SMITE GO! - Introducing a New Mobile Adventure (April Fool's 2021)

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    Wish you could see your favorite Gods on the go? Check out SMITE GO!, the newest AR mobile game where you can hang out with Agni, Yemoja, Thanatos, and more! Sign ups for the Beta are OPEN NOW! Get on the list:
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    Become Godlike in SMITE, the free-to-play action MOBA featuring legendary mythological icons. Wield Thor’s hammer, turn your foes to stone as Medusa, or flex your divine power as one of 100+ playable Gods. No matter your skill level, SMITE has something for you!
    Join over 35 million players around the world across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch - what are you waiting for? Go Ahead. Play God!

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    1. josue ignacio


    2. MissViolence

      They can't even make their base game run properly... Mobile would be an even bigger shitshow.

    3. MegaBox 58

      Should've got rid of the April fools in the title to make it less obvious.

    4. Diego Augusto Barcenas Corona

      I want to capture the manticore

    5. BJ

      With current state of the game i wount actually wonder, if this is not april's joke :(( Sadly... Look back, to season 2 map for example.... Beautiful beaches, forest.. They try to be realistic and i did like the graphics. Now? What the? Gods looks good but the map? I feel shamed to show this game to friends... Cartoon game for kids they say. Ohh because u can play that on f* nintendos now!!! Next year it is coming to phones then for real i guess? Not just a joke? Even more downgrade this game to squish more money out of smite? Go to ** ! Seriously.... Adventures were awesome... They put many great ideas and work to... wait, u cant play it? Ahhh.... I dont want to even start with chests issue. Every... i mean EVERY skin is exclusive ! :D WTF ?? Most of new skins u can get only if you gamble for it with chance of like 1/50 ? Ahhh man.... And the cherry on top of this cake is... DC's in every second match... so unstable servers that i get micro lags all game long and already rekted my keyboard cause of it :( Sorry Roccat Vulcan :( Bless the old Bart and Kelly times. I miss you Smite

    6. Fate Isnear

      The real april fool's is when SMITE tries to make any type of Mobile Game there failures at it. That and they have the worst servers known to The Gaming World

    7. Cale Crutchfield

      Here’s a thought make smite more athletic with up and down movement and aim. The game is on its last breath and will stay that way till something changes

    8. João Vitor

      KKKKKKK BEST Company

    9. Sir Ri0s Davian

      still be more balanced then regular smite mark my wordes

    10. bruh moment

      Make jehovah a playable god in the game please hi rez. Make his ult a big wave that goes in one direction and have noahs ark on that wave.

    11. Super Fun Force

      When does this come out?

    12. Luther DePapier

      Except... Pokémon Go really started as an April Fools.

    13. しろみみ

      Anyone else got rickrolled?

    14. Kereuko

      I thought the game was in the description, did I really just get a Rick Rolled by smite?!

    15. deny2294

      tbh not that awful of an idea tho

    16. High Fashion Horror

      No lie just an AR app to view the gods on alone would be way cool

    17. Luminous

      Tbh this better than anything you've come up with

    18. James

      looks... fun?

    19. Diego

      Bro tf vulcan is my room

    20. Uli 14

      A ver si se dejan de engañar un poco a la gente y arreglan los servidores , encima está llenos de speed hackers , que rompen la experiencia de juego , si tienen tengo tiempo libre de hacer eso , por qué no lo invierten en lo que dije antes

    21. Haftalik Tax Adamim


    22. BlueAbyss

      wheres the card game yall promissed us Hi Res

    23. Vratko Benda

      Not gonna lie, a smite mobile game would be cool :D

    24. Matija SteN

      Yeah after this? I be hiting refond yeah! And it ant 1 april 🤡 take hirez

    25. adam mustafin

      omfg, shame on you hi-rez

    26. TooKawaiiForU

      This one wasn’t that bad lol

    27. NavalhaBR

      Me on day 3: NO F.... WAY.... These M... (saw the Date) Oh... i'm sorry.

    28. luan

      Como baixa ?

    29. Super Saiyan nigga

      The link...

    30. Joshua Stewart

      Awww. April fools joke.

    31. DimiPlaysTV


    32. Matthew Ragas

      “Ignite!” Lmfao

    33. XD ALLTOR XD

      April full?

    34. Leg Slapper

      Was funny did laugh

    35. Axel raz

      Haha funny ig

    36. Nerd Booklet

      Does the link to sign up take anyone else to the Never Gonna Give You Up music video?

