless to me now. There was already issues with having to "hit" ur own plants since your basic doesn't pierce so once enemies are on you ur plants are useless as they only go away from you. I loved Persephone, I did think she needed a rework but this just seems so bad imo. I like dropping 3 seeds at once, the ultimate is fine I guess but the entire way the plants themselves work just seems like a$$

    68. Lucas Silva

      Reduce the level to play ranked, it's a eternity to get to lvl 30

    69. Paul Reyes

      No hacia falta hacerle el rework a persephone la dejaron echa una basura

    70. BronzeMuseum

      that was a great presentation and i also really liked that new song Valhalla

    71. Akhtar Raja

      Finally Persephone is getting reworked about damn time, she was so hard to teamfight with, she literally just becomes useless late game if you dont have ult

    72. Swag lol

      When are we gonna get our Artemis visual rework

      1. Nope

        Shut up

    73. Kamina OfJeehaVillage

      We got azula pele now we need Hercules as ember island tough (toph)

      1. Kamina OfJeehaVillage

        @Slinky exactly what i was thinking but only as a taunt after you kill someone. Toph: AHHHHHHH. There i got a pretty good look at you

      2. Slinky

        With a special emote that uses her "echolocation" scream lmao

    74. Cori Off beat

      I hope we get another BP for avatar and this time we get toph Scylla..

    75. r.h.

      Okay, will play Smite for the Battle Pass. GOD YES!

    76. Danyko

      Now we just need Katara - Yemoja, Sokka - Mulan, Toph - Terra, and Iroh - Bacchus. But seriously tho, that Azula skin is amazing! Very good work!

      1. Detoner Technomusic

        Sokka mulan? Hell no, give us tyr he fits more lol

    77. Purple Witch

      Just make Persephone like Zyra already omg 😂

      1. Tiomioes

        who that

    78. Vlatko Herceg

      I’m so happy that you throw out this skin, but i have another idea, make sokka skin for heim

    79. Fordil Siranon

      Ah great keep buffing anubis with items and turning your back to it

    80. MARC SANZ

      Fate saga battle pass please

    81. SnowflakeMelter

      That hades skin though, there’s no way hi-rez made that

      1. SnowflakeMelter

        @Samysout their skins are a hit or miss, not only that but their skin distribution for gods is wack, khepri literally just got a skin two months ago and even RIOT doesn’t give lux a skin every two or three months

      2. Samysout

        Hi-Rez is the best at making skins the thing they ain't good at is well... balancing

    82. Corey

      Damn, these fools never listened to me in Assault! I kept telling everyone to all buy Benevolence, now we can't do it anymore lol :(

      1. Miguel Gomez Matias

        Lmao met a guy like that last week asking us to all build benevolence but we all ignored him since he thought we were noobs. We won that assault match 23-5

    83. Squidlord

      Hi-Rez this update: It's Nerf or Nothing

    84. Kuro Kat

      Mmmmmmmm I’m not sure about this plant changes.🤨 and her death mode is dumb making it so you can’t do anything why not just remove it. Planting seed? Mmmmmmmmmmm I don’t know

    85. Winter Wraith

      *Crab rave intensifies*

    86. Henrik Hetland

      If counter play was on your mind for Perse, then plz do something about Arthur, Chu and Yem, Tiamat. Stop being so hypocrits

    87. nazgulvader

      52:29 i fear no man but that thing it scares me

    88. Mseifer Almasy

      1:24:18 :0

    89. Kajnake


    90. Frappelychee

      1:28:35 PonPon getting mad at the bunny 😂🤣🤣

    91. Eric Rodriguez

      Fate stay night collab

    92. Stalladir

      Azula Pele gives me hope for Uncle Iroh Bacchus.

      1. Human Girl

        @Galih Prasatyo Actually only Terra would be Toph.

      2. Galih Prasatyo

        and Toph Cabrakan

      3. Human Girl

        @Serhat Öztoprak Toph is most likely for Terra.

      4. Stalladir

        @Slinky Yep, that's how I imagine it as well, Iroh is Dragon of the West after all.

      5. AJ Martinez

        @Slinky Exactly what I said.

    93. Bakuryu Kenji

      They watched 50 shades of greece on arte and take the athena model from this series with the helmet

    94. Julio Santos

      am i to high or does this not sound prerecorded

    95. Blairwhite139

      Ru kidding belona needs nerfs do u not see that ho with deathtol

    96. Dream Cat

      Y'all ruined persephone.

    97. Chrissy Lyn

      Not really liking the way that Persephone rework is looking.

    98. S4mur41dr4gon

      EVERY skin that is not basic should have a VXG. we pay for it, we should be getting VXG for it !

      1. marioforever453

        They have people that know how to animate. Even I know how to animate something. They could have been making special emotes, but are so busy getting high while making the game they don't bother.

    99. Dare

      rework Zeus plss

    100. Celestial Owl

      I wonder if persephone can see camps being pulled while dead. 🤔