SMITE - Update Highlights - The King of Uruk

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    The King of Uruk update is here! Including the newest God Gilgamesh, Conquest Map update, Chilling Hersir Ares, Lady of the Sea Discordia, Tormented Soul Medusa, Peace Out Artemis and more!
    For details, check out the patch notes here:
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    Published on 26 days ago


    1. Sir Go0se

      Why is every god this game adds so broken to start with

    2. Tez Tickle

      Again like 5 years later they implement an old suggestion and don't give credit. So many suggestions of mine have made it into the game and ive yet to have a single credit given.

    3. Junior Mendoza

      Discordia doesn’t sound like that to me and I ain’t happy ònó

    4. Leaucard

      That Merlin skin is hilarious

    5. FoxxySphinx

      I don't get why they straight up didn't do a proper headless horseman skin for Chiron. It looks like another cosmic skin? wasted opportunity...

    6. Phoenix Ikki

      You better release Enkidu or we riot.

    7. Wise Guy


    8. Nash Butler

      No lore lady=downvote

    9. Iamrealblackpanther

      We need gemmes promo for chaac tier5 :0

    10. Voodoo Roll

      Gilgamesh? Really? What happened to more Voodoo gods. Maybe add Robin Hood? Paul Bunyun? Smh.

    11. Happy Daze

      Artemis: lets go on a nature walk. * has a car as ultimate*

    12. Simplicity Linxx

      Nerf Gilgamesh already fucker is wayyy to strong

    13. К T

      Wonderful update 😻

    14. Ryan Kenyon

      Um and the spl starts up again this week? Why don't you guys promote comp on the main channels?

    15. Dualities

      btw u still owe Dm Brandon unban and even an apology. pls grow some balls and don't be a joke like your ranked scenes in your games

    16. Brutal Override

      Ares and Chiron skins? Absolute yes!

    17. Umbran Roses

      Where tf is Lore Lady? How many times do we gotta teach you this!

    18. SquidTeamSIX

      Does anyone know how big the update is on xbox?

    19. muddrake

      When will dolos come in smite ?

    20. Leo Zhao

      So we got a stoner and hippy skin, time to get back into the game

    21. Devin Poe

      Why did you guys nerf all the charcters armor rating! Everyone is so squishy! Battles are now short and pointless! Everyone is an assassin!

      1. FoxxySphinx

        it's been like that for a while, no? I agree everything happens too fast and is so short..

    22. None 4

      Trash GM’s i really wrote some issues happen to me and they never respond !! So i think ill keep getting 700 min ban! Cuz the game crushes ! + the amount of hacking ppl this week!! Unbelievable

    23. Trey S

      New Artemis Skin!? Shut up and Take my Money!!!

    24. Isaac Austin

      Just don't convert him into an assassin like you did poor ravana...

      1. meyerwertsky

        I feel like erlang shud be an assassin

      2. delet

        And thor

    25. Real Dusa

      Medusa new skin sounds effects are just like the standart. Why cant u guys fix? Even her VXG dosent work.

      1. FoxxySphinx

        it's lazy, and they're expecting ppl to pay full price for that. pffft

      2. Santi A


    26. Jordan Gonzalez


    27. Marvin Hubregtse

      de ares skin voicepack is weird chiron is cool discordia is no medusa skin meh voice edgelord merlin .. no artemis no

    28. TrollyMcgee

      Artemis with her Trump bus

    29. Lightsaber09

      Damn you Hi Rez you squeezed out another 30 bucks outta me just for that Scylla skin

      1. Lightsaber09

        @Brutal Override it's called mystical monster and is very cool

      2. Brutal Override

        A New Scylla skin you say? I must investigate this.

    30. Dualities

      how much CC does this fcking god have. new content aka new skins and event to buy lmao. mybe stop sleeping on international and arena players and bring back old fun game modes and give meanignt to achievement and clan wars...

