SMITE - King of Uruk | Gilgamesh Cinematic

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    Gilgamesh has joined the Gods to defend the Battleground from it's most recent threat: Tiamat. Choose your destiny when you play as the King of Uruk in the next Update, available April 20.
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    1. Lightning P. Eye

      Just here for Bellona

    2. Viewtiful1DoubleOkamiHand

      Gilgamesh without Enkidu is a bit... Meh. And I don't mean the Final Fantasy Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

    3. Tobías Mercado

      Es sin lugar a dudas el mejor diseño de Gilgamesh que e visto me encanta en todos los sentidos

    4. Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト 【VTuber-EN】

      Now I wanna see Fate Gilgamesh doing dropkicks lmao.

    5. Treking55

      Nerf Tiamat

    6. Spurs Nation4life

      Yo it’s crazy how my guy Herc don’t get no screen time. Like who else tired of seeing Bellona and Zeus in every movie Scene 🤷🏾‍♂️

    7. Michelle Sanctuary

      Smite *Forever*

    8. Dawid


    9. A l i jP

      This king is the Uruk civilization in Babylon, now Iraq, Mesopotamia

    10. Zsombor Gaál


    11. I am the bone of my salt

      The virgin Fate Gilgamesh: summons endless hoards of sword and get eaten by a girl Smite chad Gilgamesh: summons literal Zeus to help him take down his own grandmother

      1. King of Heroes Gilgamesh

        Misrepresentation. I summoned Merlin and a fair number of Japanese heroes in the 7th Singularity. And when Tiamat finally arrived, Quetzalcoatl and The First Hassan were on my side.

    12. Gabriel Gomez


    13. Ahmet Uyanık

      Bize öğretilen Gılgamış'a bak sen ne hallere gelmiş :D

    14. Dovahgatr

      Can’t wait to call people mongrels and the activate my NP- wait this isn’t FGO...

    15. biggie_boss

      Bellona's head gets smaller in every cinematic. Pretty soon she's going to need a Derpules skin.

    16. Fabricio Rodrigues Gamers

      slk sksksk

    17. Nid Salim

      Where's the gate of Babylon?

    18. Australian Bucket

      King of uruk? that title already belongs to Prak Jaws.

      1. demonicrobot50 gaming

        But we can replace that with King Of Heroes

    19. Lives4 Me

      Now theres a thing, i can play Mobile legends, i can play Heroes evolved i use to play Paragon , i use to Play Genesis, now i m playing Wild Rift but i can t play Smite 🤣

    20. OPW15/SwapDance!Papyrus

      imagine being a dragon like beast and getting d r o p k i c k e d

    21. Fedor Silva ancient Iraqi character ;)

    22. cressedangel123


    23. Nevermind

      yeaaaa this is something else

    24. LucariotheGod Boi

      Our boi coming in to wipe out all those filthy mongrels

    25. - Bitties

      Little different from Fate Gilgamesh but this will do

    26. Index[i]

      rip my vision of a Multi Headed Tiamat the Queen of Dragons.

    27. Cpt Ivsen

      when you expect gil to be an archer but he turns out he is saber

    28. Faceless King

      He should be 15 feet tall

    29. SexyWesky

      Гильгамеш выпендривался, получил хвостом по лицу, 1 на 1 не справился, позвал братву. Чисто криворукие игроки 24/7 в каждой, чёрт возьми, катке. Тиамат доказала свою богичность, расходимся. Гильгамеш может топать мимо.

    30. I Feel Dead

      I'm sory but this (0:29) just reminds me of Fate Babylonia where Gilgamesh also nukes Tiamat. All that's missing now is the speeh he gives before blasting her haha

    31. GnosisZX

      Time for gil to kill some mongrels

    32. Mortimer

      Smite’s standards went downhill when they decided to include King Arthur, so I guess it’s an improvement that their latest addition is 2/3 god.

    33. AceOfRedz

      Can I scream Enuma Elish please?

    34. Kamrud

      Nice, and new maya god when? Cama start to be old now xD

    35. Aiden Sabri

      Finally king of uruk Gilgamesh

    36. Doot boi

      No Enkidu, no deal

    37. Rolex

      He can teleport an enemy away awhilst bringing teammates to him?

    38. Daniel Santos

      Why does bellona have to be in every single smite video

    39. NipMae

      Better have a fate event

    40. Emerl18

      The one time the dragon is the good guy, and this random douchenozzle comes in and immediately antagonizes her for absolutely no valid reason against the advice of most of his peers, only getting the support of the most arrogant and stupid gods. I've never been so rooting for humankind to lose.

    41. Narra Ator

      UNLIMITED GOD WORKS!!! wait, wrong series...

    42. Keenan Fourie

      Not enough sword launcher spamming and shouting mongrel...…

    43. Gary M

      If Hi-Rez can get a cross over with Type Moon (Fate anime series) for a Gilgamesh, Archer, and Saber Skin....ohhh boy!!! They mentioned more crossovers in the future, so it could happen.

