SMITE - Conquest Map: The Rising Storm Update

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    Storms gather above. Discord festers below. Introducing the Rising Storm update to Conquest!
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Sebastien

      The most pointless map update ever lmao

    2. 마른비

      Why do they bring back that purple color again... :( That's the best reason I hated old map design.

    3. ILikeCHEEZ9

      Havent played since.....2019? but I know about all the new gods but 3...but......did they just wall off the lane?....Did they just block off gold fury??. Seems like having an ability to carry you or allies pass walls is going to be pretty important

    4. ScoFoZo

      That mid harpy camp is gonna be the riskiest play

    5. Joseph Hunter

      I gotta poop

    6. donteatglass

      Really not a fan of the dark sky, the sunset from the previous version looked more unique imo

    7. Dio Brando


    8. Zachary Dr

      As in the gaming discord?!

    9. Facelerius

      I want Lore Lady to sing me a lullaby every night.

    10. ShadyZ

      Again start updating other maps

    11. ketchupandfries


    12. samuel fernandes

      The inca map must have a overlook. Its old.. Needs a new look

      1. samuel fernandes

        @Jormy Gormy yes maya 👍👍. Thanks. So I'll wait and see. Thanks for the clarification

      2. Jormy Gormy

        Inca..? You mean Maya right? Also have you not watched the patch notes? Siege and Clash are being combined to form a new game mode called Slash.

    13. Jake Rumble

      Honestly loving the new mechanic of breakable walls... gonna add in some interesting counterplay dynamics!

    14. Borislav Ivanov

      looks the same to me

    15. SmileTale Mr. Tsuion

      Leap gods get ready

    16. Ganymede

      Is this hinting Persephone rework can create plant walls?

      1. Ganymede

        @Jormy Gormy Hi rez has a habit of going way too far with stuff, Vulcan exists

      2. Jormy Gormy

        @Ganymede that's wayyyy too far lol

      3. Ganymede

        @Jormy Gormy I have the feeling they're gonna make her a guardian

      4. Jormy Gormy

        Probably not but a neat idea for sure

    17. bearholdensharks LUX

      Am I the only one that likes the idea of this?

    18. ShuTenDoJi

      lmfao stillimage thunder? you serious?

    19. Barthahn

      Please bring back the PvE modes! Thanks :)

    20. Jc48B

      What was the point of this video? What a waste

    21. Ray Ray

      Lore lady should be a god in smite.💪

    22. Benz775

      Damn i thought this was gonna be a map mechanic break down :(

    23. Sarthak Dhyani

      we finally had a nice even looking map but now we're back to the good vs. bad shinanigans, I love their work don't get me wrong I'm just kinda sad😂

    24. CrazyDice

      you guys change the conquest map like it's a pair of socks

    25. Mihai Petre

      Could be aprils fool joke.

    26. Rhuan Costa RJ


    27. Daniel

      When a movie of smite ? You have a full material for créate a one universe cinematic

    28. David ryan

      Give me ranked assualt!!!!...hell I'd settle for Clash

    29. maau5trap

      Great but nerf tiamats salamanders plz

    30. smile for me

      When lore lady god reveal 😆😆😆

    31. Homer Simpson

      Make more game modes and make objective based game modes like Heroes of the Storm PLS

    32. Hero Smash

      Those walls are going to be mildly annoying

    33. robbinbanks

      in a nutshell - map dark/vine walls that you can destroy with 2 basic attacks.. not much really

    34. Evan Hubbs

      Buff the freaking titan

    35. Omar Atif

      I hope they don't overdo the darkness (clouds). I've seen enough with previous seasons

    36. blon f

      hay q decir q se ve impresionante el trailer xdxd

    37. GameFawx

      Part of me wants to play this game again, but I just don't have enough time in my days anymore.

    38. AlexKidd

      Guess that's me heading back to joust

      1. fulviorsc

        What if they modify the joust map too?

    39. Rena Zhang

      Say what you want about the gameplay impact, but I personally love this story integration. Can't wait to hear the Lore Lady narrate further changes to the map and story atmosphere!

    40. MotNurky

      Please revert the Joust Map aesthetic

    41. Jack Hollingsworth

      My jaw dropped. Walls!!!

    42. Rave Shadows

      So I get lighter shade of purple in the sky and some walls. When are the Egyptian aliens gonna spawn in ufos and fly around the sky, storms are cool but is rather have like a 60bit space ship flying around the sky or something.

