SMITE - Top 5 Plays - Episode 243

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. DYOS

      Every time the selection is poorer... The susano missed his ult, the pull and even some basic attacks into the air. That was top 1, ladies and gentlemen, this is Hi-Rez 2021.

    2. E D

      The worst plays imo so far, wtf what that missed ult nr 1? 🤡

    3. Juan BG

      3:54 - Only Brazilians will understand haha

    4. Persephone

      wow lifesteal makes number 1 again..

    5. Lukas Wisener

      Is there no more console plays?

    6. Mauri Sosa Salcedo

      Apollo missed almost every basics in play #1

    7. Rush Refuse

      Yeah I Question how the ranking gets done.

    8. serpent god 52

      Do not care still no Aztecs

    9. RandomThePyro

      I used to watch this and say "wow i wish i could get a play on the top 5!" ... Now days i laugh at my past self and rememeber that inuki doesnt have eyes and credits people that barely contributed to the plays

    10. Brett Bartson

      Doesn't even do console plays anymore.

    11. Antônio Neves

      Br >>>>>>>>>> boludo

    12. Carlos Portuguez

      Dude that #1 was trash, how does Susano keep getting first place?

    13. Otacilio de Sena The Cyberpunk

      KKKK maconheiro proerd

    14. Chris Ven

      YOOO SO SURPRISED THERE ARE STILL AN ACTIVE COMMUNITY IN THIS GAME I AM SO GLAD. If someone wants to duo with a newbie, let me know...

    15. jaqueline

      mando de lixo so que dienro com e nada nerfa cura e paralizao da deusa dad puta adrodite

    16. jaqueline

      ja ta hora nerfa deus prochutida afroditte

    17. MrJasen22

      i once made a double kill in the arena

    18. Prodan Alexandru

      why the seound play allways looks better that the TOP PLAY

    19. Chepe3

      Again garbage plays and dont pick my plays wtf with this

    20. giantsdms

      This top 5 is trash like always, Reddit threads have better clips and organization then this. What a joke

    21. Al'Amin Husaini

      He dropped a space marines reference. Can we have some wh40k battlepass plisss

    22. Gilvan

      Revert loki to old loki

    23. Metalclear

      Tiamat is op nerf

    24. Deathevan Deathevan

      Me as solobek and a khepri managing to grab an izanami after i juke her long enough with like 30 health wouldve been a better play then that susano play and an adc holding the trigger,Atleast that were two gods that need to utilize their abilities and auto attacks well to get kills rather then press 4 or hold the trigger Anything ya fellas want to mention that wouldve made a better play then probably most of these combined?

    25. BoOGy WildRift

      Does anyone have a link to his discord

    26. AntMk5

      Such a shame smite has gone so downhill since season 2

    27. Daniel Farrant

      Clearly running out of plays on the old map if the number 1 play is a Susano missing ult

    28. Te Pari Mua

      Worst no.1 I've seen sorry to say

    29. Auditore


    30. Victor P.

      I feel like Inuki doesnt even take the time to watch the plays anymore, he just uploads anything he gets... Smh

    31. alexandra oliveira

      The lack of skill in these '' top '' plays, wtf is top about them? xDDD Just keeps getting worse and worse, jesus

    32. Guilherme Ramos

      Put my top play on number one pls, check out in my channel, better than theses plays

    33. veta beta

      change the MOTD for the love of god

    34. That guy named James

      Name of music at 0:17 pls

    35. Hosy Kamikaze

      half of those had 5 levels difference fed plays aren't impressive

    36. Roynicorn

      Ok I can understand Apollo for Top 5 plays, he did real good... But Susano missed Ult and than just pressed buttons, sorry mate.

    37. John Doe

      I'll say this louder for the people in the back "BUILD ANTI HEAL"

    38. kvckelvin7

      Guess no one were submitting clips so the quality of these top 5 plays is getting worse

    39. KageApolloBiff

      I am just getting into warhammer 40k and what do i hear at 1:41 ???

    40. yourlife 4given

      I love Heim and Xing so #3 was giggity

    41. Crimson Gaze

      Rename the title to... top 5 absolutely normal plays......

    42. Daniel Jonas

      Boa Maconheiro!

    43. Brian Corrales Hodinka

      This is pure bulsh*t

    44. Warghost

      These were lack luster af.

    45. Paincy

      it's been a month since new map was added

      1. Groith

        My „play” featured is from last year

    46. Seebo

      So we went from sus hits an ult, gets No. 1 play to sus misses his ult and still gets No. 1 play

    47. xConejo Asesino

      una triple es top? esta muy muerto este juego ya. O los plays son horribles xD

    48. CJ Clark

      Bro wtf, our team made a crazy play and we arent ever on this and I submitted correctly.

      1. veta beta

        lol u mad

    49. Bruh


    50. Michael Flaherty

      Literally top 5 gold plays again. Another Hot susano gold game lol

    51. fernando KoW

      Maconheiro pro ed, muito BR esse cara kkkkk

    52. Head goo

      I sent in a game where I got two penta kills in a game as Scylla in conq and these are the plays that get featured🤦‍♂️

    53. Em1lic0!

      How old is this? it still has that ugly conquest old season map.

    54. sneker D12

      🇧🇷 🇧🇷

    55. Kayo Rimes


    56. Javier Morales

      Wtf this plays? A he bo simple ult? A hou yi penta? But when theres pple that really made an outplay.. not in 5 plays.

