SMITE - Most Wanted Battlepass

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    Get ready for the Most Wanted Battle Pass! Including new skins including Safebreaker Kali, Bunnycomb Aphrodite, Mastermind Yemoja and more!
    For details, check out the patch notes here -

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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Schrient

      Aw i missed out on Yemjoa's skin. Oh well. Looks cool.

    2. Jr.Kings89

      Who wants the Pele recolor? Come on smite can we do a bit better? There are tons of themes out there....continue with an angel theme or knights, chaac's slaughterhous or ullr survivor theme. Soldier skins at least?... wait I have an even better art. We all know Cu Chulainn is overdue for a Gentleman skin. Quick Google search can help.

    3. Erick Swat xD

      Shadow of Hercopolis 2 please!!!! Adventures !!!!

    4. Chris Taylor

      'Least wanted' battle pass

      1. Matthew Rosado


    5. Juicylemons1212

      So i'm trying to copy my PS4 account over to PC because Hi-Rez seems to be ok with the garbage fire that console version is. When will you be letting people copy accounts over?

      1. Matthew Rosado

        Its not hirez its sonys decision

      2. Matthew Rosado

        Sony wont let you crossover to anything

    6. Chris Taylor

      Can we get a Neith skin? Not enough imo

      1. Jr.Kings89

        R/woosh 🤣

      2. Chris Taylor

        @Matthew Rosado 🙈

      3. Matthew Rosado

        @Chris Taylor lmao we just got one too they keep feeding her a skin every 1-3 months

      4. Chris Taylor

        @Troy Draper no way! There hasn't been a new Neith skin for like 2 whole weeks!

      5. Troy Draper

        theres to many already

    7. pablo retana vargas

      Nice Battle pass👌🏻❤️

    8. The Captain

      Give us another nickelodeon crossover

    9. Добрый Ноунейм

      Cyberpunk 2077 battle pass

    10. KotwCzajniku

      Nah, poor battle pass, this skins are ugly for me :V

      1. Matthew Rosado

        Nooo i wouldn't say that but for me there like 4 people i find boring to play :/


      Can we get a skin for zhong qui with the drip supreme jacket

      1. Matthew Rosado


    12. Ian Slater

      Lmao this battlepass is so much better than the turtle one 🤢🤮 imagine preferring an ugly child’s cartoon that who premise is laughable and such a joke like avatar is fine but mutant teenage ninja turtles is absolutely stupid to anyone who doesn’t have nostalgia for them

      1. Ian Slater

        @Jr.Kings89 wasn’t around for that

      2. Jr.Kings89

        I guess avatar was cheeks too?

      3. Matthew Rosado

        @Ian Slater kinda over insulting a TMNT battle pass because its "childish" themed, it seems hundreds of people played it and still do way more than any other bp skins I've seen so far like yeah cool you like this one and i do too but no need to bash TMNT just because its a "childrens cartoon" lol thousands of people even loved it and for more reasons than "nostalgia"

      4. Troy Draper

        @noodle PERIOD!!!!!

      5. noodle

        @Ian Slater well I'm glad you enjoy it. It's not really my style, and it's gotten a lot of negative attention so it's nice to hear there are players who genuinely like the skins in it. However, I'd recommend you stop insulting the teenage mutant ninja turtles bp because other people thoroughly enjoyed it and you obviously don't like it when people insult the things you like, so why insult things other people like?

    13. Levi Ackerman

      who's actually going to buy this trash BP lmao

    14. ShuTenDoJi

      This looks tame and generic as f***

    15. Steveo Uchiha

      We need a Naruto battle pass

      1. Jr.Kings89

        Who would be your picks and skins?

    16. Steveo Uchiha

      Trash battle pass deff not getting this one.

    17. Montana Stax

      It’s the year of the ox and this what u give us?

    18. Marvin Hubregtse

      so .. purple reskins

    19. Jhon Akashita

      Nice cybersmite

    20. crucidox

      I like cosmetics, but I don't play with these gods.

    21. Morgane

      Am I the only one who have feelings for the Yemoja's skin?

      1. Chris Taylor


      2. Nick

        Keep it in your pants

    22. Ishamael

      didnt really like the skins in this season pass

    23. Shade's Insane Chamber

      Sexy Gals Pack

    24. Dark Emperor

      Would've been nice if my waifu Amaterasu got one as well.

    25. Novad selir

      I was going to skip out on this pass....... But Cthulhu it's time to grind.

    26. Box

      Always a shame, you guys do this cycle so often. Release an awesome battle pass then release a bad one, then release another awesome one, and then rinse and repeat. May as well stick to the crossover stuff because your original battle passes have all sucked for awhile.

      1. Matthew Rosado

        I liked the angel one for literally the only good skin and it was ra

    27. AquaticCitizen

      Can’t wait for the Scooby Doo battle pass.

    28. Onyx Oblivion

      The is one of those passes where the worst skin is at the end of it, sorry Aphro

    29. ALL RPG2

      Bonsoir à tous hello. Vidéo trop courte. J'ai trop hâte d'avoir les 600 et le niveaux 20 du BP.

