SMITE - Top 5 Plays - Episode 245

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Tobiasu

      Those Ra plays were really impressive, and watching the Achilles one just made my day. They really could drop Belona and cast Achilles for some promo videos, that was beautiful in many ways.

    2. Daniel Telford

      listening to this guy makes me feel like i can get a penta on joust XD

    3. Ethan Kobbe

      i honestly dident know how to save my games because i had a penta with thano and wanted to save it¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    4. sinna bag

      smite top 5's quality has really gone down i love how it used to be formated back in the day now its legit just watching 1-2 people highlight reel in a clip

    5. E D

      That number 1 wasnt anything Special, Thats literally thanatos‘ mechanic. Justice for that achilles

    6. Mihai Petre

      This is what passes for top 5 now? Jeez the quality of players is low

    7. Brandon Aryasatya

      Add kratos pls

    8. Catzel1 Ps4

      Smite is the only game I’ve ever played where the teams you get are dumb enough to surrender while winning

    9. Glo San

      Feel the plays became more basic than before

    10. Steven Milt

      play nr 4: achilles gets lucky that arthur is inting

    11. Bhendon Queiroz

      petition to put Jesus Christ on smite leave your like

    12. Johnny Lozano

      my son Vizzente

    13. Bigfsi_Smite

      2nd play was basically a 2v1, Hades was low and cern was 4, not much to be afraid of

    14. Super Fun Force


    15. Kevin Vu

      How long is the 4th bundle for dawn of Babylon gonna be on sale for since you guys dont put dates on at all for these kind of sales

    16. MrTatouA

      I love the ending music. So fitting

    17. MibuExcel


    18. Odir Albuquerque

      Ah i like the balance changes of the new map, but the aesthetics of the old map was awesome.

    19. Malakai Marasigan

      I like when I trying to level up faster and playing jungle role, people just telling me to get out of the jungle and tries to report me. I’m just trying my best to level and having fun :)

      1. Matthew Rowe

        Yeah, honestly if co-op bot matches gave progress towards battle passes, quests, and achievements id drop pvp. Too many toxic players

    20. Tanner Anderson

      Fix servers

    21. VOiD Donutz

      Love the music omgggg

    22. Itamar Casais

      Now THIS is a top 5 plays video, good job

    23. snmludwig1

      After chyibus we need hastur in the game

    24. Zeca Urubu

      Finally a proper Top 5 plays video!

    25. Deathevan Deathevan

      Thana:kills 2 low hp targets and requires an ult to cqtch one of them Inuki:YOU ARE THE NUMBER 1 PLAY SCREW ACHILLES

    26. Yasin ÇABUK

      You should reverse the top 5 order

      1. Yasin ÇABUK

        @Centrifeudal The point is we dont see that amazing woooaw plays on top5 plays. And this top5 is really like random plays. Achilles is Just Lucky cuz merc fails his ult. Not Achilles make him fail. Ra is not suprising game but better then others, especially others... Actually i like my ego but these comments were like yours imho

      2. Centrifeudal

        I mean the first Ra play shown wasnt bad but was definitely sloppy in terms of execution. Achilles should be higher up, definitely, but #5 should stay as is imho

    27. Space Pioneer

      The first Ra play, although good in terms of the situation, was sloppy. That Achilles play was clean and impressive. I'm not one to be a downer but, it had to be said.

    28. diego rafael

      coloca o boitatá no smite e saci

    29. Jacob

      These are so lazy lol

    30. Simone Mammirocx

      Banger song and inuki's voice is just perfect

    31. Phương Phúc Phan

      2:07 Where did Geb get the purple buff from? 🤔

      1. Dr Zaus

        He had it the whole time its a spectator mode bug

    32. Ramone Alleyne

      The link in the description sends me to a page which says "page not found" can anyone help me out here.

    33. CamTheKitty

      That level difference on number 1 though

      1. H0ppe

        ? One level

    34. Hammer H

      Legends say that king arthur never played smite again after that achilles clutch.

    35. lj21

      WOW! We finally have ACTUAL good plays. Though the ranking is debatable. The Anhur/geb play should have been #5 and Achilles should have been 1 or 2. But hey, I'm just happy this was a good episode finally.

    36. Thomas Sugg

      I hope to see Season 8 clips soon.

    37. Majin

      I need to get into this games. I really love the concept of it. I just don't play a lot of MOBAs lol.