    57. AlanSanctus

      MaconheiroProerd GOD🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    58. Matheus Branco

      o nivel caiu de um jeito q da nem graça

    59. Zaikô

      🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 boa maconheiro kkkk

    60. MrAJ437

      Obviously they aren't the best, but he can only go by the footage that gets sent to him. If you think your plays are so much better, record them, send them, and you'll be on it next time.

      1. Eddie Gussler II

        I asked about submitting a while back. If I remember right I was told the game has to be spectated which saves the replay on their servers for a period of time, give them a match id and a time stamp. Makes sense for user submitted plays but I'm not sure if there's a means for self recorded clips.

    61. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      Well I'd like to see plays on the new Conq map tbh

    62. Alfaa


    63. Gabriel Bao


    64. Tirnoschi Dragos

      1month into season 8 but still old map plays. And the 1st and 2nd,i bet even best of smite wont post them.

    65. iPort

      These plays are so common. Since when this vids became so bad?

      1. iMaztar

        That dou gank wasn’t impressive at all blue side just missed legitimately everything

      2. Doctor Oaks

        Since people stopped sending in good clips

    66. By Ansgar

      Download today ready 2play

    67. Robert 0071655

      A missed ultimate makes the number 1 play cmon now 😂

      1. Jani Szabó

        Og plays where are s8 plays???

      2. kyle wrom

        Apollo just op rn

      3. KSLK 17

        4 adc plays this week, cmon

      4. KSLK 17

        Susano + left click XD

      5. Erwann Ollivaux

        Ahahaha true

    68. The Morrigan

      A million subscribers but only a thousand views lmao.... this game is dead better play LoL

    69. Qrow

      Oh boy. More crit hunters holding the trigger and mages pressing 4.

    70. Joseph Billing

      Inuki really just grabbing random timestamps from random games

    71. Moka Shoru

      i would rather see you take a break, those """top""" plays has been nefarious

      1. Daniel Watson


      2. jair middelham

        He probably gets paid for it

    72. CFArts

      Did anyone see that Wukong use his cudgel twice in about 3 second?

      1. John

        Wu Kong's 1 got canceled by Apollo's mez even though the animation hit the ground. Notice Apollo's HP doesn't go down from the first hit.

    73. Jacob

      Thé number 1 lately have been pretty terrible lol like they’re so basic

    74. GW3N

      the n1 play : apollo missplays and let ra dies instead of getting the kill on sun, susano misses his ult. Painfull to watch but SPL move (smite potato league)

    75. jpratodes

      Susanoo jogou só oq sabe KKKKKKKKKKK

    76. Felipe Freddo

      “Maconheiroproerd” kkkkkkk

      1. Ronin


    77. Dustin Morris

      Stop putting bogus to average plays of susano as number 1 I had a play better than that one this week lol

      1. Oni Yamaoka

        Same I have like a lot of Thanatos penta kill clips hell I even have a kuzenbo jungle Quadra kill clip

    78. Jaime Martin

      still old map plays, wake up inuki

    79. CamTheKitty

      Hou YI plays. A stacked hero killing people as a hunter with level advantage. Much wow

    80. NJFraney

      When will the new map be featured?

    81. Luiz Lopes

      O Proerd venceu quando coloca o maconheiro como top 1 de jogadas no smite

    82. Smért


    83. xxMaro92xx

      #5 as a Pentakill. Alright :D (Or maybe it's a quadra, but it's definitely a deicide) - did it get put so low because he used Crit Hou Yi?

    84. Shyshy Giovanni

      These were trash girl the Susan actually put before Apollo LOL wow

    85. Conkers B.F.D.

      kkkkkkkkk maconheiroProerd kkkkkk

    86. Juriti Gameplay

      🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 . Kkkkk salve pro maconheiro proerd

    87. Ernani Jr


    88. Natan Vizioli

      I hate the top 2 play i dont care what u say why are they going for tf at level 2 goddammit

      1. Fernando Aulicino

        Yeah, complete BS

    89. S

      No. 1 sucks

    90. Bérenger LEFORT

      wtf is this top 1 ?

    91. Rbc 863

      The only one that actually seemed decent was number 5 hou you the rest were kinda mediocre

    92. Utkan Aktaş

      Lol, this is probably the worst episode. Number 1 play belongs to Apollo, not Susano. Only 3rd and 2nd plays have some values imo. But thx for your efforts to make this series live on.

    93. VoiceOfSilence

      If all it takes is missing your ult, blink into killing low hp targets to gt featured in Top 5 plays I might actually got a decent chance...

    94. Henry AL

      Susano missed his ult and didn't even get the Wukong kill lol

      1. *_MrSpanky_*

        He did kill Wukong, but Yh some gold level gameplay

      2. GW3N

        SPL move (smite potato league)

    95. B. K.

      How is susano in the thumbnail if all he did is miss an ult, blink and kill a 1 hp target? The quality of plays sure decreased or you dont care too much anymore.


      Cool day

    97. Arceumence


    98. Augustin Muhuza

      Susano missed his ult right?

      1. Adhiraj Singh

        He sure did

    99. Dualities

      lvl 16 killing lvl 13 TOP 5 PLAY

    100. Memo Fernandez

      Susano, again!?