    43. Christian Thompson

      This legit nerfs everyone without a leap/teliport again.. just like the gates

    44. Ghostkillerzzz88


    45. TheOnlyOne!

      What’s the point in covering paths if u still can go thru them like Gods can jump right thru walls and everything lol smite is a joke

      1. Chris Pesce

        Because they break with two basics :0

    46. levintine777

      “Or join her on her conquest” I’d rather join you, Lore Lady uwu

    47. Mr. Spybot

      Nobody: Chat during the update show 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍

    48. Pepa Crow

      A storm is approaching... Vergil finna join the game soon... Smite Special Edition incoming 😩

    49. Hera

      Y’all gotta stop triggering the Dragon Queens...

    50. ROOKIE2222

      Just so everyone knows the walls break after 2 basics and they respawn when the corresponding jungle camp respawns e.g is the two harpys by mid die and respawn so do the walls

      1. ROOKIE2222

        @Chris Pesce to add mix ups and variations to keep us engaged as we play this season and also to show the power of tiamat and that she is the true creator of the realms. But mostly to keep us busy

      2. Chris Pesce

        What's even the point

    51. XSZ 2340


    52. Mikeyy -

      and most importantly, NO MORE TREE BS

    53. Dark Dragen

      Bruh monsters for the win tbh

    54. Marcos Lima

      I wish Great Priest Chuthlu could win the war

    55. Captain Huntank

      Gods: *want to stop tiamat* Tiamat: HONEY YOU GOT A BIG STORM COMIN

      1. Kaiser


      2. Flare23X

        I love that I get this reference . *does awkward karate chop*

      3. Marisirosaurus


    56. Kieran Murphy

      I love the new darker map, makes things feel more serious with the story changing, and the vines will pose a fun challenge

    57. Laslau Bogdan

      You know what will it be cool random conquest map cuz it has so many

    58. Laslau Bogdan

      They changed this map so many times i forgot

      1. Seraphine

        They said they are going to change it with every god released

    59. hahaha made you look

      i’ll take “who misgendered her” for 400 alex

    60. Cocke


    61. Elisha Doa-Lereigh


    62. Willow

      Who piss off the dragon?

    63. Andrew Dutchover

      Am I the only person who really liked the PvE modes they used to have? I really miss those

      1. Andrew Dutchover

        @That one dummy thicc GOOMBA yeah I played it a lot when you could get those cool rat skins

      2. That one dummy thicc GOOMBA

        I do too

    64. TheTabaK23

      I might just ignore conquest altogether and play less overall because of how dark this is. I hate it so much


      Stop changing the Conquest... We need PvE or capture the flag

    66. Ryniano

      I assume they are just blocking off the sides of the map at the start if the game now because of red invade, but if random walls pop up im gonna be pissed

      1. Ryniano

        @Jormy Gormy lmao

      2. Jormy Gormy

        Oh boy are you gonna be pissed

    67. Nathan Moulton

      Am I the only one who’s pissed off that they’ve made the map all dark and depressing again. It was perfect the way it was ffs

      1. Elisha Doa-Lereigh

        @Nathan Moulton I get u baby

      2. Nathan Moulton

        @Elisha Doa-Lereigh yeah I get that I just hate playing on a dark map. I was buzzing when they’d made the map brighter

      3. Elisha Doa-Lereigh

        It’s just so it fits the story, cuz Tiamat got pissed and is shaping the world however she wants, corrupting everything around

    68. DulcedeCoco

      A beautiful wall, might I add.

      1. That one dummy thicc GOOMBA

        Trump is that you

    69. Logan Taylor

      Smite is a fun game but a terrible MOBA. The conquest map is way too big.

    70. Dragon Helivar

      i like the look but this isn't innovative at all in all honestly

    71. Yopp

      You made a map prettier than season 5 and you proceed to make it cloudy and depressing. Good job!

      1. LordSlashingtonsmoments

        I'm pretty sure it will become even darker don't worry, we'll see what happens when the possibly banshee enters

    72. Cam Bar

      Smite has been the worst recently

    73. Nuclearrbunnyyy

      Hoping this isn't an April fools yo

    74. Kev

      Whats with the vines in the jungle?

    75. Caio Fiuza Seixas

      purple again??? is this season 7.2?

    76. Travis Curbelo

      I only recently saw the most recent conquest map I forgot existed cause I never do conquest lol, but I may have to start doing it more often

      1. Mr.Mayorr

        @Seraphine lol conquest feels terrible to play. So boring and time consuming. Just my opinion.

      2. Kathir

        @Travis Curbelo that's what makes it fun and toxic 😎

      3. Travis Curbelo

        @Seraphine I hate assault I only do arena joust and clash and siege ☠️ conquest just do complicated and the players take it to serious

      4. Seraphine

        I don’t know how you guys can only play joust clash assault and siege those modes feel awful to play all the time but I respect your opinion.

    77. The Hermit

      In Zeus we stand with.

