SMITE - This Month In SMITE (March 2021)

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    It's a month, and it's SMITE, so it's time for "This Month in SMITE"! Join Finch as he features (and roasts) the best clips from the SMITE scene. Have a clip you want to share? Submit it here:
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. itsallBlessed

      finch is cool

    2. Nasr

      real epic, hope you continue these videos

    3. ATR

      Yeaaaaaa don't do political jokes

    4. PEKKA's Playhouse

      This sucks man. Why is just a bunch of twitch streamers

    5. Keith

      Chronos at the end: “I’ll let you have the first hit. You’re gonna need it.”

    6. Gregory Kernozek

      Yoo this format is awesome!

    7. Zac

      This has to be a reupload

    8. RISK T0 WIN

      Finch lose weight? He looks good.

    9. Dualities

      Smite is one of the best true action games on the market. with one of the best communications system in whole gaming...voice line commands ak can motivate your whole team with just a few commands... the best thing for support mains...and best game for high pressure team PvP gaming fans...MOBA fans, Arena fans, Conquest fans...and we have something for everybody Conquet or arena fans or anything in between. Smite doesn't have much competition currently. so that is why they need to start inventing otherwise they ill get driven over by the competition in the near future. action games are the future. they need to add old fun game mods into a match of the day rotation on weekends (mario cart, 3v3v3, capture the flag...), they need to add more way for people to earn cosmetics by playing the game. commendation rewards, achievement points rewards (giving meaning to achievement points), account rewards, ranked rewards, clan war rewards, triumph chests...also we need Arena ranked scene and Clan wars. you know just a leaderboard and some ranked rewards nothing more. wanna know why LoL is dying? because they only focus on Conquest. event ho Conquest aka DOTA aka Defend of the Ancients was just 1 of 2000000 community-made maps from warcraft 3 and starcraft 2 community-made maps era. back then we didn't care if it was Coqneust or arena it was just a fight of characters with different fun rules. Smite is simple but so deep. My favourite game of all times for sure and I have been playing MMOs and MOBAs for 15+ years now. I miss games like Battlefield Heroes and Loadout tho.and the game that have community content are still alive...Warcraft 3, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, CoD zobmies... Also unban DM Brandon already ffs. ip banned him after 2 days of some bs accusation. cmon Hirez

      1. VV K

        @Nasr There's a 4k texture pack available as free dlc on steam for smite.

      2. Nasr

        lol is supposed to be dying for years yet still is at the top. i personally didnt play smite since like 5 years mostly because no one played it with me. when i look at videos of the game, i enjoy seeing the new gods, the skins, the design etc... sadly the graphics and gameplay somehow feel outdated in 2021 which ofc wasn't the case at its release.

      3. Dualities

        @VV K no it wasn't. there is not 1 proof because it doesn't exist. beside 1 sided stories from some girl playing victim on Twitter who posts her own nudes on Twitter. u can hardly call that a proof. I read some of these stories. girls be like they are winning some anti harassment war on women or some bs like that. people thought they are fighting against harassment when inf act just supporting another toxic movement. playing victim, fake accusations...

      4. VV K

        Bro it was alot more than just an "accusation". He deserved to be banned and hopefully will stay that way.

    10. Hari Michelson

      Cabra did 2093 damage

    11. Nick Doerr

      Does Hinduman not work for Hi-Rez anymore? Seems like it's been forever since I seen him. Also Finch I see that weight loss keep it going! I've lost 25 lbs this year myself!

    12. emergencycode53


    13. Little Jimmy

      Haven’t they used these clips before?

    14. Jack Black

      damn, you still living?

    15. Jhoan Usquiano

      Cuando arreglaran los servers, siempre lo mismo, actualización es igual a servers en la mierda

    16. xxCradleEyesHIMxx

      Getting rid of a blonde orange, priceless, well played

    17. Turgay Tumay

      ı like this format keep it up

    18. Marcel Spoellmink

      i dont realy like this format

      1. J P


    19. bear fluid

      Finch best caster

    20. Genaro Torres Vargas

      I like this kind of videos

    21. Cubone

      Thank you Smite for another great video!! Keep up the hard work in these troubeling times you're doing amazing!

    22. John Dripper

      Does it only HV to be conq can I submit assault, clash , etc clips too?

    23. teriiyaki_god


      1. Santiago Sosa

        I have experienced solo Cabroken's power early game, he destroyed me by being 2 seconds inside his ability lol

    24. Stefano Padilla

      That end clip tho lmao

    25. gavin sandoval

      Love this vids and the host 😁👌

    26. Nix 281

      Pls get to season 8

    27. KeemTUBE

      Keep it up smite!!

    28. Enid Heisenberg

      Is it just me or has finch lost some weight😕?

      1. PrinnyLordNinjocity

        It’s a good thing, awaiting the day we see Hench Finch stroll up to the commentary desk

      2. Jessica Stone

        Came looking for this comment too

      3. CommentBrowser

        Came to the comments to see if anyone thought the same!

    29. Joseph Messina

      i just played all out assault and the other team was all Tiamat, we got obliterated, nerf that bitch

    30. Reshi

      Tiamat is OP

      1. Santiago Sosa

        @AzulSpirit Nah, it's cool to push an abandoned lane, just leave them there and go help your team somewhere else

      2. AzulSpirit

        Honestly she isn't too great. the one thing i will say is i would prefer that her snake minion ability either get reworked or simply removed from the game

      3. John Dripper

        I am god at smite 😽😽

      4. Mask Gaming

        She isn’t, you need skill to be good with her, so depends on who plays her

      5. Beast Deas

        Yes, time for the great purge