    38. Jaime Martin

      inuki, have u heard about season 8?

    39. Kyamil Nasuf

      That Anhur basic was off man, Smite is WEIRD with targeters.

      1. Kyamil Nasuf

        @i4ME 3 Don't you agree it's a dumb and lazy thing to do? Physical size should totally affect hitbox size and even shape. Bigger gods are easier to target and should be better at body blocking, for example. Are you sure this is the case? It sounds too lazy, even for Smite.

      2. Kyamil Nasuf

        @Manuel Arriola I have never heard of this

      3. i4ME 3

        There is an univisible hit box, which is same for the biggest God or the smallest God, they all have the same hit box size, so for a smaller God it may seems to not hit them but their hitbox is bigger than their actual in game figure and that's why.

      4. Manuel Arriola

        it's the replay that makes basic looks like miss

    40. BBaggins McSwaggins

      I wonder when we're gonna see clips & plays that were made on the s8 map.

      1. BBaggins McSwaggins

        @Inuki Oh, well that's a rather understandable reason why o-0. Hope you've been recovering well, take your time with it.

      2. VV K

        @Inuki ur house got ra ulted lmao

      3. Inuki

        Soon! We have a season 7 wrap up episode and then we're on to Season 8. Sorry for the delay. I had a house fire. I blame Agni.

    41. Daniel Knight

      That Achilles play was nuts. Disrespectful to be that low tbh

    42. Le' Artistique

      The best two were at the beginning. The rest were average at best. Im sick of seeing anhur with the same skin and ra just ulting.

    43. Facundo Terzano

      Wtf eso es top 2? Con suerte en top 10

    44. Dustin Morris

      Thanatos 1v4 the enemy team Smite players: that was the worse clips of the bunch lol

      1. Dark Ideal

        @CamTheKitty Was one level above the kali and scylla and one behind the jing? Definitely wasn't behind but wasn't really super fed. It was just a bit of a clean up unfortunantely but he wasn't butchering scythes like most thana's :))

      2. Swagster Pro99

        @SalaComMander and way better!

      3. Michael Myers

        @SalaComMander See as someone who plays a lot of duo lane, that's the least impressive of the bunch. They hit 5 first, so that power spike was huge and literally should win any fight they take there.

      4. Kevin Jackson

        @Dustin Morris also 2 of them were so low anyways. the Cab's blink there was more impressive than that entire play

      5. Dustin Morris

        Ya but still 1v4 and you just need one good combo with 3 of them to kill him

    45. Mister Cre

      I'm glad Ra players are getting some shine

    46. DerMarm 69

      0:47 khepri be like YOU ARE MINE NOW!

    47. Mauro Junior

      How can i submit? The link isnt working, it appear some error for me.

      1. MiChAeLo KGB

        If you are using a VPN, try disabling it for that site.

    48. Konnor C

      That achilles play shoulda been #3

    49. Back View

      The first place was the worst play of the five.

    50. Also Mati

      Finally good plays*❤❤

    51. Em Ef

      That thana play was amazing

      1. Deathevan Deathevan

        thanatos being braindead as always seems amazing to you? You sure that cabrakens blink wasnt more impressive then a thana pressing 1 three times and 4 one time?

    52. Starlord [Dynoco]

      Que bueno es el vizzente

    53. Nicko Gorosito

      finally some actually decent plays :D

    54. Rafa Fonseca

      Grande vizzente

    55. PrivateRoot

      That achilles play was so clean

      1. Kenya Procope

        It was mostly a misplay with them diving

    56. Onifryn

      Some amazing plays

    57. Tirnoschi Dragos

      The new season is so shitty that he needs to salvage last season plays

    58. Kedinka

      These were some nice plays

    59. Tanktopss

      vizzente the huge solo!!!

    60. kieran pearson

      Well your definitely not passionate about smite if you're not doing anything for season 8. Move on

      1. Dist Raction

        Hey there's some sick plays from s7 that haven't seen the light of day yet and I'm not complaining.

      2. Nova

        Oh grow up, Karen.

    61. Edelgard Von Hreselverg


    62. Juriti Gameplay

      Inukii do u know the New Season 8 smite ?

      1. anthony lluberes

        He’s getting rid of all the previous season clips probably

      2. Lector


    63. Jovani Gomez