      1. tomas 5412

        I think Gilgamesh will lead the revolution

    78. Max sin más

      I desire Lore Lady a long, rich and beautiful life

      1. lj21

        She is an immortal being, so your wish has been granted

    79. ワイバーン・リップスナル - Wyvrn Ripsnarl - LoboRaptorLo

      Early Aprils' Fools perhaps? *ponders* We will be set if it actually goes LIVE. xD

      1. B Shaw

        no, they mentioned that the conquest map will have slight changes through season 8 to give like a different feel through the season

    80. Yellow Heart

      Please focus on fixing servers.

    81. Zachary Axe

      Yooooo I'm hype af for new mechanics let's go

    82. Enuma Elis

      I hope you keep the walls thing it would a lot of more of pressure when fighting in the jungle

    83. A T

      Isnt olorun supposed to be all powerful? In that case tiamat stands no chance

      1. Another Normal Canadian

        @Relax he's the protected of the heavens.. there's a difference and Tiamat is litteraly the creator of life

      2. A T

        Yh cause in one of the cutscene's he literally freezes time and whacks away every god. Then again he is the supreme ruler of the heavens and king of the universe so it would make sense haha

      3. Relax

        @Another Normal Canadian lol olorun is literally god.

      4. Exirion

        Yet she beat Cthulhu, and Olorun failed.

      5. Another Normal Canadian

        He's the Guardian of the heavens, she is the creator of the world the very first god exept she isn't a god she's the rightful ruler there both different mythologies but from what I've told you who do you thinks stronger.. but she did take on Zues, gungalsh, and Bellona who are super powerful so my money would be on Tiamat

    84. Caca Poopoo

      Mk when are u going to change the arena map

      1. Caca Poopoo

        @Another Normal Canadian bruh.....arena is more popular than joust more popular than conquest cuz conquest is filled with toxic mf I got death threats once for playing that mode and many ppl got that too and got tired and started playing arena arena is more popular than joust and conquest

      2. Franky the shipwright

        @Another Normal Canadian Actually Arena is the most played casual mode with conquest (only if you combine ranked and casual) bearly beating it for the most players.

      3. Another Normal Canadian

        It's not that popular if a mode I wouldn't count on it

    85. Alex Mercer

      We need adventures, where are they?!

      1. Draconian Draco

        Smite car smite car

      2. R3tr0 Samurai

        Smite car smite car

      3. Ur_ mum_xd

        I want to instant kill people in Rocky

      4. We Are Pigeon

        i want go karts again...

    86. Its Aqua

      If random walls pop up on the map now i’m only playing gods with leaps

      1. Cupcake Burger

        @Randy Sauer I think it’s only play made walls

      2. Celsano

        @V4 Enthusiast lol how could I forget that one. Well to add to the list ganesha can also run through the corners of his own pillars. I also forgot terra

      3. XxxZombie KillerxxX

        Scylla gonna be even better

      4. V4 Enthusiast

        @Celsano- The og homie Thor

      5. Celsano

        @Ystebad VonSchlegel Only player made walls.. Yemoja, odin, Cabraken, Ymir. Anhur pillar. Dunno if I've forgotten any.

    87. Baylord J

      Lol I feel like we are going back to the old maps from like season 5 with higher walls 😅

    88. Kaitō San

      nerf tiamat and do somthing for server stability please! EU server needs a better performenc in the evening!

      1. Bob Hutar

        @boss bitch it is strong but if multiple ppl dive u it goes away quickly

      2. boss bitch

        Bob Hutar ah yes absolutly, im just saying that her ground stance has a ton of mitigation wich is lowkey op, but not worth of a nerf or something like the first comment

      3. Bob Hutar

        @boss bitch air form does tons more damage

      4. boss bitch

        Bob Hutar why not?

      5. Bob Hutar

        @boss bitch but you shouldn’t be in ground stance that often

    89. Dualities

      coool now also add Arena ranked, Clan wars, more ways to earn cosmetics by playing the game (commendation rewards, achievement points rewards...) and add in old fun game modes (3v3v3, capture the flag, Smite mario cart, old joust, domination, adventures...) into MOTD (Match of the day) rotation on weekends

      1. Dualities

        @lj21 I know I played it but meta wasn't simple as that. mybe mage like KuKu for clear and Ares with CD for beads burning. but meta evolves. people come out with new meta to counter current meta and this is where the fun begins. also, it doesn't matter. Meta today totally changed anyway and since then we got the addition of Siehe tower. not to mention players finally seeing the + of aggressive playstyle. Arena is all about consistency, counter-building and resetting fights. Counter building is important. like Runic shield on a warriro against 3 magical, Witchblade against hunters, stonebinding for guardian pressure etc...

