SMITE - Top 5 Plays - 246 (Season 7 Wrap-Up)

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    Published on Month ago


    1. Justin Vela

      10:05 Ravana has 10 heads.. that was an inaccurate joke

    2. Unays mohammed

      all those 5 players need a perma ban lol

    3. Dimitar Radkov

      I died with that kuzen

    4. Iverson Ward


    5. Spidey-Kun

      Anybody have any idea what kuzenbo was building wtffff?

    6. I Feel Dead

      Not me losing it at the whole team vhasig fter and failing to kill 1 Kuzenbo XD Edit: losing it even more at the Uno reverse when Kuzenbo's team finally came back XD God, I can practically hear the Kuzenbo player scream the whole match

    7. ArtCrusader

      Video could have ended after Kuzenbo and it wouldn't have been less epic. :D

    8. Johnathan Blow

      Games trash now

    9. Marc Klemoff

      Khepri threw that so hard...

    10. Vixxie

      Kuzembo is the epitome of having a team that refuses to rotate while also refusing to die himself to spite their excuses.

    11. Nya Rvn

      if anyone has the title and/or composer of 8:02 ???

    12. LukeTheKilla

      Y’all should add Kratos if you can it would be a good addition

    13. Fabri Stefanoli

      Kuzenbo's play is XXI century best play

    14. Smirqs Edits

      i had one play where i pretended to be lagging and just kept walking straight. they all came for me and i turned around and got a triple as scylla. wish match replay was a thing for normal users

    15. EtamineK

      bro, this kuzenbo wants to live!! jesus

    16. Lester


    17. The Angory Gecko

      Kappa, how do i pick up the avatar for getting a feature?

    18. Sam Bou-Rizk

      what map is this?

    19. Enstalling

      Whats that kuzenbo build geez

    20. Matthew Ault

      I was legit concerned about your house until you finished that sentence 😂😂

    21. Sean Cunningham

      Shoulda left that Ymir play in the drafts

    22. Bubu

      Lmao that kuzenbo. That was so funny he was like weave lol

    23. Bultoman

      dislike por furro

    24. i4ME 3

      For the brain poops, who are bashing the kuzenbo Opponent for missing lots of their ability, it's not them missing it's kuzenbo who is making them miss. As much as hitting an ability defines your skill, so is letting someone miss thier skills equally impressive.

    25. LackOfSkills

      That ability based Anhur dps is nutty

    26. Echostream

      that first clip though, how can he move like that with balls so big.

    27. OVERONX

      WTF kuzenbo player

    28. Daigusto Emeral

      Lmao kuzenbo op, best top 5 imo

    29. Froste5


    30. Wanda & Thor

      anyone know what last anhur build possibly could be?

    31. Flip Nation

      For next season can you do a Naruto battle pass pls😻😻😻😍

    32. Malakai Marasigan

      Bring the bull demon king back for the next season

    33. Aliyah Glasgow

      Been playing smite for years. Those kuzen jukes are the best ive ever seen lol

    34. pvt m33rkat m33rkat

      I feel like the only two impressive clips that game were the first and last ones.

    35. Steven Milt

      My god, these plays were great! Are you making the usual top 5 plays bad just to withold the good plays for the wrap-ups or something?

    36. Cj D

      That kuzenbo should have had his own video

    37. Will M.

      Some great plays. Especially that kuzenbo jukes and bait. People in comments need to chill out with calling the enemy team bad though. They tried kuzenbo proved to be the better player by juking. It's easy to try and blame someone for for being bad nstead of commending the opposition for playing well.

    38. Dovydas Strielkus

      and Kuzenbo only at top 5 for that ? o.O

    39. augusto rodrigues

      Man that kuz lmao xD

    40. Kenny Villarson

      Kuzenbo glitched the matrix on that one !!!! Awesome job !!!

    41. NJFraney

      Please for the love of god take a lesson from the first clip..... DONT CHASE THE SUPPORTS (especially if last alive) they can't do anything on the map by themselves and you're just wasting your time.

    42. XeroxSDK


    43. MakaroV PsYFouR

      first one was Epic

    44. SUSANO 1

      Kuzenbo is alredy the best play of 2021 no need to post more plays

    45. r s

      bellona slowmo ult is the most badass thing iv seen

    46. Tom Hunter-Deady

      I dont understand why you would show that first clip but the rest are great

    47. Tiago Freire

      I really like of that type, give me more pls

    48. cedric hol

      My 1v3 wasn't featured :'(

    49. moises molina

      The plays have yo be in ranked?