    37. Ewok dash

      some old people gonna be scared when the first god they see is thanatoast

    38. Angst Legion

      IGNITE!!!! *BOOOOOOM!!!*

    39. S B

      Seriously, knowing Hi-Rez I wouldn’t be surprised if this was real.

    40. Zenitsu Scryer

      Aqui é Brasil 💕💕💕💕

    41. David

      Dude when the video started, it said one day ago, for me it is april 3rd today, i for 1 sec really thought this was true

    42. Daddy

      When the game come on mobile?

    43. Myrenzo Whittaker

      Imagine someone killing your dog and telling the cops they were clearing the xp camp

    44. Nix CZ

      Oh sh*t people will be runnig with smartphones on the streets again!🙌😂

    45. *_MrSpanky_*

      You rock, cancel that

    46. Martin Durmich


    47. david aranda

      April fools huh?

    48. Matija SteN

      Yeah can u fix android version of smite xD

    49. James Black

      Clicked the link to see if it was a rick roll, was not disappointed

    50. Dark Angel

      Titan Forge subtly roasting Ouya in the same way Agni subtly roasted that car

    51. Marcelo Jimenez

      Me lo creí haste que dijo donde estaría disponible.

    52. MrSoundOST 19

      El humor de Hirez es raro.

    53. drexlerd maxema


    54. roberh diego


    55. FirestormWarrior

      This is a joke right?

    56. Paul Collantes

      lamentable xd

    57. Megan St -Amand

      Can we ad this on Android mobile ?

    58. Shadow ZaneValore

      ... this should actually be a thing though

    59. Uhai Gaming

      Oh my, this is the best game

    60. Aron Miselli

      hey check out swagrats new video

    61. smile for me

      Ill only play smite GO for aphrodite either get kiss or healing 😏😏😏😏😏

    62. Kystick

      Cause i lost brain cells watching that please oh old gods please be a joke, an if so awesome

    63. Kystick

      April 1st you fools

    64. heavyflyingballoon

      Ohhhhh HiRez 🥴

    65. soft berry

      very nice game 5D?

    66. Jezabl

      If my car doesn’t blow up when i get Agni. I’m sueing.

    67. BillyCrack99


    68. OMNI


    69. TheHellsingHQ

      SMITE GO, Already better than the actual game.

    70. Mitchell Julius

      Is this some out-of-season April fools joke? Lol

    71. Shikafu

      The worst part about April Fools, you now have to check the date of every video you watch just in case for the next few months.

    72. PkmnLovar

      Smite GO Jing Wei thumbnail You'd give too much power in some people's hands.

    73. Phantom Smokey

      Damn yall rick rolling ppl lmaoooo

    74. Jules

      april fools?

    75. Darwin Rosell Quispe Paredes

      Why not?, It's a good idea

    76. Divyesh Sendhil

      I pitty the guy who thinks he's gonna find a Yemoja in his toilet after watching this😂

    77. Anthony Eleen

      You will never be riot please stop.

    78. Virgelli

      Finally i can catch Mohamed in my phone

    79. tsohgallik

      On a more serious note... A Top Down Smite Moba would be great.... But considering that League of Legends is on mobile now.... And got millions of downloads... I think it's safer to stay where they're at right now

    80. Scott Maxwell

      Baron Samedi: FREE YOUR SOUL! *headshot hitmarker*

    81. Scott Maxwell

      LMAOOO this made me weak af Yemoja: You're welcome!

    82. Mael Zack

      Goddamit april fools

    83. Brandon Baselice

      Please tell me this is April fools...

    84. Hakohito

      This is disgusting

    85. Minami 48

      the description got me bad

    86. David Mathis

      I know it’s a prank, but I’d play it.

    87. Green Egg

      This is the best ad i have ever watched

    88. Jagar Tharn

      Hi Rez are the King of april 1st

    89. hereticxhexen

      I HEARD u can play smite-PC through your mobile with a 3rdparty program... anyone knows how?

    90. Joaho el dramas

      We need a smite game on mobile and this is not a joke

    91. Alba Beta

      The "available exclusively on ouya" kills me

    92. kwaku pink

      What real April fools is that this is coming.

    93. Capin_juicy

      Low key that would be kind of cool to see the gods in the real world like that

    94. josh ramirez

      0:57 FBI wants to know your location

    95. AXE ACE

      I’m not sure what the game is tbh 😭

    96. Music&Video

      New pokemon GO🤣

    97. Stupid Trailerz

      I actually believed this was true

    98. Taha Taha

      Its basically pokemon go but with the smite gods

    99. Cato

      I clicked on the download link...

    100. Cara

      YAS!!!! lol