      2. lj21

        I was around when Ranked Arena was actually a thing. I actually tried it and let me tell you..... it SUCKED. Like, the meta was so awful. Just get mages that can insta clear waves and play safe. If either team tried to get aggressive, the team that lost one team fight lost because the other team could just stall and win by tickets. There were even streams of competitive arena and they were the most boring thing to watch. Even the commentators couldn't really find things to keep saying. So no, Ranked Arena is NOT making a comeback any time soon.

      3. Dualities

        @Carlos Mitma 1v1 me in Smite mario cart :D

      4. Dualities

        @Another Normal Canadian Smite is one of the best true action MOBA game out there. with one of the best communication systems in gaming...voice line commands aka Voice-guided system, we have something for Conquest or Arena fans..3rd person action combat. a true gem with not much competition....not many games shave true action combat in 3rd person...only game with really good Arena scene...MOBAs like LoL are kinda dying...MOBAs that only focus on Conquest maps. They forget that Conquest aka DOTA aka Defend of the Ancients was jsut 1 of 1000000 community made maps from Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 era. even tho lol has Tencent support. true action combat games are the feature. look the King's avatar or that new Ragnarok animation. been playing Smite for 8 years and it is one of the best games ever for me. Smite Arena is where I let loose. doing your best on an even playing field ...Team PvP action...with counter building, constant pressure can be so fun with good calls...your mechanical skills, how you counter build...can you take enemy attention on yourself...pressure/focus management, consistency, resetting fights...rotation and calls in Conquest... deep enough item customization, turneys...


        Capture that flag was so FUN, i love that mode

    90. Matheus Cruz

      Why does it look more and more childish, like LoL? I miss the Greek appeal from season 3, it's too fuzzy now

      1. Franky the shipwright

        @Matheus Cruz The old maps look way more dark and grey than the new ones, the new maps look stylized which generally ages better than realistic graphics.

      2. Matheus Cruz

        @Another Normal Canadian Brighter colors? It's all pastel and dull, it was much brighter and vivid before. Also there are barely any textures. Everything looks like styrofoam props

      3. Michael Asiamah

        Stylised =/= Childish, Smite changed head art director and has gone in a different art direction. I do miss the more detailed old chinese Joust map but I get that they are making things more performant while trying to improve on the art style

      4. Another Normal Canadian

        My guy have you seen the female skins? The only thing that looks more childish is the brighter colors which isn't bad

    91. Trooper-E

      I'm on tiamat's Side Who's with me!

      1. Exirion


      2. Nicolas Smarzaro Fernandes

        Me!! Love her soo much!

    92. Ganymede

      I want Lore Lady to narrate my life

      1. Kobito

        I want to hear her moan

      2. Jack Black

        You want her to say, how you only last 2min in bed and leave your partner unsatisfied, out loud?

      3. micheal jordan

        "It was a short life, he merely lived to do the most basic sometimes not even fully and then when the time drew near Thanatos took his dying breath " note: lazy af dude

      4. Ganymede

        @King well, from people sneaking out to swim in the front fountain, naked, to insane Isabelles dancing in the hallway while waiting for the hotel to buy them the latest iPhone, to blue-haired dudes being afraid of a poltergeist in their room... Never a dull day.

      5. King

        @Ganymede Tell me your favorite story, kinda wanna hear this now.

    93. Celestial Dragon

      Great everyone pissed off the dragon and now she's gonna make the map all nice and blocked off and probably sprinkle some minions in there

    94. Renato Oliveira

      AAAAAAA 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    95. Danny_Dynasty

      Lol okay it's night and a few vine walls OMG VISUALLY MIND BLOWING

    96. MythoDraws

      Hold on, the environment changes AS you play??

      1. That one dummy thicc GOOMBA

        Oh look, leagyeof legends! Wait..

      2. xxxCosmoxx

        The patch notes show that you can only take it out with a set number of attacks (damage doesn't matter) and they respawn when the adjacent buff spawns

      3. Isaac vitela

        conquest: let's play a game of pac man

    97. Lego1322

      new ability tiamat can wall you off any where on the map for however long she wants

      1. The King

        @lj21 EAST, I THOUGHT YOU SAID WEAST >:/

      2. lj21

        @The King 3pm-6pm EASTERN TIME

      3. The King

        @lj21 Only within the hours of 3pm to 6pm

      4. lj21

        @The King Only in the new west coast servers that don't work properly

      5. Erzah


    98. Da Ji

      Lore Lady still doing impeccable work 👀💕

      1. Zef Alien

        I sense simp

      2. Snow Helation

        Name of pfp

      3. smile for me

        i found da ji want in my team evrey match 🙂🌹

      4. Schimmelkäse Baumfäller

        Her name is actually Elisabeth Hemsworth... not lore lady

      5. No-Muerto

        Always impeccable

    99. Leoba Nova