SMITE - Gilgafresh: King of Chads - Meme Reveal

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    Gilgamesh visits the town of SMITEstone and finds his treasure...
    #Smite #Gilgamesh #sovietkheprilol
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    Published on Month ago


    1. WASDragon

      This sh*t is why this game will never be top MOBA...

    2. YoTo

      I expect one of gilgamesh's skins being called gilgafresh or else I not buying him.

    3. gothgay


    4. Maćko SuperŻubr

      Is this the first time that "corporate" memery was finger licking good?

    5. Lorik Philip

      We need thats skin for khépris

    6. Thomas rands

      I love this so much I've watched it every day we need that kephri skin

    7. Jesus Melgar

      They need to make a "GilgaFRESH" skin.

    8. Ms Chaotic

      1,000th comment :)

    9. fafa limaozim

      junt-se a 35 milhoes de joghadores. é de ri isso. mal mal 2 mil pessoas online nesse jogo

    10. fafa limaozim

      is that really HI-Rez? game is dying and the values ​​of that game on steam is absurd? one more game will die because the company is buras and does not make promotions. only think about selling gems

    11. Angry Skeleton Corn Man

      that BETTER be his dance high rez

    12. StrikeCaptain121

      I want whatever you guys took to make this.

    13. Mario_CR310


    14. Travis Curbelo

      T5 ra ult should be a portal to the sun opens in the sky and a fast beam shoots across the battlefield

    15. Oguz Sahin Kabaoglu

      nie dalga geçiyosunuz =()..Babilion düşüyor işte..

    16. Sans The Skeleton


    17. Adrian Graco

      Could anyone make a 10 hour Soviet Khepri vid?

    18. Brandon Flakes


    19. Gyro Zeppeli


    20. Jacob Hobson

      Song name at 1:28 please??? I need to know its so good!!

    21. Yusuf Habibi

      It's like a moba game commercial. Lol.

    22. Matt White

      Ok but what is the song @0.33

    23. Brandon Russ

      I'm .... I'm just speechless by this creative masterpiece

    24. Ashton Stanley

      Soviet Scarab Khepri is one of the best things ive seen all year

    25. The Doom Slayer

      Ahh the glorious KOMRAD KHEPRI ( no it's not commie khepri you filthy casual) skin. Gives KHEPRI max armor, damage and health right from the start of the game. Makes his original voice lines become russian. And equally distributes death to his enemies. The most powerful god in all of smite has arrived

    26. Luther DePapier


    27. Niels Bechmann

      Song at 0:32?

    28. Juan pablo maestre rivera

      Me gusta mas el de FATE XD

    29. Celeste Hernández

      I really need this skin of kephri😩

    30. Claudio Berrutti

      Communist Khepri got me dying XD

    31. Unrivaled Wraith

      The body pillow lmao

    32. Nevermind

      yeaaaaa this is something else

    33. Daniel EsSegovia

      Fate's Gilgamesh is better v: I only say.

    34. The Dietzster

      We need an entire gilgafresh dance video, that dance is too much for one video!

    35. Galahime Galahime

      pla give us Russian wielding khepri skin PLZPLZPLZPLZ

    36. Travis Curbelo

      Lady of the lore never does that intro anymore we should've known this was gonna be what it was lol

    37. Joseph

      Amazing piece of art

    38. Marque Morales

      Who's next beowolf

    39. TheHellsingHQ

      Welp, at least we all know why the game has been in a sad state for many, many years now.

    40. AlejandroRBBP

      1:15. Oh my... 1:30. We N E E D that Tiamat kawaii, please.

    41. Shadowking

      Wtf did I just watch

    42. Kalma Kumma

      this is a masterpiece!

    43. Ethan Dickie

      That better be his dance

    44. Almighty Munky

      Well wasnt expecting that XD, Now wheres my soviet khepri skin lol

    45. Milady Ragnarok

      can you imagine them proof watching this? I can

    46. MRSINISTER 665

      Cant wait to see more Mesopotamian gods and demons like Mhriman Mardok and Ahuramazda in smite

    47. pyrobryan

      No more drugs for that man.