    44. mas movil

      Infinity Blades work

    45. Juan Rodriguez

      The drop kick lmao

    46. REMIX

      This is a character Gilgamesh found that he is in Iraq😋🌹🇮🇶

    47. RIPRUNE

      Every other edgy, chad and op dragons and gods exist. Gilgamesh: *KONO ZASSHU!!*

    48. X X

      Shouldn't Marduk be Tiamat's rival?

    49. AscendantGaming

      Is Serqet his kryptonite?

    50. vidgamenate

      so wheres all the portals and flying swords

    51. M. Milandhia Rasyhid

      Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia looks different from what I remember

    52. Ryouma Koushiro

      When that golden beam goes up, I thought he's going to scream "Enuma Elish"

    53. Soumick Dey

      Damn this reminds me of Fate Lore. It woul be really cool if he can summon his sword too.

    54. Yab


    55. Sin

      where is my gate of babylon?!

    56. Dallas Chance

      Wish they took all this effort into making these cinematics and did the same kind of effort to their servers.

    57. Robbie Jurca

      Kal Drogo

    58. SpiritVDC

      Oh god, if we don't get any Fate/ references in this update I will be very disappointed xDDD

    59. S2Ndragon

      They make Tiamat look so good even though she’s so bad

    60. 魂Richter

      yall need to just add Jesus already xD

    61. DaniGamer_06

      Lmao if there appears chtulu and Allie her

    62. Друманин Дрин

      “A soul naturally seeks pleasure, consciously or not.” - Gilgamesh

    63. Hookah Otaku

      All the losers crying that Tiamat was weak now realize she is strong, not OP. The passive is good but without it she is wack. Doesnt do enough damage to not have that level of protection, and tick damage removes it faster. Shes a true mage warrior.

      1. Zeto Kaiba

        They were hoping for brain dead god that doesn't require them to think poor poor smite players having to use their brain 😁

    64. Window Chibi


    65. Oni Sorasousha


    66. Will Bryant

      Can he drop kick like 3 more new gods cause we don’t need. SSS tier

    67. Dolen Gea

      King of Uruk...Uruk-Hai...LONG LIVE THE WHITE HAND

    68. Vabolos

      this game died faster than my unborn kid

    69. Nyazine Niz


    70. 11-VB13Lumoncon,Alwyn Derrick A.

      Where's the Gate of Babylon?

    71. Madness?..

      0:05 Featuring Dante drom the "Devil May Cry" series...

    72. Madness?..

      Reminds me of battle with Bahamut from "Advebt Children"...

    73. Legokid

      Anyone else feel like Tiamat is disappointingly small ingame?

    74. The spider


    75. Edoardo Chiodi

      Why gilgamesh is not blonde and can't throw swords from portals like a machine gun?

    76. Light Archer3020

      If I didn't know any better, this would at first seem like a monster hunter world expansion.

    77. PDR Studios

      sorry guys but the beast in this trailer looks too much like Hannibal in God Eater 😂😂😂😂

    78. Torb Main

      Bring back the old map design.

    79. Pondering


    80. Author

      It's ok, but why can't he summon swords from portals?

    81. Mrboy21ful

      If he doesn't call anyone mongrels, I don't want him.

    82. Chad Riggs

      At least he's not some scrawny white guy

    83. avgustin dimitrov

      Ok, now I wanna see Enkidu as a playable characters. After all he was Gilgamesh's rival and the guy Gil couldn't beat 😆😆😆

    84. Nightmare Entity

      Tiamat said "smacc"

    85. GBK Trap

      This is probably April fools 💀💀

    86. I liek rainbowsss

      Thought he’d be like that dude who shoots legendary weapon from a golden portal.

    87. Moscrow

      King Chad has entered the battlefield.

    88. Peach Mango Pie

      For a Mongrel, you sure know how to bark.

    89. Kajnake


    90. Laslau Bogdan

      I want an adventure

    91. Bryan Tan

      Fate fans rise up

    92. Kanna Kamui

      I hardly got to even play tiamat and now a new god..I hate my job

    93. Adnan Hammaoui

      Gilgamesh cinematic:"gets released" fate fans:"that's not Gilgalesh, he's actualy fighting with a sword instead of bombarding Tiamat with endless noble phantasms"

      1. MoMo's Bizzare Adventure

        0:31 I mean in a way that’s sorta an enuma elish

    94. Kayra esen

      we need that theme at the end of the video

    95. behold the glory

      The sky so dark.. we are need GELIOS 🌞🌞🌞🔥😎😎

    96. Gindensetsu


    97. Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life

      *_O I Z A S S H U!_* **insert gilgamesh laugh**

    98. Paul Cook 2077


    99. Ryan Torres

      Yo what's a good build for cthulu