    31. thatsmokerwasme

      You dare gaze upon me without my permission MONGREL?! **Dropkicks*

      1. Smashdexer

        Like the comment but it saddens me that the kit is so boring like I only like his 1, like it’s a good kit and flows well together but this ain’t Gilgamesh even based of lore or fate

    32. shaggy at 1%

      Hey hirez u gonna fix the issue and nerf gods that actually need nerfing and lower the dmg scaling for warriors and guardians Hirez: no U gonna focus on skins because u only care about money and continue to have a broken report system that only sends warnings sometimes instead of actually doing something Hirez: yes

      1. SubOptimal Sage

        I agree. I've heard the data mine site saying they plan to ungrade to URE 4 but I find it hard to beilieve

      2. shaggy at 1%

        Are you atleast gonna fix ur servers to stop atleast 1 person getting kicked every game Hirez: what are we, made of money

    33. Ё

      Make it possible to hide modern skins.

      1. SinatoFilms

        I wouldn't use this, but I think that's actually a really good idea. A lot of players would use that option if possible.

    34. Insane Plays, Funny Moments

      Bruh, I wanna play the update but I can't even login because I get a screen that says " We appreciate your patience while we get you in game as quickly as possible. Relogging will reset this process. Normally, the wait shouldn't be long." I can't even login in

      1. Nash Butler

        Yeah it means there r 2 many people on it usually logs u in within 15 mins just go do something while it loads

      2. Asma Haddad


    35. chaolover9999

      Fate series collab when

      1. Mauri Sosa Salcedo

        fate owners dont do collab outside of the things they own

    36. Jake Francis-Chin

      Of course they have that Merlin and Artemis skin on 420 blaze it up day

    37. Caleb Davis

      @Hirez, can we plz get up to 5 man queues for competitive conquest???? Like im begging.

      1. Caleb Davis

        @Jose Barajas not if you make it a separate queue from the standard 2 person max

      2. Jose Barajas

        It would be too op bro

    38. Alex Mercer

      Don´t worry, Be hippie.

      1. Brutal Override

        Because hippie little thing, is gonna be alright

    39. Drulipabs

      I thought Gilgamesh was an April fools joke

    40. Ramon Thomas

      Can we please get Akheilos God and a Street Sharks Theme

    41. David Calderon

      the bus looks like donald trump

    42. upset banana

      Ayo gimme flying spaghetti monster cthulhu

      1. The King

        @SalaComMander We can get both, Cabrakan has a Loki skin and Loki is also in game. Why not both? @.@

      2. The King

        @Why tho That would be great

      3. Why tho

        We need Chibi Cthulhu

      4. SalaComMander

        Nah fam, we need Flying Spaghetti Monster as a new god!

    43. jorje manso

      1:09 Oh my God!!! Smite, if you don't know how to make skins for that pick (Merlin), you better not do it. go F. trash

      1. kieran pearson

        Stfu crying

    44. micuu1

      That hippy bus is haunting my dreams

      1. Elias Segura

        @Angel Barnes if you look closely it looks like if trump was in cars 👀

      2. Angel Barnes

        That hippy bus looks like the one from Cars

    45. BladesofElysian

      This lowly mortal thinks that he can brandish a blade and learn to drop kick, that he can oppose the likes of the Mighty Tiamat! Don't make me laugh, Ha! My queen is not so easily amused and you have been forewarned. Gilgamesh stands in judgment and it would be wise for him to back down... while he still can.

    46. Forceal Break

      No sylvanus skin again😞

      1. Julio Jimenez

        I hate this place

    47. Bazar Games


    48. Омрлн Ролпрлд

      Nerf Gilgamesh

      1. Омрлн Ролпрлд

        Nerf both

      2. kieran pearson

        Lol no. He's already been nerfed. Nerf tiamat

    49. Ming Less Dreamar

      RIP the servers

    50. Boscar Maori

      Omg another one baccus and Merlin so great

      1. Boscar Maori

        @BladesofElysian lmao true

      2. BladesofElysian

        they put a mushroom on his head... XD

    51. sparky 357

      Oh my god, Hippie gods.

      1. Kathir

        @Arty SZ lol

      2. Arty SZ

        Released on 420 too lmao

    52. Iceman


      1. DarkMeadow

        You Rock!

      2. Alex B

        Cancel that

    53. Luisz

      Wheres the medusa VXG??????? and the sounds are just the originals :/