    48. orangeoblivion


    49. Yato The God

      Gilgamesh the King of Kings

    50. Steel Pangolin Games


    51. Dark Angel

      This is simultaneously incredibly shitty and well made, also give me a AK wielding communist Kephri skin.

    52. V de Vendetta

      Comrade Khepri Skin PLEASEEEEE

    53. Gergő

      WTF xD

    54. Боян Батилов

      what did I just watch?

    55. 69 years ago

      PLEASE Can anybody tell me the music in 1:04

    56. nikhil silva

      I'm downloaded by smite again

    57. Astrid Parungao


    58. Evade Willson

      Dang i was hoping he was like fate stay night

    59. Jahy-Sama

      So uh when is the Tiamat dakimakura going to be purchasable?

    60. Drake

      But where is the fate stay skin tho ?

    61. doc Redrum

      Wtf did i just watch

    62. Unknown

      can someone tell me what this song at this time stamp 0:31 / 0:39 it's called

    63. SMILE

      Is this some kind of Mobile Legends ads?

    64. Alix :3

      Smite le sabe al shitpost 😼🤙

    65. Adrian Graco

      THIS, coming from the devs themselves, IS A MASTERPIECE

    66. Gytis Leimonas

      Wtf is this

    67. Danilo M. M. Mancini

      Final Fantasy V Gilgamesh when?

    68. RE -O

      We need Kephri Soviet Skin and Chad Gilgamesh skin

    69. Brandon lml


    70. Huch Serpian

      this reminds be of a mobile game add lol.

    71. N00Bella

      Ok you got me. Where do I preorder the pillow?

    72. Zayx

      take my money hi-rez

    73. Piotr Skiba

      What The F***

    74. Notti DAD

      Best reveal since the Manticore. Missing the Lore-people, but otherwise. Maybe a reveal in this style for the original cast? Wukong ape form and all

    75. Slate Bronco

      This is obviously a joke

    76. Akhir Shiki


    77. Squares

      i will be highly dissapointed if i cannot buy an actual tiamat body pillow at fanforge

    78. Juan Borja

      Gilgamesh and Enkidu are just the ancient versions of the Chad and the Doomer.

    79. Gigas0101

      Important details in this video: -Soviet Khepri skin in high demand -People WILL buy Tiamat body pillows -There is most certainly a "GILGAMESH INCOMING!" line in-game -Gilgamesh's walk animation is 0:32 and that is very, very good 10/10 best god reveal

    80. RachelRosie88

      wtf did i just watch lol XD worse god reveal eveer lol XD

    81. Escape Aura


    82. Cwaziinator

      Dude I want Soviet Conrad Kephri as a skin now 😂

    83. What Bobby

      i have to say this in russian real quick я Хепри, я пришел забрать всю водку для матери россии, если ты не будешь не подчиняться, я бросусь на Би с армией из тысячи солнц

    84. Igor S

      Ok no Zashu or Enuma Elish? This is a Faker

    85. Stephan Siegmund

      Traumata for life

    86. BadAndy_ On PS4

      Thought this was a joke till i saw the t-pose

    87. Aron Miselli

      hey check out swagrats new video

    88. Sire_Astaroth

      Oh... my... God... love it!

    89. JungleINSECt Spikewall

      This is litterally smite in it current state. A bugy mess that shouldnt exist

    90. EVPOP

      Ngl he’s got drip

    91. Marco Grenié

      😂 Full joke

    92. joseph morris

      Wtf did i just watch lmaoo

    93. Izzy

      Oh yes please give us commie kephri pleaaeeeesss

    94. Vaiolett ultra


    95. Eyrm Jernberg

      I need ALL of this!!!...

    96. Black_Kail

      what did I just watch?

    97. walkawayjutsu

      0:31 how I go home from work on fridays

    98. luka urban kitek

      This is life. This is art. This is the essence of the universe.

    99. Lady Sky

      Wtf did I watch