    50. Shayne Garcia

      Clean intro

    51. Neuzair Paizante

      Still waiting for tou ppl to do theese for other game modes

    52. CamTheKitty

      That is why you don't focus supports. Why did they waste so much time lol

    53. Sufyaan Griffin

      Bro i need to know what that kuzenbo was building

      1. 郑壹壹


    54. Kayra esen

      so when will you remove mulan's toxic masqulanity comments in her voice pack? or you gonna stay woke and sexist against men

    55. rickiM 10

      Kuzembo = Messi

    56. J P

      We all need to know. Wtf did that kuzenbo build

    57. Jose Romero

      Hahaha omg I love this 😂😂😂

    58. La lumière qui fait venir l'ombre

      The first one is INSANE.

    59. Danilo Martinez

      Jajajajajajaja que buena la del kuzembo el mejor clip que eh visto

    60. xxjonlp

      how is clip number 5 the best clip in smite existence? I died laughing man

    61. Amirr Bah

      He-bo you just got creamed

    62. Danzul2

      The way you said Kephri has me gagged 😂

    63. Dotsforall

      7:25 has to be the funniest death I have ever seen in smite. This clip should be saved forever.

    64. Toren Adams

      Awilix Anhur play is the best play I’ve ever seen play perfect

    65. SalaComMander

      That Kuzenbo clip needs to go down in history!

    66. Fonz

      damn. that kuzenbo clip is absolutely criminal.

    67. Shihab

      Now this. This is Top 5 plays!

    68. chi bao do

      I like the same of video. Thanks hires.

    69. Best Gamer

      wtf did i watch

    70. Willow

      That kuzenbo is something else

    71. Kriip

      I want to know which is the kuzembos build

    72. Emre Metin

      Kuzenbo 😅😅😅🤣🤣😅

    73. MFAW tut

      Best 👍

    74. Daniel Losada Urzola

      nice job inuki

    75. William De Lima

      This kuzembo ooomG

    76. Fu Rii

      That Kuzenbo made my day lmao

    77. ny_5 ave_13

      4:26 - Gandalf moment

      1. robert smith

        thats my play u are the only person to comment about it so thank you

    78. Rafael Vasile

      They should surrend after the kuze chase

    79. Breno dos Santos

      Kuzembo play was fallowed by surrender request for this Tyr.

    80. Mert kemal Karadağ

      this was really fun I hope you make more top plays with this format

    81. Head goo

      Are you serious inuki, I sent in a double penta kill with Scylla in conquest far better than that cerb triple kill. (Season 7). How does it not get featured?

    82. Ariel Velasquez

      Kuzembo with that music ... lol

    83. By Monk

      Omg Anhur and Awilix play was so so sexy im entertained af

    84. Chris LaLonde

      So is there a way to try to get an xbox video judged for this?

    85. Sirris Mendoza Sunless Realms

      That Kuzenbo clip was beautfiul, thank you Inuki.

      1. Paul Chaos

        🤔inuki didn't make the clip

    86. Antonio Remley

      The first one OMEGALUL

    87. khales

      The Kuzenbo play was awesome ! GG to the player ^^

    88. AdiGames

      Artemis aegis against janus was fake. aegis doesnt work in those situations. Well for me anyway.

    89. Alex Mercer


    90. Therodaas' Corner

      Jesus, that 1st play 🤣🤣🤣

    91. Saif Ali

      Lol this kuzenbo was god it was enjoy to watch

    92. Atcera

      Kuzenbo is #5? UNPOSSIBLE

    93. AweSomeAprex

      This is more like top 5 fails...

    94. Shunsui Uchiha

      True Japanese gods

    95. Mostakim Kabir

      How did kuzenbo regen so much health that fast?

      1. Keleab tesfaye

        Stone of gia

      2. TopFrag Anxiety


      3. Ginsho

        Firegiant and probably items

    96. Vinicius Fernandes

      this kuzenbo is top #1

    97. Tommie

      Love all the slow mos and zoom ins. That’s what SPL is missing, I can’t watch it too much at once.

    98. Nice Choice

      Aight tht anhur awilx combo was so good. They just knew how to fight and support each other in the middle of it, love to see teamwork be done so flawlessly

    99. Laucir Esteves

      Bellona landing on people with her ult in slowmo is the most badass thing in the game

    100. Edrees Alrefay

      The last one was really strong