SMITE - Top 5 Plays - Episode 242

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. jefferson romero

      bro nezha is a number 1 xd holy sh...

    2. Francisco Larios

      I was wishing to submit a play where I escape and got a double with a Baron's 2 but it was a normal conquest :/ and I wasn't recording

    3. Nunya Biness

      Haven't seen these in a couple years I'm so glad they're showing the players view I always hated watching these looking like lol or dota

    4. Mauro Junior

      I was trying to send a play and the link isnt working

    5. Jotaro Kujo

      Use only the left click isn´t enough to be 1st in a TOP don´t u think?

    6. Itamar Casais

      Wtf is going on with those spectator angles

    7. Pinsut

      Medusa missed 3/4 auto on a petrified anhur lmao

    8. Coley Ole

      Susano does not deserve to be on here takes no talent to hit big easy to hit circles and cones and then auto between no reason for how much damage he does.

    9. killluaX jay'Wing

      God the smite community really is horrid, every one complaining about the number one clip when inuki was doing some danm amazing fast commentary, and some epic edits were used well this top '5 plays'. Can't even attempt to see the good in hard work (or at least work with effort)

    10. ViniCLplay

      One of the best top 5

    11. John Doe

      I'll say it louder for the guys in the back. GET ANTI HEAL!!!!!

    12. Brett Lewis

      #1 was lame

    13. Justin Vela

      really is a shame you gave up the OG music from back in the days

    14. Jr.Kings89

      2 bad they don't have top 5 smite assault. Cuz I have 1 hell of an entry.

    15. Jerad Hilderbrand

      Too basic

    16. ELLISisBEAST x

      The Ne Za got robbed for #1 slot period.

    17. RagnarokForce

      ADC's Should get removed the lifesteal, they are so damn stupid, holding left click and hiting 500 of dmg per hit

    18. kieran pearson

      The kuang and ne zha were good. Rest were just bronze

    19. kieran pearson

      Please look at the clips that get sent in and not just putting what you think

    20. Dustin Morris

      I felt like hou yi doesnt survive that without his fg buff Ne zha and anhur play took much more skill

    21. Elías González Pérez

      First play adc holding left click to death yet Hirez for some reason wanted to nerf thorns 👏🏻👏🏻

    22. Reno Jackson

      Number one was just shooty mix shoot nothing special at all wtf

    23. Brad McDowell

      I have said it before and I will say it again, no Susan play is every nice character is op.

    24. MaSTerOfGaMEs

      ne zha should be number 1

    25. MaSTerOfGaMEs

      ne zha should be number 1

    26. partydean17

      We get it susano has a lot of aoe damage

    27. Persephone

      3:20 this should tell you that lifesteal on hunters is busted right now, pls nerf

      1. Jerad Hilderbrand

        Healing is nerfed. Find another excuse hunters can be good but don't need a nerf js. Hunters are still medium tier build defense homie lmao. Warriors op rn not hunters lol

    28. Steven Milt

      how are the first 4 plays hot and is the last play so bad?

    29. FrizFroz

      How is the Ne Zha play not #1?! 😲

    30. Robert Stevens

      When will the vids show plays on the new map?

    31. Doc

      It's funny how crit hunters always end up in the number 1 spot

      1. chris

        Lol right and his apparently 100% chance crit

      2. Dualities

        because people still didn't figure out you need Witchblade/winged blade to counter/juke hunters in the late game

      3. Persephone

        only because he had this busted lifesteal he survived

    32. Moku No Kami

      why was the number 4 play a shitty phoenix camper play in joust from a team that is higher level? trash.

    33. My name is Jeff

      At this point my guy inuki just say anything random in the begining but his voice making up for it

    34. Jaivon Mannie

      You should add Hermes from God of War as a skin for Mercury.

      1. Jerad Hilderbrand

        There the same so yes Roman or Greek same god

      2. not nice

        It's ok be to be copyright

    35. Santiago Schvab

      u never put my clips :c

    36. bear fluid

      The Ne Zha was honestly the only good one

    37. Dist Raction

      Damn I guess holding left-click is worth #1 over actual mechanical skill

      1. Jerad Hilderbrand

        @Dj Otsirave yes positioning was good but play was mediocre

      2. Dj Otsirave

        Yeah he just held the trigger but his positioning was also outstanding. Gotta give him credit


      Dissappointing its season 8 and we only get season 7 plays

    39. Dr Perry

      Can we get stuff in the season 8 map? Like.. please?

      1. Dr Perry

        @Deathevan Deathevan well.. yes?