    30. Kal'rog

      I'm gonna pass no thank

    31. Sgt.NoPants

      Most wanted? Nha Avatar the last airbender was one of the most wanted

    32. jay moore

      Wow this is the most wanted battle pass XD

    33. Daevid Meneses

      My favorite BP lol Why y'all mad

    34. kishibe

      make a teen titan battle pass and make hel raven and starfire sol

      1. Matthew Rosado

        @sweetener no you have a point they can't do mercury and swk again

      2. sweetener

        @AlexKidd sensitive today are we? I'm just being real here. take that however you may and carry on kid

      3. AlexKidd

        @sweetener your negative opinion on something that isn't even real? Um no thanks

      4. sweetener

        @AlexKidd Wukong and Mercury in the same battle pass again?? Um no thanks.

      5. AlexKidd

        10/10 would buy. Robin Mercury, Starfire Sol, Beastboy SWK, Raven Discordia and Cyborg Hercules

    35. Who Cares

      More like Least Wanted.

      1. MonsterXkILL


    36. Alex D-G

      Yemoja looking real fine

      1. Samuel Maurer

        Yo what

      2. Chile Anyways


      3. Alex D-G

        Bout to risk it all for her lmfao

    37. S.C AMVs

      but...why make a trailer for it when it was out days ago

      1. Jr.Kings89

        @zola Zaza I'm sure they will continue with crossovers but this is bad...Pele skin is just a recolor

      2. zola Zaza

        @Yarikon - Ярослав Конышков u are prob right, i didnt buy it, they shoould have continued with crossovers..

      3. Yarikon - Ярослав Конышков

        Maybe it doesnt sell that well. So they gave it an extra push, idk

    38. Kobito

      Why not give skins to other gods that barely have any skins. But I guess they have their own events too

      1. Jr.Kings89

        @Matthew Rosado Pele skin a recolor in this pass?

      2. Matthew Rosado

        @ReAlSeWeR10 ikik but they rarely release skins back to back in a span of 2 patches its just dumb

      3. ReAlSeWeR10

        @Matthew Rosado popular god = more skin sales

      4. Matthew Rosado

        I dont like the fact pele got 2 skins in s8 and bonus patch right after

      5. ReAlSeWeR10

        they are giving skins to god that have barely any skins this year probably after patch 8.2 they will start with that .

    39. Ur_ mum_xd

      But can they fix the servers?

    40. Chris Q

      lmao what boring, garbage skins. Bet this will be the least purchased battle pass in SMITE history. “Most Wanted” lol

    41. nick gibbs

      lol i am convined the hi res only knows how to do techno/neon and red and black. we are 8 seasons in, do better

      1. Matthew Rosado

        @nick gibbs idk i enjoy them but i really loved the angelic battle pass theme we need more variety for sure

      2. nick gibbs

        @AlexKidd so to be 8 seasons in, and still defualting to a whole BP themed around techno is lazy

      3. nick gibbs

        @AlexKidd not to mention, their other games also follow the same skin styles of techno at some point or another as well.

      4. nick gibbs

        @AlexKidd those are cross overs, those don't count towards their original skin line. if you go through and look at their originally created skins, a good chunk of them, are either neon, pastel, techno based or red and black sith style. plagued the first 4 seasons worth

      5. AlexKidd

        Rwby? Avatar? Tmnt?

    42. P0LLUT10N

      most wanted? aphrodite already had a battlepass skin and Pele , why more ? plus there's not much quality to the skins most unwanted IMO

      1. Pedro Algusto

        @P0LLUT10N wich one?

      2. P0LLUT10N

        aph indeed already has a BP skin

      3. Pedro Algusto

        Kali, Yemoja and afro never had any bt pass skin, are you crazy?

      4. Pedro Algusto

        ??? No?

    43. Weird Guy

      Soon the fate BP

    44. Alorabunn

      Bring back avatar PLZ

    45. nikhil kathait

      I think pele with the new skin is going to be my new waifu

      1. Artisthetic

        @King David yes... I honestly never really likes that pele skin, so a recolor just made me go "meh"

      2. King David

        Isn’t it a recolor?

    46. Omar Elsayed

      Who said this is the most wanted battle pass?

    47. Cris JD


    48. Jormy Gormy

      More like my LEAST wanted battlepass.

      1. I'm Mr Loverman and I miss my lover, man

        @Santiago Sosa ..It's gods whom either need or haven't gotten a skin in a while. Aphro has poor early-Smite skins, Kali is neglected, Yemoja is neglected and newer, and Pele is a recolor similar to other oddesy's.

      2. MonsterXkILL

        @Santiago Sosa They r trying to be funny

      3. Santiago Sosa

        Let's be honest here, it's the same for most of us, which is why they named it that way, that's the joke

      4. Jormy Gormy

        @I'm Mr Loverman and I miss my lover, man I could go for a cookie rn ngl

      5. Firstername

        gotta agree with you on this one, i didnt really like this battle pass either

    49. Daniel S


    50. 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?

      To the 1 person who’s reading this: *you’re so nice and kind stay safe*

      1. Matthew Rosado

        Im not nice or kind 🥺