      2. Deathevan Deathevan

        So we see shitty manikin tryhards holding the trigger?

    40. MegadethX


    41. Solace Fear

      Literally only good play was the ne zha play. Can't believe at one point I wanted to be in this top 5 list, man what a joke

    42. BBaggins McSwaggins

      Ne zhe was absolutely FIRE, deserved #1. Hou Yi just played Hunter_Simulator.exe and got a triple kill, nothing to remark on. Seeing a Susano ult in three Top5 episodes in a *row* is pretty exhausting.

    43. Chepe3

      Dude really wtf, I send a penta in ranked with cern, new map, the play of the win, and u put this? Cmon I wait 4 this so long u never pick my plays

      1. Chepe3

        @Crossarot haha only 6 months?

      2. Crossarot

        @Chepe3 The anhur clip is from over 6 months ago.

      3. Chepe3

        @Crossarot I send him vids from the last season, I waiting 4 months and never pick my plays

      4. Crossarot

        You realise he keeps clips for later videos right ?

    44. Ornstein

      Wow these top plays sure improved since season 8 began, it seems the new players revitalized the game

      1. Garretderpredator

        @Elogical oh.... okay, thanks for the insight!

      2. Elogical

        i didnt send it ,i think hebo did idk when. usually takes like 5-6 months for a clip to be shown :d

      3. Garretderpredator

        @Elogical oh, so you were number 4? Did you just send it in recently? Or does this mean they just go through old & new plays and pick what they think is good? Would be nice to know :D

      4. Elogical

        Also all games are from the old map s7

      5. Elogical

        My anhur game is like 3-4 months old

    45. No Idea

      left click play get into top5 nice

    46. roman

      XD ne zha play

    47. Michael Flaherty

      The only good 1 I noticed is the ne zha and he was 2nd lol Stop putting susano on tops 5 plays. Susano pulls them in he ults they die its like watching gold ranked games lol.

      1. Ibuki Mioda

        @B ya thats what i was meant to do

      2. B

        @Ibuki Mioda Like i said. No one playing susano other than real susano players. You just proved my point.

      3. Ibuki Mioda

        @B I am susano main

      4. B

        @Ibuki Mioda Susano is fine. You whiners got him nerfed over nerfs. The thing is no one playing susano other than real susano players. That's why they feel overwhelming.

      5. Blake

        Susano is definitely one of my least favorite gods in the game

    48. Qrow

      Day 678678677688 of my Ullr penta getting beaten by crit hunters holding down the trigger.

    49. David John

      hUnTeRs DoNt Do EnOuGh DaMaGe PlEaSe NeRf ThOrNs AgAiN

      1. Dualities

        @David John the more attack speed they have the more you reduce it. -25% attack speed. And if u combine shoes, winged blade and witch blade...hunters wont be able to hit you with basic attack no more. Hidden op strat

      2. David John

        What about it? Hunters are overcapping in attack speed what does it matter that you slow their attack speed a bit

      3. Dualities

        Just by witchblade/winged blade combo

    50. J'ouzel Feather-Pelt

      Whoa. That Ao

      1. Sickness687

        Every Ao does that

    51. Elogical

      Axiom cool name

      1. not nice

        @Elogical no new video?

      2. Elogical

        @GoLaxHeRo come back now! I need u

      3. GoLaxHeRo


    52. Fares Alnwimi

      More top play plllllllz 😍😍😋

    53. Genjimain 64

      This is the number 1 reason I shoud play conquest

    54. Brandon Tellez

      That Ne Za Play Was Hot I Would have Put It At Number 1

      1. Michael Rasmussen

        @Icy Pork While I agree that the Ne Za play was widely more interesting it's hardly fair to say that the Hou Yi play wasn't good, he kept his cool very well and the crits were hardly that lucky considering he prolly had 70+ % crit chance :) Now whether or not someone WANTS to see crit hunter plays or questions the non-existent crit cap in the game is a whole other matter, but calling the play bad is blatantly wrong :)

      2. Andrew Turenne


      3. Lucas Battles

        @Icy Pork jingle is cracked tho don’t get it twisted, but yea it was just lucky crits lmao

      4. Icy Pork

        @Warghost right, last play was just some dude holding left click

      5. Warghost

        Should have been 1 imo

    55. Joseph Billing

      Last play: Chaac misses every auto LOL

      1. Manu Dwivedi

        @Back View warrior in smite don't do any damage? Which game you playing bro?

      2. achilles sama

        @Back View you tell him

      3. Back View

        Implying Warriors in Smite do any damage...

    56. Gregor Slany

      Legend ❤️

    57. 丿丿